2018: mythical year for Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen (Melden, BE)

Sometimes, you achieve success in everything you do. You prepared the racing season like you did the previous years, you take care of your pigeons like you always did and finally, your results are reaching a level you never reached before. Joost De Smeyter lived a similar season during the racing campaign of 2018.

A photo we were used to see in 2018: the De Smeyter family celebrating a victory.

An unforgettable season 2018

The 2018 season will be remembered for its difficulty but for Joost De Smeyter, it will forever mean much more. In fact, the tropical summer we just lived allowed his pigeons to apply a real domination on the extreme long distance happening. To clock 5 pigeons into the top 22 national on one of the hardest Barcelona races in the history? No problem. To clock the only pigeon flying above 1.100 m/min against more than 15.000 opponents on the toughest Narbonne ever, winning at the same time the international victory? No problem neither. When you take a look at the performances booked in 2018, you sometimes need to pinch yourself to realise yourself everything is real. But this is real: Joost achieved it. And who else than Joost De Smeyter to book such kind of performances? We must stay honnest: Joost is of course not the only fancier in Europe to shine on the international races but what his pigeons achieved during the last racing season is phenomenal. A season he will for sure treasure until the end of his life...

Let us now introduce you the pigeons who allowed Joost to live such emotional moments.
We already talked a lot about the two pigeons who attracted all the spotlights around Melden in 2018, being 'Floorke' (click here to check the report published right after Barcelona) & 'Celsius' (click here to read the report published after Narbonne), reason why we won't go further anymore in their introduction. However, it would be dumb from us to not talk once again about these two pigeons.

- 'Floorke'

Aged of only 2 years, 'Floorke' was really close to allow Joost to realize his biggest dream: winning the international victory from Barcelona. Only the fantastic performance booked by the pigeon from Team De Jaeger prevented him to do so. But Joost can however enjoy the international victory won in the hens category, the fourth international palm of his career.
At this moment, Joost had no clue that his international conto won't stay that long blocked at 4 victories...
And for the international victory on Barcelona, it seems only a matter of time!

1. Barcelona Internat hens -  4.820 p. '18
   2. National             -  7.438 p.
   2. International        - 15.700 p.

Father: 'Son Grand Cru' (BE09-4051348)
Like his name says, it's a son of 'Grand Cru' (1st Bordeaux international Yl 2006) x 'Chanel', a daughter of the legendary 'Nasdaq' from Casaert M&G and herself a fantastic breeding hen.
Mother: 'Wonder Lady' (BE14-4270934)
Super inbred hen on the 'Joost' line (foundation cock of the De Smeyter-Restiaen loft, his descendants already won numerous victories on the international races) as bred from a crossing son x sister of Joost.
Her father is the 'Persup', himself already a strong inbred as coming directly from the 'Joost' x nestsister of his mother, while her mother is the '640 Sister Joost', a sister of 'Joost'.

Click here to check her pedigree.

'Floorke' is of course the first pigeon who comes to our mind when we think about the performance of Joost on Barcelona 2018 but you can't forget that the performance delivered by the whole team on this race allowed him to shine once again. Like we wrote it above, you can find the De Smeyter-Restiaen pigeons no less than 6 times into the national top 22! He also received the recognition of his peers, especially from some specialists of this mythic race like Carlo Gyselbrecht or Lieven Buelens who simply said it was never seen before in the very rich history of Barcelona!

Local 138 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-13-14-… (25/46, 12x per 10)
Provincial - 1.484 p.: 2-4-5-8-9-14-26-35-42-43-54-58-59-81-83-95-117-130-142-147-… 
                      (25/46, 5x top 10, 16x top 100 & 20x per 10)
National - 7.429 p.: 2-9-12-21-22-50-88-126-152-155-226-256-258-336-343-399-512-582-666-692-… 
                     (25/46, 4x top 25 & 20x per 10)
International - 15.700 p.: 2-26-31-52-54-132-215-292-346-355-532-632-636-829-850-991-…
                     (25/46, 5x top 100 & 18x per 10)

- 'Celsius' (BE14-4178447)

He owes his name to the fact that he booked his victory on Narbonne during the hottest day since the introduction of the meteorogical records in Belgium: 38,7 degrees Celsius! 'Celsius' won then the international victory on Narbonne with an advance of no less than 25 minutes on his closest opponent and he booked at the same time the highest speed from the 15.577 basketted pigeons. A victory won in the same line of 'Cas' who won the international race of Pau in 2015 after a real solo!

1. Narbonne Inter -  9.154 p. '18
1. Narbonne nat   -  3.500 p.
75. Agen national -  4.405 p. '17
   110. Internat  - 12.007 p.
90. Agen prov     -    905 p. '18
   366. National  -  4.477 p.
487. Agen nat     -  3.648 p. '16
619. Bourges zone -  6.276 p. '18

Father: 'Son Dax Gladiator' (NL03-1536620)
Direct Kurvers-De Weerd, his father being the 'Dax Gladiator', the best marathon pigeon from The Netherlands between 1998 and 2002. To his performance list a.o. 4th, 17th, 70th, 85th national Dax.
Mother: 'Daughter Joost' (BE03-4456321)
Like her name says, it's a direct daughter from the 'Joost', 1st international Perpignan yearlings 2003 and the most emblematic pigeon from the Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen loft.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Celsius'.

Two new ace pigeons into the collection

In the various national championships of the KBDB as well, the De Smeyter-Restiaen loft gained some rankings on its favourite discipline: the extreme long distance race (ELD). In fact, the Melden loft has now two brand new ace pigeons in its ranks:

6. National Champion ELD KBDB 2018
4. National Ace Pigeon ELD Old pigeons KBDB 2018 ('Peggy's Ace 235')
8. National Ace Pigeon ELD Old pigeons KBDB 2018 ('660/16')

- 'Peggy's Ace 235'

4. National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB '18
16. Perpignan nat   -  3.966 p.
   11. Internat fem -  3.065 p.
   36. Internat     - 12.339 p.
22. Barcelona nat   -  7.429 p.
   23. Internat fem -  4.820 p.
   54. Internat     - 15.700 p.
101. Perpignan nat  -  4.191 p. '16
   38. Internat fem -  2.915 p.
   191. Internat    - 12.689 p.

Father: 'Picy' (BE12-4239889)
Bred from the pair 'Picsou' x 'Peggy' (1. National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB '11). The 'Picsou', a direct Hebberecht, is himself a super breeder already father of a.o. 1. Argenton nat zone '12, 2. Narbonne nat '09, 3. Pau nat '09, 3. Narbonne nat '10, 6. Argenton nat '12, etc.
Mother: 'Half-sister Axl' (BE07-4361026)
Hen from Chris Hebberecht, half-sister of his 'Axl', 1st National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB '05. Moreover, her mother is a granddaughter of the 'Barcelona' from Roger Florizoone, 1. Barcelona national in 1999.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Peggy's Ace 235'.

- '660/16'

8. National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB '18
3. Perpignan nat   -  3.966 p.
   3. Internat fem -  3.065 p.
   11. Internat    - 12.339 p.
90. Barcelona nat  -  7.429 p. '18
   73.Internat fem -  4.820 p.
   215. Internat   - 15.700 p.

Father: 'Black Magic' (BE10-4312286)
Another inbred product on the 'Joost' line: his father, 'Vincenzo', is a half-brother of 'Joost', and his mother, the 'Zwarte Fons Duivin', is a direct aunt of the same 'Joost'.
Mother: 'Last Daughter Grand Cru' (BE13-4263531)
The name speaks for itself: she is the last daughter of 'Grand Cru' (1st Bordeaux international, grandfather of 'Floorke' (see above) and 'Laval' (2nd National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB '15). Her mother is the 'Beauty Heintje', a 100% Leo Kouters and granddaughter of his stock cock, 'Heintje'.

Click here to check her pedigree.

