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Depasse-Lardenoy (Wagnelée, BE) are the European stars of the marathon races

No year goes by without Stéphane strengthening his performance list on the extreme long distance program. Some people thought he was performing less well than in the past but his results prove quite the opposite!

Whatever you think or whatever you say, Stéphane is still considered as a damned opponent by the entire long distance community of our country and he probably owes this to his consistency. This young pigeon fancier (36) directly focused his mind on the long distance races, the races about which he has been passionate since his youth. The marathon afficionados could now meet this young lad full of ambition who distinguished him from the masses thanks to his fantastic performances, moreover on Barcelona, his favourite race. He was then quickly considered as the coming man for the discipline, status that he confirmed in 2006 when he won what is still now the biggest title of his career, the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB as well as his numerous first prizes, all from Barcelona! At the time, the Frazette was already making his mark on the colony, which is still the case when it came time to write this report.

Nowaday, after having moved to a new location and after some personal troubles, he is still driven by the same passion even if he had to cope with a big handicap: after his move, he had to deal with the fact that his racing team was still young and inexperienced. He knew however what to do to obtain the pigeons he needed to achieve his goal and his breeding loft is still stocked with some high quality breeders, the descendants of the Frazette, Turbo, Aarden etc. These were the same pigeons who helped achieve the first success of the loft ten years ago!

And when it was time to purchase some reinforcements, Stéphane didn't looked at his pocket and he went to seek the best material possible from the loft of great champions from the discipline, by name Jos Joosen (Brecht) and Dieter Ballmann (Amel). With his partner Jo Lardenoye, a man who is known for his know-how when it's time to find the good ones, he obtained pigeons which will certainly enhance the development of his loft. We are sure that there will be some big fireworks really soon when he will be at the head of a racing team in full possession of its potential! This year, Stéphane wasn't really advantaged, mostly due to the direction of the wind, but he achieved some super results, especially from Perpignan where the arrival of his team was simply exceptionnal:

03/08 Perpignan CFW - 2,048 old birds : 10, 11, 22, 37, 57, 84, 116, 134, 177, 195, ... 14/18

Top 100 national during the 2012 season:

Pau National : 93 / 1,989 pig
Bordeaux Intern. hens : 56, 58 / 2,869 pig
Barcelona Intern. hens : 75 - 96 / 7,024 pig 
Barcelona National : 84 - 112 / 11,590 pig
Marseille National : 88 / 3,245 pig
Perpignan National : 37, 38, 61, 96, 149, 206, 274, 317, 447, 480, 649, ... / 6,661 (10/18)
Intern. femelle : 34 - 47 / 3,849 pig  2/3 
In total, 12 x top 100 national without duplication!   A few individual performances :   - The 208 (BE08-9061208)
5.   Barcelona prov -    867 p. 2012
84.   National      - 11,590 p.
149. Perpignan Nat  -  6,661 p. 2012
219. Barcelona Nat  - 12,281 p. 2011
566.  International - 26,044 p.
356. Pau Nat        -  2,215 p. 2010
884. Soustons Inter -  4,176 p. 2009
- The 216 (BE08-9061216)
10. Perpignan Iprov - 2,048 p. 2012
37.  National       - 6,661 p.
8.  Soustons Iprov  -   957 p. 2009
96.  National       - 9,942 p.

Since the begining of his long distance career, he has won a nice 9/9 on the longer distance (Narbonne, Cahors, Perpignan, Barcelona, etc) with a 6/6 since his new loft! A high potential racer!

Stéphane, congratulations for this 'come back' and good luck for the rest of your career!