Daniel Poussart (Bourlers, BE) - Racing at the top for many years thank to the Montauban Family!

If you have the luck to own a line producing high quality pigeons each year and you always take care of keeping your best pigeons and introducing them into your breeding loft, then you have the same philosophy as Daniel Poussart. This is how he gained a strong reputation in the international pigeon sport.

The pigeon sport at the loft of Daniel Poussart is like the story of David against Goliath. Our dear friend only keeps a few racers to enter the national long distance program and it is with this small amount of pigeons that he competes against the biggest loft in our country in the national races. Even if his loft is situated in a bad geographic situation (he is one of the shortest racing lofts in Belgium), Daniel decided to not race the flight from the Rhône Valley, even though his location is better for him from this racepoint. The reason? He always wanted to compete against the best lofts in the hardest possible conditions, so that he can prove his bird's worth. This is why he likes to enter his birds in races like Brive, Cahors, Narbonne or Montauban, his favourite race. Needless to say, he needs pigeons able to fly alone and able to make the distance quickly. For this, he can count on the power of his Montauban Family.

This superb breed has already given him a lot of satisfaction and all the best pigeons in his loft are descendants from this line. This is, for example, the case of the Montauban 4 who was at the top of his career in 2008 when he was crowned 10th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '08. He was then placed into the breeding loft in 2009 where he showed his talent in no time.

- Montauban 4 (BE 06-9031415)

Father: The Crack (BE 97-9049494), cock of the golden pair, he won in '98 some superb results with a.o. 1st La Souterraine 1,033 p., 1st Toury 1,292 p., 31th Argenton 1,154, etc. He is the father of the Montauban brothers and so father of the 3rd, 39th, 41th, 42th national Montauban, etc
Mother: The Didi Rhône Valley (BE 97-3299385), hen of the golden pair, directly purchased from Frans Harrinck (Desselgem) and her father is nothing but a full brother of the  famous Kleine Didi, probably one of the best long distance pigeons who flew in our country for the loft of Etienne Devos. Her mother is a niece of the Beauty Marseille, 1st Marseille international '01 for the association Nouwen-Paesen and she is also a great grand-daughter of the Narbonne, basis breeder for Nouwen-Paesen.

In 2008 and in 2009, the Montauban 4 classified himself 4 times into the top 85 zonal as well as 4 times into the national top 350 on long distance races and this knowing that his owner lives in one of the southernmost areas of Belgium! This is a pigeon with a lot of character and who can easily work hard for a few hours. The kind of pigeon that every pigeon fancier would like to own once in a lifetime! In addition, he became an awesome breeder, as he has already bred the Cahors from '09, a pigeon who has already been classified 97th Cahors nat 8,105 in '11 and who made the same performance the next year with the 92th national zone on the same race in 2012 and this against 2,922 pigeons! As well as that, the Montauban 4 is also father of the Dijon who won in 2012 the 6th semi-national Dijon against 3,483 pigeons ! 
So, two children who easily achieved top prizes in races with a large amount of pigeons, some very nice references for this old racer who was put into the breeding loft only 3 years ago, it is even more impressive when you know that Daniel doesn't race his youngsters and that his yearlings are only basketed once or twice a year for a big test race. In fact, their careers begin at the age of 2 years old. He is the first pigeon of the Montauban Family to leave the loft of Bourlers. Is it not a top transfer for the pigeon fancier who would like to strenghten his loft?

- The Montauban 5 (BE 07-9088569)

We are talking here of the champion of the loft, a pigeon who will probably end his career next year and who could/should finish it with an exploit! You have got to understand that he is this year the 2nd best Belgian pigeon in the race from Narbonne for the three last editions (2010, 2011 & 2012). And guess what? He is also a member of the Montauban Family!

145th Montauban Nat 7,203 p. '09
175th Montauban Nat 6,654 p. '10
1st   Narbonne Prov 1,311 p. '10
17th  Narbonne Nat 6,362 p. '10
19th  Narbonne Internat 13,531 p. '10
8th   Limoges Zonal 3,838 p. '11
218th Narbonne Nat 6,583 p. '12

Daniel, good luck for the next chapter of your pigeon career !