Hardy Krüger & Vater (Rommerskirchen, DE): a fabulous career

He was already German Champion at the age of 16 and soon became one of the big names in German pigeon racing. He is now 37 and is still competing at the highest level. The name of this fancier: Hardy Krüger.

He was very young when he won the title of German Champion. He was introduced to the sport at the age of 13 and only three years later he had already claimed a major title: in 1992, he became the youngest German Champion at the age of 16. Make no mistake, he did not win the title in the junior fanciers’ category; he competed against some of the most experienced and well known German fanciers. He had defeated the cream of Germany. He took the title after winning 40 prizes and 7,789.29 points. On top of that he settled for fourth in the National Long Distance Championships. Klaus Kühntopp wrote an article about this feat in the Die Brieftaube magazine on 25 December 1993 and this is what he said: “Hardy Krüger is a talented fancier with a refreshing approach who pays attention to the relation between human and animal. He takes small steps and makes almost no mistakes; that is what makes him so successful. The result is that this young man is much better and stronger than other newcomers to the sport, who invest a lot of money in their hobby but who have to face the fact that they are back to square one at the beginning of the next season.” This is what they said about Hardy Krüger twenty years ago. How are things today? We could honestly say that nothing has changed. Hardy Krüger is still playing at the highest level. You can read more about his achievements further down the article.

The family of birds of Hardy and Bruno Krüger

This family of pigeons is actually known under the name of Hardy and Bruno Krüger: Bruno is the father of Hardy and plays only a minor role. He is still a member of the German Pigeon Federation, hence the name Hardy and Bruno Krüger. There is another member of the family involved in this loft: mother Gertrud. Hardy would sometimes call her his secret weapon. Hardy is 37 years old so he has a professional life as well. He is an electronics technician and he works hard to earn a living. As a result he cannot train his birds in between the competitions: he has no time to do training flights. Hardy is actually an amateur fancier compared to the retired fanciers who can spend all their time in the loft and who can play like a professional. That is why his mother has an irreplaceable role in this loft. She takes care of the pigeons during the day. Judging from the results of this loft she does a great job. This is how things go in this particularly successful loft in Rommerskrichen, Germany.  

Hardy Krüger and his mother Gertrud

The results in recent years

Earlier in the article we went back to 20 years ago, when a 16-year-old Hardy beat the best fanciers from Germany. I will not go into detail; I think his achievements of today are more interesting. We begin with the 2010 season. In an article of Die Brieftaube published on 23 July 2011 Konrad Rüdelstein discusses Hardy Krüger & Father under the title Champions League of pigeon racing: “What kind of pigeons do you need to be able to win so many prizes? The undisputed stock bird of this loft is the third Club Ace Cock of 1992, Carl Lewis. Not only did this crack gather 969 ace points; he has also became one of the most important breeders in the loft in the years since. With the help of this bird Hardy Krüger has been able to create an unparalleled pigeon breed. Hardy introduced new top class pigeons in his loft with the greatest care; he especially wanted to avoid that his breeders were too closely related. He managed to compose a family of pigeons with outstanding breeding qualities. This team has had a great season in 2010 with several top prize winners.”  

In 2010 Hardy Krüger won the following prizes at national level: club championship: first prize. Championship “Die Brieftaube”: first prize. German Championship for yearlings: sixth prize. German Championship: 47th prize. At regional level he has won a first prize in the German Championship for yearlings, a second prize in the German Fancier Championship and he has had the best old bird over the ten regional races. A nest pair of two cocks, Barcardy 07274-07-711 and Bailey 07274-07-710, has won 14 prizes in 14 races with 6006 prize kilometres. Bailey has won three first prizes in two years’ time and he represented Germany at the 2011 Olympiad in Poland. The two cocks stem from Da Vinci, who belongs to the bloodlines of Carl Lewis. Hardy Krüger & father had a bird at the Olympiad in the Sport Class as well. This was Black Pearl 07274-08-879, winner of twelve prizes in 2012 with 5065 prize kilometres, including four first prizes and three first prizes in a row. He also won the first prize at the European Cup Middle Distance.

In the next season, in 2011, Hardy and his father took the 14th place in the German Long Distance Championship. They were ranked 43th in the ace cocks competition as well. A great result. Many fanciers can only dream of delivering such consistent results. In fact this loft has won a first prize in most of the club championships.

Was the 2012 season as successful for the Krüger pigeons? It sure was. It was a difficult season with many losses and cancelled races but Hardy was again successful. The 40th edition of Die Brieftaube included the official list of German Champions. Hardy Krüger settled for eighth in the German Long Distance Championship. This makes him an excellent fancier. Not many so called amateur fanciers have won multiple top prizes in the most important championships in Germany.

The most successful races of 2012:
12/05/12 Arcis-sur-Aube (334 km) against 1,278 pigeons: 1, 3, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 32, 43, 50, 58, 62 etc. (37/45);
23/06/12 Pithiviers (453 km) against 954 pigeons: 1, 3, 17, 17, 44, etc. (31/40);
07/07/12 Blois (545 km) against 767 pigeons: 3, 10, 14, 25, 26, 27, 33, 41, etc. (31/39);
21/07/12 Pithivier (453 km) against 789 pigeons: 1, 5, 12, 14, 15, 17, 20, 29, 30, etc. (23/40);
29/07/12 Poitiers (671 km) Nat. against 8.067 pigeons from the regional clubs 411 and 415: 2, 34, 36, 37, 85, 185, 278, 368, 372, etc. (20/26).
Unfortunately the national victory was missed by ten seconds. In any case the pigeons of Hardy Krüger have showed their strength in the important races.

The top class breeding cock Black Power

Special breeding pigeons

The most phenomenal breeding cock in this loft is Black Power 07274-00-1245. The number of top class descendants he has bred is simply amazing; he is a great stock pigeon. Before he turned into a successful breeder he also had a great career as a racing pigeon. In 2002 he won a fourth prize Ace Cock in the district races against 40,000 pigeons. He was bred from two yearlings: 07274-99-950, a grandchild of Carl Lewis, was coupled with the hen B 99-6264813 of Kris Van Massenhoven. The descendants of Black Power perform outstandingly well. We will discuss some of his best children to illustrate his breeding qualities. Black Jack 07274-05-504 won 11 top prizes in 2007, as well as a fourth prize Ace Cock at regional level. Black Pearl 07274-08-879 was already mentioned as a top flyer and Olympiad Pigeon. Another example is Black Soul 07274-09-2100, who took 11 prizes and 855 ace points in 2011. Blue Sky 07274-10-1068 is another successful descendant of Black Power: he won 11 prizes in 2011 and 10 prizes in 2012, including many top prizes. His brother, Black Sky 07274-10-1027, did equally well: he won 10 prizes and 770 ace points in 2011 and 12 prizes and 956 ace points in 2012. An interesting fact is that Black Power has been coupled with different hens but he breeds top class birds every time. A phenomenal breeder!

If you have such an outstanding pigeon in your breeding loft the future is secured for Hardy Krüger and his father. They have a great source for top class pigeons.