Rutz & Söhne (Blieskastel, DE): an exceptional long distance loft

These pigeons have exceptional breeding qualities: three different winners from Marseille that come from three different countries (Great Britain, Germany and France) originate from 50% of the bloodline of Rutz & Sons!

This is quite exceptional: three victories in a single race (Marseille 2012) with three pigeons that originate from one and the same bloodline. But more about that later.

Not all fanciers have heard of the loft of Rutz & Sons but most long distance fanciers are familiar with their excellent pigeon breed. This is a long distance loft that has been performing very well; they are successful at national and international level and they have won a lot of important competitions. Where is Blieskastel situated? Blieskastel is a German city in Saarland 15 km to the southwest of the city of Homburg and 25 km to the east of Saarbrücken, the capital of Bundesland Saarland. Blieskastel has about 22,000 inhabitants and three of them are members of the “Rutz und Söhne” team.

The family of Rutz & Sons consists of father Karl-Heinz (63) and his two sons Sven and Jens. Karl-Heinz can no longer maintain the loft on his own due to health problems but his sons are now taking over the job from their father. They are twin brothers and they are both pigeon enthusiasts. They will be 30 years old this year. They are still young and inexperienced as fanciers, especially in comparison to an average fancier. We should not forget to mention their mother Adelheid. She is a key figure in the loft of the Rutz family as well. She takes care of the pigeons in the morning. The two sons spend some time in the loft in the morning as well and their mother takes their place when the two brothers are off to work.

Marseille 2012 

The race from Marseile was possibly the most demanding flight of 2012. The fastest pigeon from Marseille had a velocity of only 933 m/min and 230 international prizes were won by German fanciers. This was not a good result. However, Rutz & Sons had basketed 28 pigeons (24 yearlings) and they won no less than 15 prizes, for which they were awarded the title of “Plus de Prix” (the highest number of prizes in the ranking). The result in the international competition is even more important: the international winner from Marseille 2012 comes from the French loft of Paul & Cecile Moriceau with a pigeon that originates for 50% of Rutz & Sons. The dam of this pigeon was bred from the bloodline of Angelina, the stock dam of Rutz & Sons.

And there is more. Peter Nitsch, a German fancier, has won the first national prize in the hens’ category and a second national prize with a pigeon that was bred from Dr. Brockamp. The dam of this pigeon originates from Night Flyer Barcelona (0709-02-195) that was paired to Stella (0709-01-679) of Rutz and Sons.

In addition Mark Gilbert from Great Britain has won the first national from Marseille. The sire of his winning pigeon stems from Ivo 0709-03-991, paired to Barcelona Princess 0709-06-943. This is actually a combination of father and daughter. This is yet another important victory that is based on pigeons from Rutz & Sons. It seems that their pigeons are born to win prizes. Otherwise it would be impossible to win so many prizes with a single pigeon breed. This is an important criterion for any fancier who is looking to buy new pigeons: you should always try to find out how a certain bloodline has been performing in other lofts. How many successful descendants has a pigeon bred for other lofts? This is something you should always take into consideration.

A brief summary: three victorious pigeons from three different countries in a single race, all with 50% Rutz & Sons origins. Who can do better?

Angelina, 09788-93-567

Sven Rutz told me that the basis of his pigeon breed is mainly founded on one of his hens. About 90% of his pigeons have the bloodlines of Angelina. That does not mean every pigeon is an inbred however. Angelina is an old hen that was born in 1993. She died a long time ago but her origins can still be found in many of the newer generations here in Blieskastel. When you take look at the pedigrees of the pigeons that will be auctioned you will notice that Angelina is there most of the time. This hen originates from the loft of Helmut Grün. Her sire is a Stichelbaut cock and the dam is a hen of the Cattrijsse line. I assume you have heard about these fanciers before. In any case these were pigeons with excellent breeding skills. However, these pigeon families are now past their best because the fanciers have died a long time ago. These pigeons are exceptionally good breeders and you can find their origins in the pedigrees of quite a few excellent racing pigeons. The best example is of course the international classic from Marseille, where three winners originate for 50% from the bloodline of Rutz & Sons!

The greatest achievements of the Rutz & Sons pigeon loft

1st International Pau 2006
1st International Bordeaux 2005 yearlings
2nd International Barcelona 2003
2nd International Barcelona hens 2003
7th International Tarbes 2009
5th International Tarbes hens 2009
6th International Barcelona hens 2004
7th International Bordeaux yearlings 2004
1st National Barcelona 2003
1st National Barcelona 2008
1st National Bordeaux 2005
1st National Carcassonne yearlings 2006
1st National Pau 2006
1st National Bordeaux yearlings 2005
1st National Barcelona hens 2005
1st National Barcelona hens 2008

These are the most important achievements in recent years. The latest highlight was the second national prize from Barcelona in 2012. Rutz and sons took a second prize against 1,849 pigeons as well as a second prize in the hens’ category. There are not many lofts that have achieved something like that. These are great results!

An internet auction on PIPA

We have quite a special PIPA auction coming up. Rutz & Sons will be selling 11 pigeons of outstanding quality. I have not had the pigeons in the hand myself but their impressive pedigrees tell us a lot about them: this is world class level. We give a few examples: we have a half sister of the first National Barcelona 2008 that is a daughter of Ivo 0709-03-991. She belongs to the bloodlines of Angelina. There is also a hen that was bred from Rob 0709-05-500 x Barcelona Princess 0709-06-943 with Angelina origins from her father’s side. Another pigeon in this auction is a cock with ring number 0709-12-537, bred from Belokie 0709-98-2011, another descendant of Zabulon 0709-96-850 x Angelina. This is yet another descendant of Angelina from his father’s side. You can also purchase the 0709-12-581, a daughter from Mika NL 03-1418231 x Alva 0709-04-1697. Alva is another daughter of the famous Angelina.


This is a unique collection of outstanding long distance pigeons. You can learn more about the loft of Rutz & Sons on their own website.