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Mike Ganus takes us on a tour of the Ganus Family Loft

One of the biggest fanciers in International pigeon racing is without a doubt Mike Ganus. About a decade ago Mike started to aim for the biggest one loft races, this with great success!

A couple of days ago, Mike went 'live' on Facebook and showed his followers his domain with the pigeon lofts and a lot of the top birds in it. A real joy to watch!

You can get to watch this video here.

On the lofts of Mike Ganus a lot of One Loft Race champions are housed. Mike wants only the best quality one loft pigeons and therefore he bought a great number of the winners of the most famous and prestigious one loft races around the globe. Mike owns a lot of winners of the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR). No less then 8 SAMDPR winners and 4 pigeons that finished second from the last 8 editions of the SAMDPR are on the breeding loft of Mike Ganus. An impressive collection of OLR winners!

Halover, winner in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race against 3,478 pigeons.

Mona Lisa, for Mike the best breeding pigeon he owned in his life!

Premier my price, another SAMDPR winner! He won against 2,531 pigeons.

Robben Island, performed extraordinary on the 2014 edition of the SAMDPR!

Said in spun silver, won second place in the SAMDPR final race and he is grandsire to Laura is a big winner today! She won the SAMDPR final race of 2016!

Sanjay 1, the winner of the 1th place in the SAMDPR finak race of 2014...

Sun City is a breeding phenomenon. He is father of 2 SAMDPR final race winners: Laura is a big winner today (2016) and Rubellos (2012).

Last but certainly not the least: Wolverine. Simply one of the best One Loft breeders in the world of pigeon racing.

You can read about the successful descendants of Wolverine here.