Syndicate Team Murray & Mills (UK) 1st semifinal car race-3 winners at Derby Arona Tenerife 2019!

So after a challenging and testing race series within the Derby Arona Tenerife OLR it's mid-march as we head for the penultimate race of the year: the semi final and double island flight and car race three from the island of Fuerteventura.

An approx. distance of 230 km of open waters between the liberation site and the lofts in south Tenerife.
With 925 pigeon which to date have successfully overcome all that has laid before them basketed for the trip to the north of Tenerife for the early morning ferry, the journey across to Fuerteventura was an uneventful one as the pigeons arrived safe and well on site by mid-morning fed and watered in preparation for the liberation the following morning.

Liberation day

On the island of Fuerteventura with the sun rising indicating a warming blue canaries skyline with open views out across the Atlantic ocean towards gran canaria and beyond to Tenerife the team were preparing to cut the strings early to give the pigeons an early start,

With a change in wind direction for the first time this series toa dominant north by north easterly wind on liberation turning variable over the open waters the birds were away at 08.30 with the team expecting this was going to be the toughest challenge set before the remaining entrants.

Pigeons on site resting prior to an early liberation the following morning.

At the loft a large crowd had gathered with fanciers from various countries joining the arona team to await the arrivals on their return accompanied by a large number of participating fanciers and interested parties on both the arona weblinks and social media outlets also watching on.

As time went on the predicted first sightings of pigeons at the loft was estimated to be after the three-hour mark and accompanied by the conditions it was a wait and see situation as everyone settled to see the race unfold.

With 3 hours 30 on the clock the first small batch of around six pigeons were seen to be on approach coming to the loft and as they landed you could clearly see that the wind aspect of the journey had really taken it out of them as they timed in and everyone waited the announcement of the winning pigeon of car race 3 ,with the first pigeons within the confines of the loft a further batch of thirty to forty pigeons also made their claim for the leading positions as they swiftly crossed the landed and timed in.

Slovakia team sadlak, vendelin & Andrej with pigeon super 07 2nd international semi final winner.

Taking top honours with 1stuk& Ireland 1st international and car race 3 winner was the previous gran canaria additional training race winning pigeon named hms invincible for the syndicate of Murray and mills representing England with a winning time of collecting for its efforts the 8,000 euro prize fund and winners trophy ,just one second ahead of the 2nd prize winners from Slovakia team sadlak, vendelin & Andrej with pigeon super 07 on,also picking up a worthy 2,000 euro prize and runner up trophy ,the 3rd international position goes to the 2014 Derby ARONA final race winners from the neighbouring island of gran canariayahve,oliviero,fredy,Miguel,as pigeon gerd timed in on collecting the 1,000 euro prize along the way ,for positions 4th to tenth each of the returning pigeons in such positions also claim a cash sum of 220euro wit the first of which in 4th place going the oener brothers syn from the Netherlands with pigeon veni on, with team Germany and rolfbergers entry flendermaus taking 5th on, a second arrival for te Netherlands sees b goedee with pigeon gitano taking 6th on, team usa come in for 7th as team blessing family lofts syndicate and pigeon barbaro comes onto the clock on, resulting in team sweden settling for 8th place as pigeon bolja for team top 5 on,the usa take another top ten position in the race in 9th as pigeon lin-1121 for team lin family lofts timed in at as team hungary claim the final top positon in 10th with pigeon rebi for team horvarth and varga

Team Yahve, Oliviero, Fredy, Miguel, as pigeon gerd (Gran Canaria) 3rd international semi final race.

As it can be clearly seen by the times there wasn’t much between the leading tenpigeons. although on arrival a moment of anticipation on trapping by the leaders could of easily resulted in a different outcome, with the leading pigeons taking large sums of prize monies as in all hotspot races in the Derby ARONAolrthe next 10 positions from 10th to 20thalso take a cash sum as prize money as each are rewarded with 100 euro these were.

