SG Freialdenhofen & Sons (Aldenhoven, DE): 1st National Perpignan 2017

We were asking ourselves how long it has been since team Freialdenhofen went through a season without claiming a national or international victory. They have a collection of top class racing birds that can really make a difference in the long distance. This pigeon breed is as good as it gets.

Heiko, Dirk and Heinz-Josef Freialdenhofen

Perpignan 2017, an almost perfect race with a 1st National 

The pigeons of Freialdenhofen have done it again in 2017, now claiming a 1st National from Perpignan, the last international classic of the season. German fanciers had basketed 895 different pigeons for this race, in an international field of 14,851 birds. The pigeons were released on 4th of August 2018 at 7pm, and many Dutch pigeons had basketed pigeons that were flying through the night. As a result, the entire top three at international level was won by Dutch fanciers, with the international win going to Pieter Woord, who clocked his first pigeon at 1:27, after completing 1,135km. The Freialdenhofen family clocked their first pigeon at 20:54'32", over a distance of 957.841km. Additional pigeons arrived home at 21:15 and 21:27, resulting in a 1st, 3rd and 7th prize national. Additionally, they claim a 9th, 19th and 40th international, with a total of 10 international prizes with 11 basketed pigeons.

Their first prize winner was 06348-15-517, whose grandfather from his father's side is Albert, which happens to have won a national first prize from Perpignan back in 2010. His grandmother is Irun Lady, which claimed a national first prize from Irun in 2007. The winner from Perpignan, now called Albert Junior, also originates from pigeons of Jinyu Arakawa from Düsseldorf from his mother's side.  

National Ace Cock in the international races 2017

Freialdenhofen & sons win a 1st, 2nd and 3rd  in this ace cock competition, each time with two prizes. Their first place winner is Bubba Gump 06348-14-0942, which won 389.74 ace points. This racing bird won a 6th National St. Vincent and a 7th National Perpignan in 2017, and he is now 1st National Ace Cock 2017. In addition, he wins the title of 1st Ace Cock National Marathon, after finishing in 16th place national in the race from Pau. He originates from the world famous Forrest Gump from his mother's side, from which he is a grandchild. The second place was won by 06348-13-0337 with 387.97 points.

The third prize went to Albert Junior 06348-15-517, which as you know has won a 1st National from Perpignan this season.

A wonderful catalogue of Freialdenhofen & Sons

Now let's zoom in on the impressive catalogue that this family has published every season. It is an interesting book of about 120 pages, in which almost their entire collection of breeding birds is being introduced, as well as the team's greatest racing birds. Every single pigeon that has played a role in this team gets a page, showing its entire pedigree and a picture, and of course a picture of the eye as well (for the eye theory believers). This gives you a clear view on the origins of this team's world class breeders and their most renowned racing birds. This is a perfect catalogue for everyone fond of the Freialdenhofen pigeons, and for every fancier who wants to know more about this prestigious breed. Also included in this extensive catalogue is an overview of their race results. In other words, this is a very interesting book.

One thing that caught our attention when browsing through the catalogue, was the overhwelming influence of breeding bird Forrest Gump. Countless direct descendants of this super class breeder are still part of the team. Needless to say, he has also bred many successful grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and several more generations op top class descendants. This book will be quite an interesting read for fanciers interested in pedigrees.

Speaking of Forrest Gump: he is still a world class breeding bird, even though he is no longer fertile today. He has really had a profound impact on this pigeon family.

Always and ever Forrest Gump

He is probably the very best breeding bird ever for team Freialdenhofen. His direct youngsters have been very successful in the longer distance, and so are his grandchildren and even his great-grandchildren. They have won an impressive number of national and international first prizes. Unfortunately for the team, Forrest Gump 06348-00-789 became infertile in 2016. Nonetheless, many fanciers could only dream of having such a talented breeding bird in their collection, that has bred so many race winners. Forrest Gump is quite a phenomenon indeed.

One of his direct sons, the 06348-12-668, was the national winner from Perpignan in 2014. Forrest Gump was already 12 years old when he bred this highly talented descendant. Their renowned breeding cock has always been kept in a breeding box, so that the fanciers of Team Freialdenhofen would know for sure that the youngsters in his nest would have the same breeding and racing potential as Forreset Gump himself.

​Another son of Forrest Gump, 06348-05-420 (Son Forrest Gump), is the sire of Forrest Junior 06348-10-196, winner of a 1st International Pau in 2012.

​Forrest Gump originates from the old basis of Freialdenhofen, from the bloodlines of the Saya Brothers from The Netherlands, combined with pigeons of Yves Van de Poel/Buckley (Geetbets, Belgium). A closer look at the different pedigrees of this breed clearly show that the Freialdenhofen family knows a thing or two about breeding pigeons. It is fair to say that their breeding expertise has helped them a lot in their successful long distance racing career. A fancier knows he has many great seasons ahead of him with such a renowned breeder in his team. 


A closer look at Forrest Junior, winner from Pau

Team Freialdenhofen won the international race from Pau in 2012, with their two year old champion Forrest Junior (06348-10-196) claiming victory against 8,399 birds. This racing bird already had quite a palmares, even though he was still fairly young. He won a 3rd National Bordeaux of 966 pigeons in 2011, as well as a 28th International of 11,444 pigeons. This was quite a fantastic result for such a young racing bird. Like we said, his sire is Son Forrest Gump (06348-05-420), a son of the outstanding breeding bird Forrest Gump (06348-00-789) paired to Jenny (06348-99-62). Both Forrest Gump and Jenny have bred quite a few highly successful long distance racing birds over the years. The dam of Forrest Junior is Daughter Carcasonne (06348-07-616), a daughter of Carcassonne (06348-05-665) paired to daughter First Lady (06348-05-614). In other words, this pedigree is packed with illustrious pigeons with a proven record either as a breeding or racing bird. The origins of the 1st International from Pau clearly illustrates that you can breed first prize winners in the extreme long distance from pigeons that have won races from Perpignan, Marseille and Barcelona.

