Final race Derby Arona One Loft Race 2019 (Update: gala dinner)

Friday March 29th, the final of the Derby Arona was raced in Tenerife. The first and second place go to Slovakia: Team Torysa is the winner of the Final Race 2019, Team Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej won the second place. The Belgian Team PEC of the PIPA Elite Center was third.

Kink, SK-03503-1168 the winning pigeon of Team Torysa

Update April 1th: Pictures of the gala dinner

You can find more pictures of the gala dinner at the bottom of the page.

Update: Take a look at the top ten of the Derby Arona 2019:

Take a look at the pedigrees of the first 10 pigeons:

1. Kink - SK-03503-1168  (Team Torysa)

2. Super 07 - SK-0999-8807  (Team Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej)

3. Freja - BE-4194837  (Team PEC)

4. Ferdys Proud - NL-5007415  (Team Paloma-Leyen-Dirkx)

5. Hanny - GB-N-65679  (Team Wye View Loft)

6. Mandela - SLOV-114-989  (Tadej Vugrinec)

7. Teflon- NL-1084551  (Team Batenburg vd. Merwe / PEC)

8. Demon - GB-H-44666  (Keith Warnes)

9. Bols - AU-WEF-728  (Team Jenkins Racing)

10. Fredy- HUNG-D-424825  (Team B.M.W.)

Some pictures of today, during and after the final race

Follow the race on livestream here :

Wind map :,-15.743,9

Rain map :,28.235,-15.595,9

You can follow today's race live at

You can find some pictures of the basketing below, 309 pigeons were basketted to be liberated in Fuerteventura, on a distance of 280 KM. Totally about 3800 entered the race, but only the strongest survive. Today we will know who is the new winner of this wonderful race. As always the Ledesma Family and their team dedicated theirselves entirely to make a big success of this edition. The fact that pigeons have to cross the sea in very difficult circumstances make every pigeon that wins a top price in the final a very unique pigeon.

PIPA is also participating and was present during the basketting of the pigeons on wedsneday. A total of 309 pigeons will compete this final race today! Here you find some pictures of the basketting.

Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, basketting one of the PEC-pigeons