Pigeon theft Hans-Paul Esser (Düsseldorf, DE)

Between Sunday Dec 20 6:30pm and Monday Dec 21 6:50am unidentified persons entered Hans-Paul Esser’s property in Düsseldorf and out of the outside aviary stole the 1st AS bird of Germany 2010, 05369-08-969, named AS 969.

It’s about the blue bird shown on the picture below. As the pigeon only has been in the outside aviary short term to prepare for upcoming breeding and as only this outstanding bird AS 969 was taken one has to assume insider knowledge.
Police investigation is ongoing and has been intensified. Suspicious facts are followed up.
DNA of the regarding bird is stored in a database. Therefore the bird and all descendants can be identified even without having a ring!

It is strictly advised not to buy this bird!

For relevant information that leads to arrests of the perpetrators, we are prepared to pay an award of € 10.000.

Police in Düsseldorf is accepting any valuable information and can be reached at tel. +49(0)211-8700. Kriminalkommissariat 35 (KK35) is responsible.