Käthe, 1st National Barcelona 2013

In 2013 racing hen Käthe 06348-11-427 claimed the third national victory for the Freialdenhofen family. One of the first questions that we asked was if she is another descendant of the Forrest Gump bloodline. At first sight, one would conclude that she is not directly related to Forrest Gump. The sire of Käthe is Son Barcelona (06793-08-927), which comes from Bauhaus-Devers. This Son Barcelona has bred several talented racing birds over the years: he is the sire of a 1st National Ace Cock 2017, a 4th National Perignan 2014, a 6th National St. Vincent 2017, a 7th National Perpignan 2017, a 9th National Perpignan 2016, a 10th National Narbonne 2012, a 16th National Pau 2017, a 20th National Bordeaux 2011, a 52nd Narbonne 2012 and a 96th National Bordeaux 2012. This is quite a list of references, especially if you take into account this 1st National from Barcelona. The parents of this Son Barcelona are pigeons with a proven record as well. His sire is Brother Dax (06793-03-739), 1st International Ace Pigeon in 2006 and 2008 and 6th International Ace Pigeon from 2007 to 2009. Brother Dax was paired to a racing hen that became 12th Ace Pigeon in 2007. She has a fantastic pedigree as well, but enough about Käthe's origins from her father's side.

The dam is Irun Lady (06348-04-839), winner of a 1st National 2017 from Irun of 2,633 pigeons. She also won a 33rd International Narbonne 2005 against 5,870 pigeons and an 83rd National from Carcasonne of 2,717 pigeons in 2006. And she is a half sister of Forrest Gump from her mother's side. On top of that, her sire is a half brother of Forrest Gump. To conclude, the pedigree of Käthe does include the bloodline of Forrest Gump as well.

The championship results of 2017

1st International Champion European Super Marathon ZLU 8 Nominated
1st International Euregion Marathon
2nd International Champion Western European Super Marathon ZLU
4th International Champion Extreme Long Distance "De Duif"
7th International Champion Europa-Marathon

1st National Marathon Champion
1st, 2nd and 3rd National Ace Cock
1st Nationaler Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2013 - 2017
1st Nationale Ass-Taube Barcelona 2015 - 2017
1st Nationale Ass-Taube St. Vincent 2015 - 2017
1st Nationale Ass-Taube Perpignan 2015 - 2017
3rd Nat. Goldene Barcelona-Taube
6th National Champion Mittelmeer-Cup

An overview of the international top results of Freialdenhofen & Sons

We have not included their national top results, since this list would become way too long.

1st International Dax Euregio 1,132 p. 1999
1st International Montelimar 979 p. 2000
1st International Bordeaux 1,785 p. 2003
1st International Marseille Euregio 1,180 p. 2004
1st International Barcelona Euregio 1,280 p. 2009
1st International Perpignan Euregio 700 p. 2010
1st International Tarbes Euregion 438 p. 2010
1st International Pau 8,399 p. 2012
1st + 2nd International Bordeaux-Agen Hens 2,517 p. 2014
2nd International Bordeaux Hens 1,202 p. 2008
2nd + 3rd International Bordeaux Agen YLs 8,845 p. 2014
3rd International Bordeaux 9,686 p. 2002

Achievements in other lofts with pigeons of Freialdenhofen & Sons 2016 & 2017

Mircea Bejenaru from Romania wins a 1st National from Birzai (1,041km) of 4,069 pigeons with a pigeon of Freialdenhofen.
G. Holker & Sons (Manchester, UK) wins a 1st Central Lancashire Combine of 3,326 pigeons from Bath (232km) with a 50 % Freialdenhofen pigeon. The sire of this racing bird was inbred to Forrest Gump.
HITCHCOCK RACING PIGEONS (UK) wins a 1st National Ace Pigeon title with a 50% Freialdenhofen bird. They also win a 2nd International Ace Pigeon in the European Championship Mira FCI  2016.
Remy Richard (Belgium) wins a 1st semi-national from Chalon-S-Saone with a 50% Freialdenhofen pigeon of 2,490 pigeons. This pigeon had already won a 1st Interprovincial Bourges (360km) of 870 pigeons.
Geoff and Catherine Cooper (Peasedown St. John, UK) win a 1st Open and 1st Section NW against 2,937 pigeons from Coutances (262km) with a 50% Freialdenhofen bird. This pigeon is a grandchild of a 1st International Bordeaux 2011 and a 1st International Pau 2012.

1st Prize Ace Marathon TIMIS over 3 races (Romania)
1st Prize Palanca 560 km of 4,700 pigeons 2017 (Romania)
1st Prize Gorzow 511 km of 1,268 pigeons 2017 Poland
1st Prize Zone 1 Agen 767 km of 921 pigeons 2017 in Germany
And much more!

To conclude

We have been writing reports about pigeon fanciers for over 50 years, and we have seen numerous national and international winners, ace pigeons across all disciplines and world famous breeding birds. And yet, the pigeons that we got to see in the loft of Freialdenhofen are definitely in a league of their own. There is still a lot more to be said about the exceptional Freialdenhofen pigeon family. Just have a look at their 2018 catalogue, and you will be surprised. We wish the Freialdenhofen family all the best in future seasons.