Daniel Poussart (Bourlers, BE) achieved a super result from Limoges!

It's been two years since Limoges replaced Brive as the first national long distance race of the season. This year, the race conditions were tough with heat and a north wind. It was a testing race but has already produced the first winners for some lofts and of course for Daniel Poussart.

The beginning of the season was not particularly successful in Bourlers. Daniel, a director of a care home for the elderly, was aware of the fluctuations in temperature and the weather which was rather gloomy in the hours after liberation from Limoges. In short there was nothing to indicate that success was on its way. He hadn't entered the early races in order to be ready for the beginning of the long distance season. He sent for the first time early in May but the serious races began with the semi-national race of Dijon on the 26th of May and it was a direct hit because he won the 6th place against 3,486 old pigeons (1/3).

The following weekend, Limoges was scheduled. The pigeons had only had a few kilometers on the wing and they had been raced from Gien two weeks before. Anyway, the result was excellent. And if you take into account the flying conditions that day, we can conclude that the pigeons were in top condition.

30/05 Limoges (513 km) local : 1, 5, 7, 10, 39 / 140 p. (5/9)
      Limoges provincial : 22, 78, 97, 124 / 1.359 p. (4/9)
      Limoges CFW : 42, 154, 205, 263, ... / 3.742 p. (5/9)
      Limoges Zone C : 9, 80, 114, 163, ... / 3.838 p. (5/9)

Daniel didn't enter his racers from Montélimar because he doesn't like the races from the Rhône Valley. Two weeks later, Cahors was the racepoint and he got both his entries back, both of which are expected to be in the top 50 in the region. 

17/06 Cahors (651 km) - Noyau Direct : 48, 61 / 1.807 p. (2/2)

On balance the first races of 2012 for Daniel have been really good! Let's take a look at the first pigeon clocked from Limoges, his super Montauban 5, best racer of the loft and main representative of the Montauban dynasty.

- Montauban 5 (BE 07-9088569)

A super pigeon who has already achieved :

145th Montauban Nat 7.203 p. '09
175th Montauban Nat 6.654 p. '10
1st   Narbonne Prov 1.311 p. '10
17th  Narbonne Nat 6.362 p. '10
19th  Narbonne Internat 13.531 p. '10
95th  Limoges Zonal 5.269 p. '11
28th  Narbonne Nat 6.428 p. '11
45th  Narbonne Internat 13.779 p. '11
8th   Limoges Zonal 3.838 p. '12

This exceptionnal racer is now 100% mature and there is no doubt about the fact that Daniel already knows how to get him into condition. He is not an unlikely winning pigeon because he is brother of the Montauban Dynasty, three brothers who won during the 2005 season from Montauban the 3rd, 41th and 42nd places in the national against 7,313 pigeons.

Sire: The Crack (BE 97-9049494), an old racer who won 1st Toury 1,292 pigeons & 1st La Souterraine 1,033 pigeons and who is now father of numerous top 100 national winners.
Dam: Didi Rhone Valley (BE 97-3299385), a mix of the best Belgian long distance lines during the 90s as her father is no less than a Brother to Kleine Didi x Rhone Lady. This last one comes out of the best pigeons from the couple Nouwen-Paesen with the famous Narbonne, Rhone Princess & Beauty Marseille in her pedigree.

It's suffice to say that everything looks good for this loft in the future. The Poussart loft is a small loft which is entering the long distance races with a small number of well prepared birds. Daniel always prefers quality over quantity. So it is quite normal that he reaps what he sowed. There are only a few days to go before the favourite race of our friend ... Montauban!! Daniel, we hope to see your name at the top of the result... good luck!