Helmut & Alfons Klaas (Rietberg, DE): breeders of great champions

Sun City Million Dollar Race 2007: first prize for Helmut and Alfons Klaas! Sun City Million Dollar Race 2011: first prize for the Kitchenbrand loft, with a pigeon that was bred by Helmut and Alfons Klaas! Need we say more?

Sun City Million Dollar Race 2011

It is Saturday 22 January 2011. The pigeons in the 15th edition of the Sun City Million Dollar Race are released at 7:35h in Hopetown, 526 km away from their goal. There is a slight headwind and a temperature of 22 °C. Right from the start of the race a small group breaks away from the pack of 2,575 pigeons. Nobody knows if the smaller group was actually the first to arrive at the loft. After a race of over nine hours the first pigeon reached the loft at Sun City. At 16 h 37’ 03” the winner of the race was welcomed; his name was Victor. It turned out to be a new success for the team of Helmut & Alfons Klaas from Rietberg. They were the breeders; the Kitchenbrand lofts were the owners of the winner. The 200,000 USD prize was of course shared. Three more pigeons of Helmut and Alfons Klaas managed to win a prize that day.

Sun City Million Dollar Race 2007

We go back to the year 2007. That is the year when father and son Klaas achieved their dream for the first time. They wanted to win one big race, preferably in Sun City, where the biggest one loft race world wide takes place. Their dream came true in 2007. It was a sensational victory for their hen 0507-06-860 in the 11th year of the Sun City MDPR. They won no less than 200,000 USD. It was amazing.

The loft of Helmut & Alfons Klaas

The two fanciers share the work. The loft is managed by Helmut Klaas (74), father, and Alfons (47), the son, who belongs to one of the youngest generations of pigeon fanciers. They have been racing in the club of Rietberg for many years. Judging from the results of the club the two fanciers have had some great successes there. Helmut has been a fancier for many years. Initially he raced together in partnership with his twin brother Heribert and an older brother. When he moved to his own house he started racing on his own. In 1972, his seven year old son Alfons joined him. Since that year their pigeon family has been known under the name of Helmut & Alfons Klaas. At the moment it is his son Alfons who determines the direction of the loft. Just like any motivated fancier, Alfons is always looking for better pigeons. It was probably in 1987 that the foundations for their successes of today were laid. Back then Rudi & Agnes Köhne from the region around Aachen organised an auction with a round of young birds. The Klaas family was very satisfied with these pigeons. That is why they decided to purchase another round of youngsters and eggs of this breeding and racing loft the year after. Today, their most exceptional breeding pair is 0507-88-196 x 0507-89-463. The descendants of these Köhne pigeons were crossed with birds from the top class lofts of Kurt Weitkamp, Hardy Krüger, Bogdan Janoschka, Kerkhofs-Peeters and The Kokartis brothers. It was Heribert Klaas and Andreas Drapa who achieved some great results and victories with these pigeons.

0507-11-138 was the second best one year old hen in club 250 Gruppe Nord

Important international victories

Helmut and Alfons Klaas have won the Sun City Million Dollar Race twice and I am convinced that they might well win another first prize or at least a top prize, because the quality of the pigeons belonging to Klaas is simply outstanding. To be more precise their pigeons have exceptional orientational skills. These pigeons can adapt to a new loft very quickly: they do not need any time to get used to the new environment; they acclimatise very easily and they feel comfortable in no time. Some pigeons would never get used to a new loft; others can feel at home in a different loft much quicker. This is of course the type of pigeon you need if you want to be successful in such one loft races. Of course that is not the only requirement; the pigeons need good origins as well to be able to compete with the other international racing birds. If a pigeon meets all requirements it has a good chance of becoming a winner. It is fascinating to see the entire list of the greatest international successes of the Klaas pigeons, along with their origins and pedigrees. We will start with their most important victory, which was the beginning of a very successful career for Helmut & Alfons Klaas.

1. In the 11th edition of the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2007 they win the first prize with Konstantin 0507-06-860. This Konstantin stems from the breeding pair 0507-03-994 x 0507-96-660. The 994 is a son of stock cock 0507-97-180 crossed with the 0507-01-123, who originates from Steenbergen-Kösters. The 180 won 12 prizes in 13 races in 1999 with 1,070 ace points. Several grandchildren have won double digit prizes. The dam 660 stems from breeding cock Tim paired with the breeding hen Konstance.

2. In the 15th Sun City Milllion Dollar Pigeon Race 2011 the Kitchenbrand lofts took the first prize with Viktor, a pigeon from Helmut & Alfons Klaas. The sire of this pigeon is Contador 0507-03-577; the dam is Naomie 0507-08-980. Contador stems from Pantani 507-95-511, who was bred from the breeding birds Tim x Konstance. On the mother’s side we find the dam Naomie, who stems from a half brother of Konstantin, coupled with Das Juwelchen 01769-07-100 of Andreas and Walter Drapa from Carl x Tochter Maya. Speaking of great origins…

3. In the United States they had another highlight. The Sandstrom Brothers won the first prize at the World/Ace Challenge and a prize of 70,000 $ with their pigeon AU-10-SBL 858. This hen was bred from an original Klaas pigeon, namely the 0607-09-626. The 626 is in fact a half brother of Konstantin.

I think these three examples are enough to convince you that the Klaas pigeons are indeed of excellent quality. That is because each one of these pigeons stems from an excellent bloodline. The partner is often closely bred and then coupled. We could say that Helmut & Alfons have created their very own breed. Since 1987/1988 they have started to compose their own breed carefully, adding a few extra pigeons once in a while. This is an unparalleled pigeon breed. I am confident we will see many more successes for the Klaas pigeons in the near future, including top results in the one loft races.

0507-11-528 was the best one year old hen in 2012 in club 250 Gruppe Nord

The races in the RV-Programme

Make no mistake: the Klaas pigeons are not only successful in the one loft races. Their pigeons take part in the club competitions as well, and with success. We have included some results from 2012.

1st club championship over 6 club races of 400km;
1st club championship over 6 club races and 4 group races;
1st club championship yearlings at club level
1st and 2nd regional flight against 587 lofts and 14,694 pigeons over 435 km;
1st prize Gien in the club Gruppe Nord against 159 lofts and 3,376 pigeons, 624 km;
1st club championship in the club Rietberg with nominated pigeon, 52/52 prizes;
1st club championship hens in the club Rietberg

As you can see Helmut & Alfons are also competitive in the club competitions. Their pigeons are versatile and their best pigeons can breed another excellent generation. We wish them good luck in the next one loft races and of course in the club competitions.