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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères on 11th May 2019

Two hundred and forty-two members entered two thousand and five pigeons into the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères. They were liberated at 09.05CEST into a north-north-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Paul Basham & Shazam

First open and first section A was won by Paul Basham of Southampton with a two year old widowhood cock on 1242ypm. Paul timed Shazam, named by his son, Jake. Shazam is bred down from Brian Long's stock on the sire's side and the dam is a full sister to Mister B, bred from birds he and his dad bought from Brian Bolton, who at that time had the best of the Planet Brothers' bloodlines. Shazam was only raced inland as a youngster, going over the water as a yearling. Paul had seven out of ten back on the day.


Mark Hancock & grandchildren

Mr and Mrs Hancock of Winchester were second open and second section A with a yearling hen on 1237ym. Mark clocked a double grandson of the legendary Harry, bought at the Epsom show from JPS lofts. The dam is a grand-daughter of Bart Grinx' Gladiator. Mark send six to the race, all unpaired hens.

Lily Ship

M Ship of Portsmouth timed two pigeons to take third and fourth open, third and fourth section A. Both were two year olds on 1236 and 1235ypm respectively. Buddy's two blue hens are sisters containing Boshua bloodlines.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was fifth and sixth oen, first and second section D. First to time was a two year old on 1228ypm. The second was a three year old on 1226ypm. First on the clock was a cock bred by Nigel Langstaff from a son of Vandenabeele's Loverboy. The dam was from Mark's Saintes national winner, Champ, when paired to a daughter of Harry. The second was a hen bred from a son of New Laureaat when paired to a daughter of Starlight.

George Willett

G Willett and Son of Portsmouth were seventh open and fifth section A with a two year old on 1218ypm. George timed a pure Vandenabeele hen bred by his good friend Steve Vaisey of Fareham.

Martin Williams

Eighth open and first section C was a two year old roundabout hen on 1207ypm for Martin Williams of Hereford. The breeding is Jan Huybregts x Les Green's Merlin lines. Martin had six out of seven sent on the day.

Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker of Maidenhead was ninth open and third section D with a two year old cock on 1204ypm. Dennis' pigeon was raced on the roundabout system and contains Harry x Delight bloodlines from Roger Lowe.

Ted Woodhouse

Completing the top ten and in fourth section D are T and B Woodhouse with a three year old on 1199ypm. Ted and Brenda timed a blue Hereman Ceuster hen bred down from bloodlines of John Dixon of Spalding. This hen was raced on the widowhood system.

Around the sections

Nick Smith

Mr and Mrs N Smith of Salisbury were first section B with a three year old widowhood cock on 1181ypm. The parents of this winner were bought from Mark Gilbert, with the sire being a grandson of Golden Gaby and the dam a full sister to Mark's 2011 Saintes winner.

Tony Cottrell

Cottrell, Richmond and Son of Wimborne were second section B. The partners winner contains Mel and Sue King's Vandenabeele bloodlines when crossed with the R & M Venner lines of Dave Vowles of Street. It was sent sitting a two day old squeaker.

Third section B was J Clapcott of Poole.

The Howse' cock

C and J Howse of Devizes were second section C with a yearling widowhood cock on 1191ypm. The sire is a brother to the partners' merit winner and the dam is a grand-daughter of Brian Shepherd's second open Dax winner and Crowley and Green's Brimstone.

Baker and Webb of Swindon were third section C.

John Hughes

J Hughes of Market Drayton was first section E with a two year old on 1176ypm. John's chequer cock was bred by his good friend Mike Smout from Whitchurch and contains Hereman Ceuster x Soontjen bloodlines.

John & Ben Oakley's cock

J and B Oakley of Whitchurch were second section E. John and Ben timed a red cock, a consistent racer for the partners, being a grandson of their principal hens Skyfall and Yazs Girl.

Third section E was D Harris of Newport.

Khan Brothers

Khan Brothers of New Malden were section G winners with a yearling cock on 1156ypm. Raced on the widowhood system this cock was bred by Ace Lofts direct from their champion stock. The sire is a direct son of Jan Hooyman's Harry.

John May

J May and Son of Chichester were second section G. The sire is Iron Man, a direct son of Spiderman, whilst the dam is a great grand-daughter of Yves De Wit's Pitbull.

Mr and Mrs May and Son of West Ashling were third section G.

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow was first section J with a yearling on 1147ypm. Mark's section winner was bred from his Red Bull family of pigeons. Mark timed another two pigeons to hopefully take the first three in the section in the final result.

Bruce McAllister

Bruce McAllister of Buntingford was second section J. Bruce timed a roundabout hen containing Leo Van Rijn bloodlines from Lee Fribbins.

Third section J was Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing.

That concludes the report on the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères.