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Jelle Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE) uncontested specialists of the youngsters races in Belgium

Considered as the number 1 specialists of the national races for young birds in Belgium, Jelle Roziers and his partner Green Xiang honored once again their status as they just climbed on the podium during the KBDB days as 3rd National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB.

Jelle Roziers and his family

Even if he doesn’t really have anything left to prove, Jelle Roziers, the leader of the Roziers-Xiang partnership, started the 2018 season with the same motivation and the same ambition he is known for. The performances he accomplished on the two last seasons were simply unbelievable with a.o. 2nd & 7th National Ace GMD Young Birds KBDB as well as the 2nd Bourges national 28.078 young birds in 2016 before the amazing stunt of 2017 with the 1st, 10th & 11th National Ace Pigeon GMD Young Birds KBDB and the 1st Bourges national 38.455 young birds (highest speed from 59.243 pigeons).

'Queen L' 1st National Ace Pigeon GMD YBs KBDB 2017.

'Gust', the pigeon who won the national victory on Bourges, the favourite race of Jelle.

Jelle definately wanted to show the world that it was made to last and he was determined to race on the same level than 2016 & 2017.
But to race on such a level during three years in a row is not so easy. Anyway, the season 2018 will stay as a very good one with an unstopped presence at the top of the game from the young birds races :

11/08 Bourges II – 23.854 youngsters:
(75/33) 18 pigeons per 10, 4 pigeons per 100
18/08 Châteauroux III – 17.281 youngsters:
(63/39) 33 pigeons per 10, 5 pigeons per 100
01/09 Argenton – 16.496 youngsters:
(48/32) 24 pigeons per 10, 6 pigeons per 100
15/09 Châteauroux IV – 12.855 youngsters:
(44/35) 28 pigeons per 10, 6 pigeons per 100

So, a total of 139 prizes from 230 basketted on the national scene (60% of prizes) with 103 per 10, 21 per 100 & 12x top 100 national !

Finally, you can find the name Roziers-Xiang on the 3e place of the podium from the National Championship GMD Young Birds KBDB, which definately shows a continuity with the two last seasons. Let us also remind the fact that the colony was moved from Bevel to Itegem during the winter 2016-2017, which had apparently no impact on the performances.

In 2016, 'Seven Jr' and his loftmate...

... 'Illinois' built the basis of what will follow for 2017.

Green Xiang & Jelle Roziers.

Jelle Roziers to the core

To be able to race on such a level on the national races for the youngsters, Roziers developped his own method. In Itegem, the yearly goal is to shine on these races. A few years ago, the number of national races for the young birds was reduced to 4 races while there were still 7 of them back in 2013. This lead Jelle to a season a little bit less intensive but he didn’t changed his mind to any price, the proof that he stays loyal to his thoughts. His racing team is composed to a hundred of youngsters bred in 2 or 3 groups. Each year, Jelle also likes to race with young birds bred by some of his friends. He has been already very successful with these birds. As the pigeons were not born at the same time, he allows them to mature enough, which is clearly totally different comparing to the others young birds specialists, mostly from Antwerp. By the way, Jelle always likes to say that he is probably one of the very last fanciers from Belgium to start with the road. After several small training flights, his youngsters are driven to Vilvoorde (30 km) for a last personnal training before the first training with the club on Quiévrain (100 km). Then, they fly their first Noyon (200 km) and between each race in the weekend, they are also shipped to Quiévrain during the week so that they can improve their experience. The first goal of the season in the provincial race of Gien, two weeks before Bourges. Once they are there, the pigeons will fly each week and they will only rest after the last national flight of the season. Between two national races, they are also flying a 450-500 kilometers race and this without looking at the flying conditions. This is a very demanding program that doesn’t let any place to the weakness of the pigeons and that allows the stronger ones to come out. With Roziers, they have to know how to earn their life. The results of his racing method proves he is right.

A well thought & cristal clear strategy

Another important fact concerning Jelle’s successful story is that he quickly took the decision to sell none of his best pigeons. It started back in 2004 after he just won the first national victory of his career with the legendary ‘Queen L’.

Despite the clear interest from several buyers, she stayed until the end in her former lofts from Berlaar. Nowadays, everybody knows the impact that ‘Queen L’ had on the development of his loft. Let’s have a look by yourself :

Descendants from Queen L 2006 - 2017

1° Nat. Bourges 59.243 p. – 'Gust'
1° Nat. Orléans Derby Juniors P-B 56.613 p.
1° Nat.Zone Bourges 13.049 p.
1° Nat.Zone Bourges 12.400 p.
1° Nat.Zone Châteauroux 4.949 p.
1° Nat.Zone Guéret 2.290 p.
1° Semi-Nat. Issoudun 5.815 p.
1° highest speed Marne la Vallée 13.016 p.
1° highest speed Blois 6.355 p.
2° Nat. Bourges 28.078 p. – 'Illinois'

National Ace Pigeons – Descendants from Queen L 2013-2017

 1° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2017 - 'New Queen L'
 2° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2016 - 'Seven Junior'
 4° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2014 - 'Oklahoma Junior'
 7° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2016 - 'Tampa'
11° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2017 - 'Helen'
13° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2016 - 'Evita'
14° Nat. Ace KBDB GMD 2013 - 'Oklahoma'

This smart strategy was then maintained with the others pigeons like ‘Seven’, ‘Seven Jr’, ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Illinois’, ‘New Queen L’, ‘Gust’, …
Nowadays, Jelle has several ace pigeons & several national winners on his breeding lofts. Who wouldn’t dream of such a breeding material in his lofts ? His goal is also to keep on the map the famous Houben strain, a legendary family of the pigeon sport from which Jelle is the true sucessor. Especially their modern descendants, those bred from the line of ‘Queen L’ and from the other leaders of his current stock. If you take a look at his results and at the number of fanciers racing well with his pigeons, you will quickly come to the conclusion that Jelle Roziers is also promised a brilliant future. And all of this at only 35 years.