The Fauche colony (Warêt l'évêque, BE): one of the most historically valuable lofts in pigeon racing in Belgium

With their 4th national victory of their career in last year's race from Narbonne, the Fauche loft became a reference in terms of national victories in Belgium, and this is mostly thanks to a breed of exceptional pigeons, that has been winning prestigious victories for more than 20 years.

From left to right: Thierry Thirionet, Jean-Louis Fauche & Jean-Claude Fauche.

Who doesn't already know the Fauche colony? Most insiders know that they have been one of the main contenders in the most prestigious championships and the most demanding races for several decades. The general public probably got to know them in 2003, when they claimed an international first prize in the queen's classic from Barcelona. Any fancier who wins this prestigious victory acquires an almost mythical status. And that is even more the case when that victory was won by one of the last descendants of a long line of champions bred from one and the same bloodline. And the name of that bloodline is "Laureaat Barcelona". We will not be talking about the history behind this pigeon this time. Everyone knows the number one representant of this line nowadays, "New Laureaat". He is the true successor of "Laureaat Barcelona", as both pigeons have won an international victory from Barcelona before becoming top class breeders themselves. In fact, we all know that this bloodline has taken an important place in modern-day pigeon racing, with the national victory for the Fauche loft in 2016 being just one of many exemples in recent years.

Before going further, we look back on the most prestigious victories won by Fauche:

- 1st Barcelona International 20,204 p. '03
- 1st Barcelona National 11,806 p. '03
- 1st Barcelona International hens 5,344 p.
- 1st Pau International 7,760 p. '93
- 1st Bordeaux International 4,373 p. '93
- 1st Marseille International hens 1,416 p. '97
- 1st Narbonne National p. '16
- 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB '12
- 75x 1st Provincial since 1984

A happy ending

Despite the national victory won at the end of the racing campaign, the season 2016 had been difficult for many fanciers, including Fauche. The climatic conditions were quite hard and many pigeons got lost (like in many other lofts) while peak form was hard to reach. However, Jean-Louis is a top manager and he knew what he had to do to get them in peak shape. He wanted to do something special for one of the last races of the season and it finally happened two weeks before the end of the racing campaign: he claimed the national victory in the very demanding race of Narbonne (click here to read the report published after the victory booked Fauche (in french)). It was a real stunt for him, and it establishes the supremacy of one of the most famous breeding lines in international pigeon racing, "Laureaat Barcelona" of the Gyselbrecht family. This bloodline was introduced in the Fauce loft and has proven to be incredibly successful for several years now. A few weeks ago, a report was published on PIPA with an overview of the most prestigious references booked by this bloodline. We would suggest to have another read so that you get a better picture of the exceptional value from this breed: click here to check the report. Now, let's focus on the national winner from Narbonne:

- 'The Narbonne' (BE11-8017866)

1.  Narbonne national 4,113 p. '16
   4. International 10,836 p.
30. Souillac nat zone 1,388 p. '13
   389. National 5,282 p.
35. Tulle nat zone 2,507 p. '13
   60. National 7,350 p.
45. Libourne nat zone 1,368 p. '14
   163. National 4,589 p.
105. Narbonne nat 4,047 p. '15
   232. Internat 10,732 p.
111. Valence nat zone 4,283 p. '15
   177. National 6,542 p.
147. Montauban nat zone 1,996 p. '15
   444. National 3,990 p.
170. Limoges nat zone 3,568 p. '15
   615. National 8,303 p.
281. Agen nat 3,928 p. '14
   514. International 11,227 p.
295. Agen nat 3,648 p. 
495. Cahors nat 7,140 p. '14
978. Cahors nat 8,570 p. '13
1128. Perpignan nat 6,248 p. '14

Sire: '378/03' (BE03-1001378), son of the '149' x '620 hen' so from a pairing grandchildren 'Crack 40' x 'Gyselbrecht'. The same pair has also bred the '633', 63th national Barcelona 12.612 p. in '07. 'The 149' is a half-brother of the '120' who won the 1st semi-national Jarnac from 3,442 p. in 1994. Also, the '620 hen' is a daughter of the 'Gyselbrecht cock' who is a direct Gyselbrecht Rémy, André & Carlo (Knesselare) and who became an exceptionnal breeder as father of three different 1st interprovincial prizes (1/1.935 Barcelona, 1/879 Perpignan & 1/2.219 Brive) !
Dam: '855/05' (BE05-1033855), out of the pair formed by '222' x 'Gyselbrecht hen'. This pair has already bred several toppers on the national race like the '078/04' (1st Aurillac Iprov 1.948 p. '06 & 237 Perpignan Internat 15.087 p. '07), the '008/04' (7 Castres 1.636 p. '05), the '183/03' (25 Béziers 6.702 p. '04)... pigeons of great class! But when you take a look at the pedigree of this hen, you directly understand her potential as her grandmother (father side) is a half-sister of the 'Queen Barcelona' (1st International Barcelona '03) while her mother is a direct daughter of the legendary 'Laureaat Barcelona', the icone pigeon from the Gyselbrecht family, this time coupled with the nestsister of the 'Sampras', 2nd national Barcelona in 1999.
Click here to check his pedigree.

In conclusion

When you are breeding with one of the most prestigious line of in history of pigeon racing, it is quite normal that it gets in the spotlight sooner or later. With the introduction of the line from 'Laureaat Barcelona' a few decades ago, and while crossing it with the line of his famous 'Crack 40', Jean-Louis Fauche discovered a top crossing that enabled him to breed numerous cracks throughout his career. His list of achievements is unprecedented. With 3 international victories (4 if you take into account Marseille hens), he is one of the belgian leading loft in the extreme long distance!
Congratulations to Jean-Louis and his team and good luck for 2017!