Best Pigeon of the Rhône Valley for Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE)

With this honorific title, the father & son Nihoul proved once again that they are managing one of the strongest long distance lofts in Belgium.

Roland & Guy Nihoul.

The Rhône Valley

You may like it or not, but the Rhône Valley leaves no one indifferent. Some like it & some not, mostly in the north of Belgium despite several victories in this part of the country over the last few years (last one: Johan Hebberecht from Valence 2016). Yet, the amount of pigeons is decreasing year after year, even in the south part. It's a pity because this flying line is more or less offering fair flying conditions for each part of Belgium. Also, it gives to the long distance fanciers what they are looking for: hard races (with average speed almost never above 1,100 m/min) with most of the times a rugged terrain, all spiced up with heat and a very hard head wind. It's impossible to be on top of the result without your best pigeons. Finally, the Rhône valley is a serious business and the best pigeons in these races are combining a mentality made of steel with excellent physical abilities. But this year, the pigeons had to find strength in their mentality: storm & rains for Valence & Montélimar, heat and strong head wing on all the flying line for Marseille (no pigeon above 1,000 m/min). And it's finally the two year old cock of the Nihoul father and son partnership which ended in the first place of the Best Pigeons of the Rhône Valley (PIPA-Ranking).

1st National Ace Pigeon Rhône Valley (PIPA-Rankings)

The Nihoul pigeons are true competitors who are doing well when the conditions are tough. In 2016, most of the long distance races were disastrous. Rains, storms, hail but heat & head wind as well during the whole campaign. A lot of difficulties which were really painful for the pigeons. You must be happy if one of your racers won this prize in the trio Valence-Montélimar-Marseille, but it is even more enjoyable when he is considered as the best pigeon on so a hard flying line. It is the first time for the Nihoul loft who have never been really fond of these races, despite an advantageous geographic situation. This year, a special team had been assigned to these races and the least we can say is that it was a successful decision. The chequered two yearsold cock who achieved this has been christened Martien':

- Martien (BE14-1043952)

18/04 La Ferté        - back home wounded
13/06 Guéret Iprov    - 352/1,551 p.
27/06 Montélimar Nat  - 338/1,512 p.
21/05 Nanteuil        -    58/325 p.
06/06 Valence Nat     - 178/6,236 p.
26/06 Montélimar Prov -    70/810 p.
      National        - 197/4,000 p.
15/07 Marseille nat   -  14/2,166 p.
      International   -  32/9,631 p.

If you take a look at his pedigree, you will notice that he was bred out of a crossing between the very best breeding lines of the Nihoul loft, being Ludo I, Athos III and Ronaldo. Another important fact: the mother of Martien is a half-sister of the best actual breeder, Timide.
Click here to check his pedigree.

The shadow of 'Timide' hangs over the last title of the Nihoul loft.

Congratulations to Roland & Guy on this super performance!

Results on the Rhône Valley in 2016

06/06 Valence Nat. zone - 3,996 p.: 70, 94, 117, 126  (4/4)
      Nat 6,236 p. : 113, 148, 178, 196 (4/4)
9th National Valence per team (5 pigeons)
26/06 Montélimar Nat. zone - 2,644 p. : 107, 114, 257, 258  (4/4)
      Nat 4,000 p. : 182, 197, 411, 412 (4/4)
      Nat 1,538 y. : 55, 173, 300  (3/4)
2nd National Montélimar per team (5 pigeons)
15/07 Marseille Nat. - 2,166 p. : 14, 211, 263  (3/4)
      Internat. - 9,631 p. : 32, ...
2nd National champion team Rhône Valley 2016 (5 pigeons)