IATP Trophy 2016 winner: Alain & Valérie Pocholle (Morbecque, FR)

After they were classified 3rd of the same 'IATP Trophy' in 2015, the Pocholle loft is now climbing on the highest rung of the podium after an exceptional season in terms of regularity. In Europe, nobody has been more regular than them over the last few years. The results of the championships from 2016 are prooving it!

IATP Trophy celebration with, from left to right: Frank Morre (representant from the sponsor Jaegerson), Alain Pocholle & Adrien Mirabelle.

We knew from the past that the Pocholle was a kind of reference loft for the international races. Their numerous classifications obtained in a various championships made them one of the most important European long distance lofts. The season 2016 has delivered her last secrets after the publication of the results from the 'IATP Trophy' (organized by PIPA in collaboration with the firm Jaegerson), one of the last to be released. Finally, this French loft won the first place after some fantastic classifications in various championships up until now.
After a wonderful season in 2015 which came as confirmation of the top results booked up until then (click here to read the report published last year - only in French), the name of Alain & Valérie Pocholle is now sitting in on top of almost all the championships they entered. That's why the season 2016 can be seen as a year of celebration. Have a look for yourself:

1. Champion PIPA IATP Trophy
1. Champion 'Club des internationaux de France' 2016
1. Champion 1st nom. 'Club des internationaux de France' 2016
1. Champion 1+2 nom. 'Club des internationaux de France' 2016
1. Champion 1+2+3 nom. 'Club des internationaux de France' 2016
1. Champion European Cup 2016
1. Champion 1st nom. European Cup 2016 (2nd year in a row)
1. Master Champion AIF 2016
1. Challenge Méditerranée  AIF 2016
1. Challenge Atlantique AIF 2016
1. Champion IFC4000 2016
1. Super trophy IFC4000 2016

2016: The consecration

What are the reasons behind such huge success? It's due without doubt to the quality of the pigeons from the loft, mainly to a golden generation who came to the full possession of their abilities and who are combining stamina, experience & orientation abilities. To summarize: the modern extreme long distance pigeon. What is quite remarkable with the ascent of the Pocholle loft, it is that the actual team is built around the line of their basic hen: La vieille crevée. Alain Pocholle built his own strain thanks to some breeding pairs he made and changed throughout the years, with the results that eberybody knows about. In addition to the line of La vieille crevée, their loft is also built around pigeons from the late Robert Sion, the late Paul Schercousse, the late Maurice Gruson, Roger Sénicourt, etc. These names are all related to the golden era of the French pigeon sport over the last century. It is quite remarkable to see that several decades later, this same strain is at the basis of a succesful loft. It is also the proof that, in addition to being some super racing fanciers, Alain & Valérie Pocholle also know how to breed top pigeons.

A word over the IATP Trophy

As the name speaks for itself, the PIPA IATP Trophy (IATP = International All Times Pigeon) is a championship organized by PIPA and sponsorised by the firm Jaegerson. This championship was built because of the will to reward each year the best European fancier of extreme long distance. It lists the best first nominated birds on all six international extreme long distance races in which fanciers from all countries can participate. Those races are Pau, Barcelona, St Vincent, Marseille, Narbonne and Perpignan.
Last year, the Pocholles were the only loft in Europe to reach a 6/6 with their first nominated pigeon during the very demanding 2016 season: they really deserved their title. They won the trophy with a coefficient of 108.48%. The second place was won by the German Hubert Stollenwerk (104,43%) while the third place was won in Belgium by Freddy Van Acker (102,66%).


We would like to congratulate once again the Pocholle family for their first place in the PIPA IATP Trophy and we wish them a lot of success for 2017. Who knows what their racers will be able to win?

Best arrivals from 2016

17/06 Pau (846 km) - 9,908 p. : 114, 256, 302, 376, 477, 505, 665, 806 (8/15)
02/07 Barcelone (1,030 km) - 17,729 p. : 84, 297, 493, 1799, 1876, 2349, 2657, 3626 (8/13)
08/07 St-Vincent (830 km) - 10,643 p. : 162, 302, 863, 926, 1468, 1570, 2171, 2451 (8/12)