André Allemeersch (Pottes, BE), or how to lose a National Ace Pigeon KBDB title

If André still had hair on his head, no doubt that he would pull them out ! This fancier, born in Flanders but living in Wallonia, just deprived himself of a national title of Ace pigeon KBDB, no more no less!

The dream of all pigeon fanciers is to climb on the highest rung of the podium, whether it happens during a national race or even in the numerous national championships. However, with the help of ‘lady bad luck’, it happens that some fanciers miss the eternal fame of the pigeon sport. For a national race, it is sometimes a matter of a few seconds like for example when your clocking system is not ready, the trap is still closed when the pigeon arrives or simply when the fancier himself forgets to control his pigeon. For a national championship, it is even more difficult to be mistaken (due to the allowed time) but as you will see it still happens. André Allemeersch learned it at his expense. His champion racing hen born in 2011, the '064/11', could have won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon National Middle Distance youngsters with a coefficient of 1,414% because the classified winner won his title with a coefficient of 2,05% (Rudi Diels)... too bad, André realized that he had a chance to win... a few days after the deadline! It brought him nothing but sleepless nights... André had in fact a lot of difficulty forgetting about it and this huge mistake remained in his mind.

- 'Miss Misunderstanding' (BE 11-9063064)

1st Ace Pigeon Provincial middle distance 2011
1st Ace Pigeon FCI Continental Cup (cat. F) 2011
5th ‘As des As’ LCB 2011
5th Ace Pigeon Heavy middle distance LCB 2011
1st Angerville 508 pigeons
1st Orléans 495 pigeons
3rd Soissons 630 pigeons
3rd Toury 440 pigeons
6rd Blois 434 pigeons
13th Blois provincial 918 pigeons
4th La Souterraine 389 pigeons
12th La Souterraine provincial 928 pigeons
20th La Souterraine Zone A 6.010 pigeons
55th Toury 558 pigeons
571th Guéret 4.113 pigeons

Father: The famous 'Châteauroux', an excellent racer placed with success in the breeding loft. He is a grandson of the 'Supercrack 324' which is nothing less than the basis cock of the loft. The 'Châteauroux' won  above all the 5th semi-national Châteauroux against 11.526 pigeons as well as the 114th national Limoges 8.408 pigeons. In 2010, he became father of 'Kim' who won the 36th national Bourges against 30.782 pigeons and the 39th national La Souterraine from 17.017 pigeons with the title of 1st ‘As des As’ youngsters LCB, everything won in 2010.

Mother: 'Argentonneke', already mother of 'Kim' and now of 'Miss Misunderstanding', she comes out of the 'Uitbreker' which is a grandchild of the 'Kleinen Aelbrecht' (‘half-brother Patron' X 'daughter Marseille x het fijn blauw'). The 'Uitbreker' already bred 3 different first prize winners. He was coupled here with the ‘Mother Tulle' who, as her name says, is the mother of the 2nd national Tulle 2.191 yearlings '07. 

(If you want to check her pedigree, click here).

It has already been said a few times, but you should know that the colony of André booked great success thanks to the impact of the 'Supercrack' in the breeding loft. The blood of this pigeon is running in the veins of most of the racers. If one of them wins a main prize, it gives another reference to the 'Supercrack'. At the begining of the new millenium, it was only a matter of a few pages but nowadays, André should think about writting everything in a new book. However, it will be a mistake to say that he is the only pigeon to give his best in the breeding loft, especially as the line gives his best in the third or fourth generation. André owns a few breeding hens of very high class so as the 'Star 09', 'Argentonneke' or even the famous 'T'spreeuwke'. This hen is a daughter of the 'Kleinen Aelbrecht' ('Half brother Patron' X daughter 'Marseille x Fijn Blauw'). 'T'spreeuwke' is then a direct descendant of two of the most influential lines of Aelbrecht, namely the 'Patron' and the equally famous pair 'Marseille x Fijn Blauw'. For recall, the 'Patron' was 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '03 at Aelbrecht and the couple 'Marseille x Fijn Blauw' became ancestors of numerous top racers in the national races.

The contribution of 'T'spreeuwke' in the breeding loft is assessed on its fair value year after year and it's clear that this hen, now 7 years old, has done wonders.  'T'spreeuwke' became mother of 'Justine' who flew in 2010:

10/07 Bourges 333 p. : 4
24/O7 Bourges 596 p. : 10
      Prov 2.135 p. : 19
      Zone A 9.491 p. : 111
      Nat 30.759 p. : 398
07/08 Argenton 521 p. : 4
      Prov 1.379 p. : 24
      CFW 6.036 p. : 71
      Nat 22.442 p. : 333
21/08 La Souterraine 463 p. : 3
      Prov 1.035 p. : 2
      CFW 4.540 p. : 32
      Zone A 6.712 p. : 15
      Nat 17.017 p. : 108
04/06 Guéret 325 p. : 35

She is also mother of 'Uitbreker', a super specialist in the most popular provincial races in Flanders like Nantes, Tours but he really became a top breeder after his racing career. He is now father of 3 differents first prize winners:

560-08 “de Held”

1st/2400 Etampes


4th/Clermont, 3rd/Ablis,1st/322 Clermont, 10th/Tours.

'La 436-08'  

4th/648 Ablis, 21th/258 Blois, 6th/549 Blois

She became mother of:

472-09: 3rd/Nantes, 20th/ Argenton, 8th/ La Souterrraine. As Pigeon Fond au Fondclub Beveren.

925-11: 1st/496 Ablis, 3rd/7832 ablis

He is also father of 'Argentonneke' (nest sister of the '436/08'), the new pearl of the Allemeersch breeding loft because she is mother of 'Miss Misunderstanding' (introduced above) but also of 'Kim' whic in 2010 won 1st As des As LCB with the 36th national Bourges against 30.782 and the 39th national La Souterraine of 17.017 pigeons.

Let's close this chapter with the 'Star 09', full daughter of 'T'spreeuwke' which, after winning numerous top prizes as a youngster, mooved to the breeding loft where she became mother of:

- 'Filou' who won:

88th national Bourges 30.742 p. '10
21th zonal Bourges 4.873 p. '11
7th  zonal La Châtre 7.487 p. '11

- 'Blue Diamond' who won:

1st As des As LCB '11
2nd Ace Pigeon Heavy middle distance LCB '11
1st prov Blois 434 p. '11
14th national Bourges 31.742 p. '11
60th zonal La Souterraine 6.010 p. '11

So, as you can see, 'T'spreeuwke' is a true breeding wonder.

This loft housed in Pottes has now to take his revenge on destiny.. will it happen in the 2012 season ?