The combination Canion-Sobkowiak (Wasmes, BE) sets his goals on the national competition

Despite a very regular size, the combination formed by Roland Canion & Patricia Sobkowiak has a mission to shine as much as possible on the national races. Since 2015, the descendants of their basic pair have booked several early prizes on the national races as well as a few national ace pigeons rankings in the KBDB championships.

In pigeon sport, your success is often depending from the discovery of a super pigeon or, more rarely, a foundation pair that remarkably gave birth to several cracks pigeons. This last possibility was the case for the combination Canion-Sobkowiak who had been lucky enough to get the help from an exceptionnal breeding pair that can be found on the pedigrees of almost all their pigeons that booked a national top ranking.

The cock, the '040' or 'Cock from the Golden Pair' (BE11-9110040), comes directly from Hiroshi Miyashita (Sirault, BE), a Japanese fancier who moved to Belgium several years ago to race pigeons here and who invested massively on high class quality pigeons. He was bred out of a pairing between a cock from Erik Limbourg and a hen from Gevaert-Van Schoorisse. His father is a full brother to 'Lucky 85', 1. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB with a.o. 4. Aurillac nat. 6.611 p., 13. Souillac nat. 6.475 p., 18. Limoges nat. 17.456 p. & 48. Argenton nat. 8.901 p., etc. He is also a grandson of the famous 'Limoges' from De Rauw-Sablon x 'Het Pierke' (50% Janssens brothers). The mother of the '040' is a full sister to 'Poupol', 1. Bourges nat. 12.394 p. & highest speed from 49.955 pigeons while her mother is a daughter of the 'Tieke', 2x 1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB & basic pigeon from Maurice & Luc De Laere.

Click here to see the pedigree from the '040'.

The hen, or the 'Hen from the Golden Pair' (BE13-9070048) comes directly from David Flasse. She is a full sister of 'Monty', a.o. 1. Montélimar nat. 3.868 p. & 67. Nevers 6.058 p., etc. The 'Monty' is now breeding for De Smeyter-Restiaen/Ivan Baetens and he bred for Baetens the 'Bolleke 093', 65. Agen nat. 5.335 p. (121. Internat. 13.030 p.), 120. Narbonne nat. 3.424 p. & 5. Best yearling from Belgium on the marathon races in 2017.
A full brother of 'Monty' and of the golden pair hen from Canion-Sobkowiak is also father of the '468/15', a pigeon that won in 2019 for Olivier Novak the 2. Montélimar nat. 4.552 p. while he already flew a.o. 75. Bourges nat. zone 5.803 p. & 270. Cahors nat. 5.639 p., etc. The race from Montélimar was held with very high temperatures (around 35° C) and only 6 pigeons were able to fly above the 1.000 m/min (1.054 m/min for 643 km for the '468/15').

Click here to see the pedigree from the hen of the golden pair.

Even before we start to introduce the numerous breeding references from this top breeding pair, it is obvious that their background was already very impressive. They are both bred out of breeding lines that used to shine on any race from 100 until 800 kilometers but they are even better when the flying conditions are tough with heat and headwind. Now, let's take a look to the facts! This golden breeding pair produced two incredible pigeons that managed to win a ranking in the national ace bird competition from the KBDB on two very opposed disciplines, which proves once again the versatility of this breeding line:

- 'The Vierzon hen' (BE15-1029913)

2. National Ace Pigeon Small MD KBDB 2018
1. Vierzon Iprov. - 2.624 p. '16
   Highest speed from 9.066 p.
2. Nevers Prov    - 1.054 p. '18
   7. Iprovincial - 2.757 p.
4. Toury regional - 2.438 p. '18
6. Toury regional -   481 p. '18
7. Vierzon Iprov. - 9.260 p. '18
7. Orléans Iprov  - 1.311 p. '18
16. Bourges Prov  - 2.036 p. '18
   37. Iprov      - 4.117 p.
17. Bourges Prov  - 1.328 p. '18 
   34. Iprov.     - 2.402 p.
18. Orléans rég   - 430 p. '18
35. Bourges nat. zone 6.756 p. '16
   80. National   - 19.889 p.

In 2015, a full brother of the 'Vierzon hen' booked as a yearling two top performances on the long distance national races before he was sold to the far east...

- 'L'As' (BE14-1181285)

3. National Ace Long Distance Yl KBDB 2015
1. Brive prov     738 p.
   2. EPR       1.021 p.
   6. Zonal     4.616 p. 
   13. National 9.049 p.
3. Tulle prov     753 p.
   5.  EPR      1.106 p.
   17. Zonal    4.249 p.
   30. National 8.621 p. 

Before he left his home loft in the summer of 2015, 'L'As' could fill in a few eggs from which came a few late breds. They were placed to the breeding loft so that they could keep his blood inside the team. Out of a child from the 'As', two nestmates were born in 2017: the '764/17' & '765/17' who, together, allowed the Canion-Sobkowiak combination to win the 10. National Champion Long Distance & ELD Yls KBDB in 2018.

As you can see, both partners have been marvellous for the Canion-Sobkowiak loft when they were paired up together. That's why they are paired up several times together each year but they are also paired up sometimes with others partners and the magic also happened in such cases. Back in 2013 the '040' has been paired up with the 'Bariolée 145' (a.o. mother from the 11. Narbonne nat 3.506 p. (41. Internat. 15.501 p.), 86. Perpignan nat 5.613 p. (168. Internat. 15.106 p.), 66. Cahors 2.622 p., 104. Agen nat 3.648 p. (324. Internat. 11.826 p.), etc). That's how a cock called 'L'Etalon' ('The Stallion') came to light. He is another breeding cock that bred several toppers for the team. He is for example grandfather of another of their crack, the 'Tulle 861/16':

1. Tulle nat zone     -  1.045 p. '18
   16. National       -  4.169 p.
11. Libourne nat zone -    997 p. '17
   38. National       -  3.950 p.
29. Limoges nat zone  -  3.197 p. '17
   160. National      - 10.554 p.
56. Aurillac Iprov    -  1.112 p. '19
85. Châteauroux Iprov -  1.509 p. '19

The 'étalon' is also father of 'Mr Jarnac', another specialist from the long distance races:

1. Jarnac provincial   -   454 p. '14
   9. National Zone    - 2.216 p.
   38. National        - 4.559 p.
27. Limoges Iprov      - 1.503 p. '19
   154. National Zone  - 2.658 p.
37. Montauban nat zone - 1.522 p. '19
   197. National       - 5.408 p.
45. Brive Iprovincial  - 1.739 p. '17
   146. National Zone  - 2.439 p.
57. Montélimar Prov    -   840 p. '16
   282. National       - 4.000 p.
74. Angoulême Iprov    -   746 p. '18
78. Libourne Iprov     -   913 p. '15
89. Jarnac Iprov       - 1.139 p. '19

The hen from the golden pair has also given birth to other toppers when paired up with another partner. We have for example the '128/18' which is a direct daughter from this golden pair hen. Last year, she booked a top performance on the always very difficult race of Bourges II:

The '128/18' booked a super performance on Bourges II.

1. Bourges Nat. Zone -  3.361 p.
   5. National       - 10.401 p.
   9. Highest speed from 45.865 p.

In conclusion

With such a collection of top pigeons in their loft, this team manages now to win some early prizes on the national races on a regular basis while they are also able to book a national ace bird classification in the KBDB championships with the same blood. We are convinced that the Canion-Sobkowiak combination will keep on moving forward while targetting the national races. With two victories in the zone booked over the last two years on major races, we think that Roland & Patricia will soon come to win a national races... fingers crossed!