Jens Kiefer won 1st National Marseille from Germany 2011

National winner from Germany against 1.592 pigeons and 3rd International against 10.606 pigeons at Marseille 2011 - what a fantastic result for the enthusiastic sportsman.

11 friends you have to be for a Soccer victory, this is an old German dictum. For Jens Kiefer, 36 year old soccercoach one friend was enough to get International honour. His blue cock "386" won the 1st.National Marseilles 700Km and blamed the German competitors, as well as catched the 3rd. Place International, even by heavy tailwind and therefore advantage for the participants from the very North.

The sympatic fancier from Spiesen-Sarrearea is sportsman and enthusiastic "Pigeon-man" since 1986. 2 years ago he made the decision to be more involved in International Long Distance Races add. to the regular German Program. It was a lucks decision, because the National Winner was usually part of the "regular" Team, but always successful on tough and long races. This was one reason to basket the cock for Marseilles as well as the experience and the feeling of the fancier for his crack, which was also nominated as bird Nr.1.

Jens Kiefer has around 150 birds in his loft including 20 pairs for Long Distance, which were raced in Total Widowhood. After 6-7 races in the regular program they have to start in the International competition. Jens, as sportsman is always looking for the best possible supply on food and is offering very fat and oily portions during the last days before basketing mixed with Hämoglovit and medical support from the Veterinary of the German Union. 

A real Supercrack...

1st. National Marseille


The "386" is a real Winner, as well as a marvellous and perfect racingbird. Here some of his results:

1. National Marseille Germany 2011 

3. International Marseille 2011

25. Brive 2010

The Topresults of the "386" are also based on his origin. Grandfather (fatherside) "02920-02-76" won the 1st. from Bourges against 3.000 birds. The Grandfather (motherside) Org. Hermann Leibrock won the 1st.Neufchateau and the 8th. Angouleme.

1st. National and 3rd.International - what a result for the "Coach" from Sarrearea. Congratulations and all the best for the future.