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Philippe Frederick (Lens, BE) - at the top, season after season!

The 2012 season was amazing and definitely one of the best for this loft. The only negative point is the fact that the number of pigeons is insufficient for some races and then unable to return results for national championship KBDB ...

... otherwise several classifications would have been won at the National Championship Sprint ​​K.B.D.B. and at the National Ace Pigeon Sprint K.B.D.B.!!!

From the first week (late start of the loft due to the bad weather only 14/04) till the last week of the race 29/07, the Frederick loft has been omnipresent in every competition with several dream results, like the first race, the 14/04 Soissons with the 14 fastest pigeons from 1,818!!! And the final race, the 29/07 with the 15 fastest of 1,141 pigeons!!! By referring to the summary table you can see that each week the loft was at the top and this with velocities from 1,000 till more than 1,800 m / m. The Frederick loft realized in 2012: 73 single price in the top 10 (in 1,619 average number of pigeons!!!) Of the 12 races where the entire team was sent. 73 single prizes were taken from a possibility of 120 in the top 10!!! (Average of 1,619 pigeons !!!) A total of 101 single prizes per 100!!!. A total of 22 first prizes at the Federation Renouveau and 15 times the fastest of the release (Renouveau - Triangulaire - Dodane - Entente des deux)

The Frederick loft can be considered one of the best sprint ​​lofts in Belgium. The proof is the 12 nominations in the National Championships K.B.D.B. including 6 times in the National Championship Sprint (5 times in the top 8) and 15x 1st Provincial Champion K.B.D.B.

The champions of Frederick are able to win from 1,000 m/m till more than 1,800 m/m. For proof look at the fabulous racing results of the best old pigeons of the loft, his name - Derby Belg 2010-9008559:

2012 :
1. Soissons - 241 Pigeons (highest speed 1,818 p.)
1. Melun - 149 Pigeons (highest speed 1,141 p.)
1. La Ferté - 76 Pigeons (highest speed 1,301 p.)
3. Nanteuil - 131 Pigeons (4th highest speed 1,857 p.)
3. Nanteuil - 216 Pigeons (7th highest speed 2,137 p.)
4. Collégien - 141 Pigeons (4th highest speed 1,767 p.)
4. Collégien - 90 Pigeons (5th highest speed 1,410 p.)
5. La Ferté - 179 Pigeons (5th highest speed 1,772 p.)

2011 :
1. Soissons - 422 Pigeons (highest speed 1,931 p.)  
1. Collégien - 426 Pigeons (3rd highest speed 1,972 p.)
3. La Ferté - 357 Pigeons
8. La Ferté - 968 Pigeons

You should also know that it is actually a family affair. Look, the mother of the Derby is Nelvanna Belg2006-6267757 which is the daughter of the base hen of the loft, the famous Narya Belg2001-6340447. 

This Narya was purchased from Van Hoof Fonne of Itegem. She is from the strain of worldfamous Goovaerts Jozef from Beerzel alias Kaasboer. She became the base hen of the colony, in fact she is the mother of:

- Nelvanna Belg 2006-6267757 Mother of Derby Belg10.9008559

- Hodiak Belg 2005-6169725 Father Blue Caviar Belg10.9008325
- Nenya Belg 2005-6424816 Mother Popeye Belg11-9095327
- Enya Belg 2007-6078606 Mother Miss Collégien Belg 2011-9095206

But Narya is also mother of the best old hen 2012 from the loft, the famous Vylia Belg 2010-9008348 :

1. Collégien 90 Pigeons (highest speed 1,410 p.)     
2. Soissons 241 Pigeons (2nd highest speed 1,818 p.)
2. Melun 149 Pigeons (3rd highest speed 1,441 p.)
3. La Ferté 179 Pigeons (3rd highest speed 1,772 p.)
7. Collégien 330 Pigeons (7th highest speed 1,747 p.)
9. Collégien 141 Pigeons (9th highest speed 1,767 p.)
9. Nanteuil 131 Pigeons (13th highest speed 1,857 p.)
3. La Ferté 357 Pigeons (3rd highest speed 778 p.)
5. Nanteuil 459 Pigeons (12th highest speed 1,347 p.)

The other important strain in the breeding loft is without doubt the strain Engels Jos & Jules (with more than 45 originals, all from the best breeders). The most important are Dikke Argenton Belg.2001-6153562 - Kadet 714 Belg2002-6121847 Son 714/90- Guéret 714 Belg 2001-6526272 Son 714/90, Zoon Dikke Belg 2004-6121803 Son Dikken 584/90 - and Belg 2004-6458927 Daughter Dikken 584/90. Don't forget the golden breeding hen Golden 231 Belg 1997-6362203 who was one super breeding hen and direct daughter Den 231 231/86. All these pigeons are from the Den 231 - Dikken 584/90 and Den 714/90. This strain have fantastic pigeons for sprint, middle long distance and long distance.

One other important strain in the breeding loft is the Verbruggen Gommaire with for example the Kleine Fantast Belg 1999-2036272.

Most important strains are :

- Sprint and Middle Long Distance : Maris Frans - Itegem, Van Dyck Danny - Pulle, Donckers Johan - Grobbendonk, Goovaerts Jozef - Beerzel, Grondelaers Jan & Zoon - Opglabeek, Janssen Frères - Arendonk.
- Greater Middle Distance : Roziers Paul & Jelle - Bevel, Van Loon Louis - Poppel, Allemeersch André - Pottes
- Long Distance : Aelbrecht Marcel - Lebbeek, Vandenabeele Gaby - Dentergem, Vandenbergh Alain & Luc - Ronquières, Deneufbourg Yvon - Estinnes.

Last introduction 2012 : 5 Originals Pollin Marc - Snellegem with one direct daughter of Mortifer, Olympic Pigeon Cat.C Long distance Dortmund 2009 and one direct daughter Nai, the 5 Stars Breeding Cock from the loft Pollin.

Titles of the Frederick lofts are :

859 Single First Prize without duplication
15x 1st Provincial Champion K.B.D.B.
6 classifications in the National Championship Sprint K.B.D.B.
(5x in the Top 8)
12 classifications in the National Championship K.B.D.B.
3 x 1st National Champion Sprint B.D.S.
3 x 2nd National Champion National Sprint B.D.S.

Who has better ?