Bart & Nance van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout, BE) win an impressive three provincial wins in four weeks

Bart & Nance van Oeckel have been dominating the provincial classics in 2013, with first prizes from Salbris and Châteauroux and now a first prize from Argenton (10 August) in the yearling category. This is already their third provincial victory this season.

Bart & Nance van Oeckel

Their latest top result from Argenton proves that the pigeons of Bart & Nance van Oeckel are still in great form. They achieved another provincial victory, as well as an impressive list of top results, both in the old bird and the yearling categories.

In a different league

One of their most precious pigeons is Zwarten Diamant, an amazing breeder with great value. The descendants of this pigeon have been very successful in the longer middle distance races. His most well known youngsters include Miss Poznan BE08-6031114 (first Olympiad Pigeon KBDB category C in Poznan 2011) and F16 BE09-6107016 (fourth Olympiad Pigeon KBDB Category C Nitra 2013). The 2013 season was dominated by a new generation of excellent racers that originate from this breeder.

1st Salbris yearlings 769 pigeons

The race from Salbris was scheduled for 20 July, the day when Bart & Nance took their first of three consecutive provincial wins. The pigeons were released at 7 o’clock in the morning. Their first pigeon arrived at 14:19 with a velocity of 1095 m/min, which was enough for the first prize. That winner was Miss Froome (BE12-6130672), a daughter of F16 and a grand-daughter of Zwarten Diamant.

1st Châteauroux yearlings 809 pigeons

The winner Robby Diamant (BE12-6130564) achieved a significantly higher speed than the winner from Salbris. Pigeons were released at 8:00 am and Robby Diamant had covered 554km only six hours after the release, achieving a velocity of 1581 m/min. This pigeon carries the exceptional qualities of Zwarten Diamant as well; Robby Diamant is his great-grandchild. Click here for the pedigree of Robby Diamant (BE12-6130564).

Argenton 1st yearlings 934 pigeons

This season’s crowning achievement was a third provincial victory, achieved in the race from Argenton on 10 August. The strongest pigeon of the day was Red Diamant (BE12-6130790), an exceptionally strong pigeon that achieved a velocity of 1270 m/min, which was just enough to beat Van Eynde-Govaerts (Putte, BE), who settled for second. This was another grandchild of Zwarten Diamant, whose breeding qualities have led to another provincial win. Click here for the pedigree of Red Diamant (BE12-6130790).

Provincial top 10

They won an impressive 19 top 10 results at provincial level in 2013. We give you an overview:

1st Argenton           934 yearlings
1st Chateauroux        809 yearlings
1st Salbris            769 yearlings
2nd Argenton           655 old birds         
3rd Chateauroux      2,316 old birds         
3rd Poitiers         1,783 old birds         
5th La Souterraine   1,588 yearlings
5th Argenton         1,446 old birds         
5th Cahors             721 old birds


The pigeon family from Oud-Turnhout seems to be particularly fond of the classics from Argenton and Bart & Nance are always looking forward to the weekend of Argenton. Their results in this race are simply amazing and we would like to show you their best results at provincial and national level, as well as their times of arrival:

Argenton I

Provincial   1,446 old birds: 5-9-14-19-36-46 (14/15)
National    16,325 old birds: 14-26-45-62-113-135 (14/15)
Provincial   2,768 yearlings: 7-11-51-52-53 (18/30)
National    22,463 yearlings: 9-24-145-146-147 (19/30)
Times of arrival (overall):   14.49-14.52-14.53-14.54-14.56-14.57-14.59-14.59-

Argenton II

Provincial     655 old birds: 2-8-9-18-23-30-33-52 (13/15)
National     5,941 old birds: 23-58-60-133-164 (12/15)
Provincial     934 yearlings: 1-6-7-11-27-30-31-46-52-55-61 (20/24)
National     6,801 yearlings: 29-42-46-61-143-149-155 (20/24)
Times of arrival (overall):   14.58-14.58-15.01-15.01-15.03-15.05-15.05-15.11-15.12-

Successful in other lofts as well

These kind of results could not remain unnoticed so it is not surprising that quite a few big names have purchased pigeons in Oud-Turnhout. One of them was Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL), who took the win in the NPO race from Pommeroeul with the pigeon NL13-5305259 against 14,502 pigeons. The sire of this pigeon is a son of Zwarten Diamant. This son of Zwarten Diamant was paired to a sister of Dolce Vita. Click here for the pedigree of NL13-5305259.

This has been a wonderful season for the fanciers from Oud-Turnhout but they are probably still hungry for more. They are always very motivated and we wonder what the rest of the season holds in store for this highly talented team of racing pigeons.