A clear & ambitious strategy

If you know  Joost De Smeyter, then you probably already know that he is always in search of any pigeon that will be able to strenghten his breeding lofts. That's the reason why it's been several years now where he always tries to purchase the national ace pigeons because this kind of pigeons offer you much more guarantee to produce a new generation of superior pigeons than any other pigeon. In fact, Joost owns now what is probably the biggest collection in the world of national ace pigeons extreme long distance KBDB. We can give you some names like Peggy, Witpen Rivaldo, Elsie, Nico, Pierre Mistral, Red Ace, etc (all these cracks can be seen in pictures in the galery published just at the bottom of this report). He never looks at his pocket when it's time to buy something special and you will always see him fighting trying to bring back home these cracks. In the same philosophy, all the pigeons who made his name famous always stayed at home and were simply moved to the breeding loft instead of being sold abroad. This philosophy was adopted already with the 'Joost'. And when you see how his current descendants are now leaving their mark on the international competition, you can consider that Joost already made the right choices several years ago. Let's take a look by yourself:

The descendants of ‘Joost’ won:

1. Nat. Ace Extrem Long Distance KBDB 2013
1. Nat. Ace St-Vincent 1&2 CC 2006
1. Nat. Ace 3 international races 2017 
1. Nat. Ace Perpignan 2013-2016 (Herbots ranking)
1. Int  Ace ELD Yl. 2017 (pipa ranking, raced by E. Meirlaen))
2. Nat. Ace Perpignan 2015-16 (Herbots ranking)
3. Nat. Ace Extrem Long Distance KBDB 2016
3. Nat. Ace Long Distance Yl KBDB 2018 (raced by G. De Schepper)
3. Nat. Ace Extrem Long Distance KBDB 2018 (raced by P. Bourgeois)
3. Nat. Ace Perpignan 2014-16 (Herbots ranking)
4. Nat. Ace Extrem Long Distance KBDB 2016 (half-sister Cas)
5. Nat. Ace Long Distance Yl KBDB 2015 (full sister Cas)
1. Int. Pau - 9,062 pigeons 2015 (Cas)
1. Int. St-Vincent – 10,737 pigeons 2015 (Hugo, raced by Ledoux Cl)
1. Int. Narbonne – 9,154 pigeons 2018 (Celsius)
1. Int. Barcelona hens – 4,820 pigeons 2018 (Floorke)
1. Int Perpignan hens - 3.049 pigeons 2013 (Nuna, raced by Haelters Y.)
1. Nat. Pau 2015 (Cas)
1. Nat. Pau 2017 (raced by Rans)
1. Nat. Perpignan 2017 (raced by Rans)
1. Nat. Bourges 2017 (raced by Casaert Maurice Jr)
1. Nat. Argenton – 22,319 pigeons 2017 (raced by De Bisschop Gustaaf)
1. Nat. Argenton - 10,962 pigeons 2011
1. Nat. Argenton - 10,571 pigeons 2010 (highest speed of 30,000 pigeons) 
1. Nat. Brive - 4,412 pigeons 2018 (raced by Tom Van Gaver)
1. s-Nat. Perpignan - 2,501 pigeons 2008
1. s-Nat. St-Vincent II - 1,007 pigeons 2006 
2. Int. Barcelona -15,700 pigeons 2018
2. Nat. Zone St-Vincent I - 2,677 pigeons 2006 
2. Int. St-Vincent 2 hens 2006
2. Nat. Perpignan - 3,796 pigeons 2005 
2. s-Nat. Jarnac - 4,655 pigeons 2006 
3. Nat. Irun - 5,252 pigeons 2007 

Several others pigeons also had an impact on the development of this strain... we are for example thinking about the 'Narbonne 1' or 'Grand Cru', a pigeon who received the right name as he gets better on the breeding loft year after year... like a good wine!

If you want to learn more about them, just click here to browse the list of the breeding references from 'Narbonne1' and here for those of 'Grand Cru'.
All these facts say a lot regarding the general ambition of Joost but also on the certainty that you can have if you are wondering or his name will stay on top of the international pigeon happening.