Guillaume Decendre (Châtelet, BE) booked a top performance with Daymond, the quickest of the 45.139 pigeons from Châteauroux I !

The 08th of june will stay forever marked in the memory of Guillaume Decendre. That day, he won the 1st national Châteauroux against 20.522 old pigeons with the highest speed from 45.139 basketted.

In his mid fourty, Guillaume Decendre is passionated by the pigeons since his youngest age but he spent the biggest part of his life in the motocross world as he is a former professionnal pilot. Nowadays, he is an independent car dealer and he also take care of a bodywork shop. He is also the father of five children and his son, Daymond, is walking on the traces of his father as he became also very passionnated by the motocross. For Guillaume, the pigeon sport and especially the breeding part is more than welcome to break away from the stress of his busy life. He is also seeing more as a breeder instead of a racer. You can notice it while walking around his accomodations: the pigeons are in a fantastic shape and everything is right at the good place. Guillaume has also a carpet in the corridor of his lofts. The accomodations are remarkably maintained in order to ensure the serenity of the manager.
Some years ago, after he came to the conclusion that he spent too much time racing his pigeons sporadically, he decided that it was time for him to climb to a higher level and race his pigeons more seriously. Therefore, it was necessary to give himself the means in order to succeed in the pigeon sport and he didn't hesitated as he targetted the top of the bill with pigeons directly bought at Etienne Devos, Chris Hebberecht, Roger Vereecke and Guy Baerts. In a very short period of time, he successfuly managed to win ao. the 4th national Jarnac as well as the 8th national Cahors before the stunt of june 2019.

National victory for Daymond

If he had probably gone under the international radars since his start in pigeon racing, Guillaume rectified the situation in last june this year as he booked the victory of a supersonic race from Châteauroux I national. His pigeon (christened 'Daymond') booked the highest speed from the 45.139 pigeons basketted (olds & yearlings together) as he achieved the average speed of 2.133,09 m/min, so around 130 km/h average. It is indeed an unusual speed where the pigeons must navigate without committing the slightest error during the flight at the risk of loosing a precious time. Any second lost will get you right to the bottom of the race result.
The effort is certainly less intense and less complicated but the winners have to be the best until the end and they must have a great intelligence: firstly to avoid being caught by the masses and, secondly, to make their compass working perfectly. Most of the times, it is also the motivation that makes the difference in such flying conditions.

When you take a look to the pedigree of the winner, you directly noticed that he was bred out of a scholarly mix of breeding lines from several national and international winners, which means that these pigeons were also able to make the difference on a race at a certain time of their carreer.

- 'Daymond' (BE17-1071253)

Father: Father Daymond (BE15-1082169)
Son of Venus (a Devos-Allemeersch bred out of a crossing between the lines of Zidane & Da Vinci) x Vereecke Hen, daughter of the 'Irun' winner of a.o. 10th Irun nat 5.252 p. & 389th Brive nat 17.446 p., himself grandson of the 'Médaillé d'Or' (1st Perpignan Int 17.331 p.)
You also must know that this Venus is a full brother of the 1st Jarnac national 3.734 yearlings won in 2014 by Guy Wauthier.
Mother: Mother Daymond (BE14-1201404)
Daughter of a Full brother Pozzato (1st Bordeaux Internat 9.001 p. for Wijnands) x Daughter Tarbes, another original Roger Vereecke hen x niece 1st Perpignan International from Jos Joosen.
The 'Tarbes' from Vereecke won a.o. the 1st Pau nat 1.984 p. & 6th International 7.608 p., 14th Tarbes nat 4.660 p. & 21th International 12.573 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Daymond'.

In addition that his grandfather is a full brother of the 1st national Jarnac from Guy Wauthier, you can also find back the following pigeons among his ancestors:

- Zidane : 1st Carcasonne 10.329 p.
- Médaillé d'Or : 1st Perpignan International 17.331 p.
- Pozzato : 1st Bordeaux International 9.001 p.
- Tarbes : 1st Pau National 1.984 p. & 6e International 7.608 p.
- 345/03 : 1st Perpignan International 14.812 p.
- 285/04 : 2nd Limoges National 9.545 p.

Another important detail: the father of Daymond is also a descendant of the famous 'Witbuik' from the Batenburg-Van de Merwe combination. Here is another proof that the winners are mostly bred out of winners. Congratulations Guillaume!