Hardy Krüger (Rommerskirchen, DE): pigeons specialised in One Loft Racing

If we were asked to give a description of the Hardy Krüger pigeon breed as opposed to the other teams, we might perhaps say that they are playing in the Champions League. But that does not quite cut it. This is really an extraordinary pigeon breed.

Speed, consistensy and relentlessness. That is what the racing birds from Rommerskirchen stand for. Other fanciers that have been fortunate enough to obtain pigeons from Hardy Krüger will agree; they have all been very successful thanks to this pigeon family. Hardy's pigeons have left a lasting impression in pigeon lofts across the globe.

The super class pigeons of the Krüger family have repeatedly demonstrated their potential, and especially in One Loft Races. This is a type of competition in which the location of the loft or the wind direction has absolutely no impact on the outcome of the race. As you know, all pigeons race in exactly the same conditions, which means the strongest birds will inevitably take the lead.

Like we said, the pigeons of Hardy Krüger stand for speed, consistency and relentlessness. The descendants of Miss Black proved to be fantastic racing birds in particular. Miss Black originates directly from the pigeon breed of Jan Aarden & Ko Nippius through Joep van Dongen. It was G.A. Deilmann who eventually bred this breeding hen with ring number 02547-13-199, which Hardy obtained through Helmut Schulz.

Over the last four years, the descendants of this hen - which was paired to four different breeding cocks - have won 60,000 dollar worth of prize money in the South Afrian Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Any fancier that has competed in this event will agree that this is an extraordinary achievement. This is after all a very competitive one loft race, which sees the strongest fanciers from across the globe compete against each other. And they only basket the pigeons that they are 100% confident about.

Based on the many top results of their descendants, Hardy Krüger decided to have the DNA of this breeding hen checked. And it was officially confirmed that Miss Black carries the rather uncommon DRD4 gene, which tend to be found only in the more talented pigeons. This DRD4 gene could explain this bloodline's determination and fighting spirit. The LDHA gene on the other hand tends to be found in most average quality pigeons, or 90% of all racing birds. The result of this test underlines the exceptional breeding potential of this hen.

"Black Champ", a direct son with ring number 02910-14-341, claimed an 9th place of 2,453 pigeons in the final race of the 2015 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Just 16 pigeons made it back home on the day of the release. This goes to show that  "Miss Black" is an extraordinary breeding hen indeed. In addition, "Black Champ" finished in 17th place in "Hot Spot 1", as such winning 1100 dollar worth of prize money. He was also the "Cascade Challenge Winner", winning 17,617 dollar. He finished in fourth place in the "Grand Average", and he wins an additional 7638 Dollar in other "Nominations" competitions.

Racing bird "Crazy Bird" 02910-15-2 is proving to be another talented direct descendant of Miss Black. This young bird finished in 17th place in the OLR final, racing against 2161 pigeons. And again, no more than 43 pigeons managed to arrive home on the day of the release. The Miss Black bloodline clearly stands for strength and energy. Crazy Bird wins 5000 dollar worth of prize money, as well as 2500 dollar for his third place in the "Grand Averages". And he wins an additional 2664 dollar in the "Nominations".

Racing bird "Alphason" 08156-16-750 is yet another gifted descendant, born in 2016. We have seen some particularly difficult races in recent years, with few pigeons arriving home on the day of the release. However, the 2017 OLR had a final race in more forgiving conditions. Alphason claimed a 206th place of 2434 pigeons, and a 312th place in the "Grand Averages". This adds up to a grand total of 2458 dollar in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

Another top quality descendant of Miss Black is "Black Gold" with ring number 08156-17-493. He wins a 10th place in the "Hot Spot 2" in 2018, winning 1100 dollar worth of prize money. And this direct youngster wins an additional 1448 dollar in the "Nominations". 

"Miss Black" is clearly an invaluable breeding hen, and one of her grandchildren appears to be very gifted as well: "Black 1", with ring number ZARSRSPVD17-0862. This hen is a direct daughter of Alphason, and she illustrates that the second generation of descendants carries plenty of speed, consistency and relentlessness as well. Again, just 87 pigeons managed to make it back home on the day of the release in the final of the One Loft Race. Black 1 finishes in 13th place, taking home 7000 dollar. It goes without saying that she comes from a top quality bloodline.

This list of achievements should give you an idea of the potential of Hardy Krüger's top class pigeon collection.