Visit to Morocco of the Great Italian Champion Eros Carboni and the famous Dutch Veterinary Henk Deweerd

Visit to Morocco of the Great Italian Champion EROS CARBONI and the famous Dutch Veterinary Surgeon Henk Deweerd . Welcome in Morocco

Presentation of the landscape of the racing pigeon sport in Morocco:
There are more than  60 associations dedicated to the sport of racing pigeon  in Morocco, of which about 40 % are located in big towns.
Casablanca : 09 in   Rabat and the neigborhood, : 06 in  Méknes: 5  in Safi : 7 in Khemissat : 08 in  Agadir and Taroudanet:08
The majority of pigeon racers are concentrated in Casablanca  (about 2000 amateurs)
Almost 9000 persons ( most of which are students) practice  the racing pigeon sport 

Target groups:
People belonging to different social categories: students, high officials, doctors engineers etc…
Mission: Apart from our cultural and educational avocation  our mission  consists of
To develop partnership both on the national and international levels with clubs practicing the same activity:
 to saveguard the racing pigeon, orient and upgrade the youth interested in this activity

Main activity:
Our main activity consists of organizing races from different towns in     Morocco ( Short, middle and long distance  races from 120 KM up to 1000 KM)The program for our races is established at the beginning of each racing season in concert between associations, it starts in january and finishes in MayRaces are organised on the local, provincial an national levelMajor steps are taken to participate in the international compétitions

The racing pigeon activity is still largely unknown in Morocco,
The sport is not always practiced according to the international standards,( Electronic report of pigeons)
The lack of a national structural entity ( an institutional framework) to organise this activity is badly needed ( first federation was founded in 2001 but did not last long)
However : this sport is developing more and more rapidly nowdays ( thosand of amateurs emerge each day made up mainly of young students)
Unlike in Europe, Pigeon racing is a youthful sport par excellence. In Morocco, young people youth infuse a new blood into this activity
Clubs or associations devoted to this sport cruelly miss means to attract and encourage the citizens to the practice of this activity,
Racing pigeons is an  expensive activity requiring a lot of money
Lack of medecine and appropriate food and other necessary products ( illegal speculation and black market)

Perspectives for development:
The involvement of sponsors in this activity is also needed to maintain pigeons in good health for a better performance
The installation in Morocco of subsidiary firms such as Belgica DEWEERD to meet all the neeeds of moroccan racing pigeon by providing   on the market all the necessary products is a good initiative which deserves to be encouraged

Creation of the Royal Moroccan Federation
The promotion of the pigeon fancying sport remains dependent on the founding of a such entity. It can bring:
Financial support from the public authorities and appreciable logistics;
The rules and regulations for the activity will be set clearly and once and for all,
Affiliation to the international federation and a real recognition of the practioners of this activity
Restructuration and a better governance of racing pigeon associations,
The development of partnership with europeans organisations and clubs practicing a similar  activity is highly recommended and will help take advantage of the experience of others in this field.