De Roeck Luc, "National Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB (2005)"

Luc is 53 years old and works as a butcher. He plays alone since 1983, but he never forgets to underline the work achieved by his old friend : Jean Dethaye, omnipresent throughout the season. His wife Martine is in charge of the administrative work that results from this successful loft and which should not be underestimated. Pedigrees, prize lists, state of the breeding colony, repertory of the prices, etc ..., are all carefully kept up to date. This important task demands a lot of hours which have to be added to the daily work of this charming lady of the house.

The game

The frightening team of Manage consists of 48 old widowers and 12 yearlings which are played on the nest and put on widowhood by the end of June. The hens are never shown before basketting. Also some hens in nest position are raced but only in the national races.

Currently 18 couples are reserved for breeding of which 12 are appointed breeders.

A commercial mixture is used all through the year. Reproductive travellers as well as youngsters receive a breeding mixture. At the beginning of week the widowers receive light food, the 4th and 5th last meals are copious of the sport type and supplemented with delicacies.

Medical follow-up:
Luc has been consulting the same veterinary for fifteen years. After protective vaccination; she -yes, the vet is a lady- is consulted 2 to 3 times (analyses of the droppings) during the season to check the health. “As little medication as possible" says the champion of Belgium of long middle distance. Only if there is treatment, for example if they receive medication against trichomonase, the pigeons receive vitamins.

When we ask him whether he has recourse to antibiotics he answers in a doubtful way: "why? My pigeon lofts are well oriented, rather deep, functional and without draught. It is of primary importance to maintain a perfect hygiene to be of a constant regularity by respecting the hours of care. "And" his wife adds: "I practically don’t get to see Luc anymore because he spends so much time in his pigeon lofts .

As far as the widowers are concerned, only the feeding dishes are presented at the beginning of the season. Upon their return, the hen is presented and progressively the lapse of time that they pass together lengthens. It is only at the end of season that he presents the hens to their respective cocks at the start of the race.

As for the cocks, which are played with natural food, the hens are removed from the pigeon lofts a few days before basketting. The racer remains alone with his youngsters until he is put into the basket. As far as the hens are concerned, they are played on eggs of 8 to 10 days old or youngsters of 4 to 10 days old according to the circumstances and distances to be travelled.

Omnipresent since the beginning of his career and each year it is constantly optimal as from the end of April until early August.
Luc is always tirelessly on the move for his protégés. Each year, modifications are made to the pigeon lofts to improve performances. He is as demanding to his pigeons as he is to himself. He is very caring and knows what he wants. For nothing in the world and certainly not for an unspecified title of champion he will basket his pigeon one time too many.

Origin of the strain:
De Roeck Father and Sons.
Perpignan is an extraordinary parent. It is a Desmet X De Jaegher X Durant.
The Van Neste: line of descend "Bourges", the "Hurlus" and a girl of his "Pat".
The Raymond Cobut of Anderlues / direct line of descend « L’Ardent », « Pâle junior », « Le Poseur », « La Parfaite », « Le Montauban », « Le Plaisant », « L’Agace » and of the Belgian Ace pigeon.
The Daems de Bevel purchased at his total sale of Beersel.
A Vaneeno hen
The Late Imbrecht a small son of the St Vincent « Le Fou »
A certain consanguinity is continued and maintained but without extreme coupling.

Pedigree : Cliquez-ici

Pedigree : Cliquez-ici
Pedigree : Cliquez-ici

Pedigree : Cliquez-ici

76 times in the top 100 nationals from Bourges to Barcelona since 1989 to 2000.
In 2001.
FIRST Nat. Z Bourges of 3613 Y
10th, 55th Nat. Bourges of 5127 Y
23th Nat. Bourges of 16.119 Y
32th Nat. Bourges of 15.581 Y
34th, 91e Nat. Z Cahors of 4406 Vx
38th, 82e, 88e Nat. Z of Gueret 2656 pig.
48th, 53e Nat. La Souterraine of 1043 Y
49th, 71e, 82e Nat. Z La Souterraine of 4983 pig.
66th Nat. Z Limoges of 4288 Y
89th Nat. Limoges of 9989 Olds

In 2002.

13th, 32 Nat. Bourges of 4535 Y
18th Nat. Marseille 60e Int. Marseille of 19290 O
18th S/Nat. Argenton of 10767 Y
27th, 76th Nat. Z La Souterraine of 1596 O
45th, 47th, 56th, 60th, 95th Nat. Z Argenton of 635 O
57th S/Nat. Jarnac of 6856 Y
61th Nat. Z Limoges of 4755 Y
83th Nat ; Z Bourges of 4445 O
98th S/Nat. Châteauroux of 3137 O

In 2003
95th Nat. Châteauroux of 8538 O
87th Nat. Châteauroux of 2892 Y
54th Nat. Cahors of 4769 O
39th Nat. Argenton of 9302 O
78th Nat. Argenton of 6299 Y
89th Nat. La Souterraine of 7629 Y
374th Nat. Barcelone of 11806 O
75th Nat. Fem. Barcelone of 2652 pig.
189th Int. Fem. Barcelone of 5344 pig.
9th, 26th, 107th Nat. Argenton of 4448 Y
56th Nat. Z Limoges of 4432 O
36th Nat. Z derby Limoges of 2158 pig.
14th, 103th Nat. Jarnac of 4395 O
46th, 51th Nat. Z Limoges of 4275 Y
7th Nat. Châteauroux of 4242 O
3th Nat. Châteauroux of 4035 Y
39th Nat. Marseille of 5195 O
62th Int. Marseille of 20786 pig
16th Nat. Z Bourges de 5560 Y
31e Nat ; Bourges de 16500 Y
39e, 183e Nat. La Souterraine de 1572 Vx

In 2004.
6th, 11th, 24th, 38th, 47th, 55th, 68th Nat. Z Bourges of 7690 O
76th, 139e S/Nat. Châteauroux of 12422 O
1er National Montélimar of 8538 O
32th Nat. Z Cahors of 3040 O
59th Int. Fem. Pau of 1544 pig.
28th Nat. Fem Barcelone of 3012 pig.
9th Nat. Orange of 7563 O
44th Nat. Z Limoges of 2909 O
28th Nat. Derby Limoges of 7514 pig.
21th, 22th, 50th, 52th, 78th Nat. Limoges of 3843 Y
4th, 7th, 63th S/Nat. Jarnac of 4508 O
84th Nat. Bourges of 10182 O

So that’s 78 times in top in 4 years’ time as well as a national victory.

In 2005
From good to even better with 28 times in the top 100
Ace pigeon of la Route du Rhône
2th, 61th S/Nat. Argenton of 3703 O
3th, 9th Nat. Z Limoges of 2809 Y
4th Nat. Marseille of 4398 O
4th, 46th S/Nat. Montluçon of 8410 Y
8th, 35th Nat. Limoges of 17456 Y
14th Int. Marseille of 13930 pig.
15th S/Nat. Jarnac of 5005 Y
18th, 24e, 34e Nat. Z Montélimar of 5730 O
19th Nat. Z Souillac of 1062 O
26th, 39th, 52th Nat Montélimar of 10195 O
30th S/Nat. Châteauroux of 2860 O
32th, 36e, 72e Nat. Z Orange of 3734 O
43th S/Nat. Montluçon of 7149 O
47th Nat Souillac of 5985 O
73th S/Nat. Argenton of 4726 Y
75th Nat. Z Bourges de 7570 O
76th S/Nat. Jarnac de 3702 O
77th S/Nat. Châteauroux de 14082 Y

In a word: INCREDIBLE and these results have given the "Cannibal" of Manage the so much coveted title of Champion of Belgium RFCB on Long Middle Distance.
Congratulations Luc.