  • 11th team Anita & Tage Gravesen Denmark pigeon jos 086
  • 12th team aa perle Germany pigeon gaucho
  • 13th team vicont & vicontessa Bulgaria pigeon Gladys.
  • 14th team fam peric bosnia & herzegovna 12.53.56 pigeon nova bila
  • 15th team ifjfergemiklisjnrhungary pigeon micheal
  • 16th team sjaaak buwalda Netherlands pigeon frysian swift.
  • 17th team van Russell Netherlands pigeon derek
  • 18th team Morel Poland pigeon kali.
  • 19th William Donachie Scotland pigeon it wasn’t me.
  • 20th team hendrikwilpers Germany pigeon talina

With the leading pigeons on the clock and leaders announced to the delight of the watching crowds it was unfortunately going to be a drawn out affair for the remainder of the afternoon as a steady flow of pigeons made their way home, unfortunately to the disappointment of the organisers and participants things wasn’t working out as planned as the pigeons seemed to be struggling through during the day prior to dusk and the sun setting ,this could possibly been as feared that the winds had possibly made a bigger impact on the race as earlier anticipated as only 229 brave and courageous pigeons had overcome the double island flight and perched safely for the night.

Day 2 And as the sun came up over the canary islands, sowas jose as he sat quietly and patiently at the loft waiting the prospect of more early returns and to see what impact the previous day had imposed on the pigeons and race ,On checking the clock to their surprise under the hours of darkness a brave pigeon named black melody from Indonesia had timed in for team garuda at 04.15am.

As the day went on and with the returns becoming more gapped the fears that large numbers of pigeons had either drifted off course during their flight and missed Tenerife or possibly settled on gran canaria overnight and were yet to cross over. sadly thou as mid-afternoon approached the worst was to be expected and as night fell for the second time only a further 57 pigeons had made It back as the sun went down on day 2.

Day three and the days that followed seen a few more pigeons drift in and as we look back over the past days and years the Derby ARONA once again proved to be as advertised as the hardest one loft race with just over a third of the entries currently home this year, has made this the hardest semi-final race in the Derby ARONA fourteen year history of the race.

As we prepare for the final race at the end of the month with no additional training currently scheduled we must embrace the stamina and courage and bravery of the pigeons that remain within the race which will take on a return visit to Fuerteventura on march 29thfor their final assault and the prospects of claiming Europe’s biggest prize of 120,000 euro, during such time the team are continuing to condition and maintain a high level of fitness of these worthy athletes with daily loft exercise between the semi-final and final race.

The averages are also seeing some movement as the latest points are being added still dominating the top position are the Netherlands duo of team pouw& Willems with their entry bolero on 91,207pts ,fellow countryman the oener butchers syn are still challenging in 2nd place with pigeon veni on 85348pts with Mr & Mrs Andy Gregson representing England move into 3rd with pigeon harry 84.988 pts.

Team Pouw & Willems with their entry Bolero, leaders in the “king of sprint averages”.

In the king of the Atlantic challenge team gb are currently holding two prime positions as todays winning syn of Murray and mills with pigeon hms invincible are on top 43.520 pts, team Scotland take the 3rd for team William Donachie as pigeon it wasn’t me accumulates 42,730pts divided by pigeon vini holding another 2nd place standing for team oener butchers from the Netherlands on 42,745.

Pigeon HMS INVINCIBLE FOR TEAM MURRAY AND MILLS “ currently 1st king of atlantic averages”

After four months of vigorous, challengingand on times rewarding, along with some disappointments we`re finally preparingto welcome fanciers from all corners of the world to the small island of Tenerife for the final hurdle the final of the Derby ARONA Tenerife one loft race 2019.

Final Race proceedings get underway

With live basketing at the lofts on Wednesday 27th march an opportunity for fanciers to be repatriated with their entries before race marking.

Thursday evening the Ledesma family and team Derby ARONA welcome everyone to top canarian restaurant for the welcome meal tickets for this event are priced at 30-euro pp including return transport to and from the venue.

Welcome dinner at the best Canary Restaurant time:20:00

(Restaurant LA BRASA – Carretera a Buazanada)
Departure from the HOTEL at 19:15 Mediterranean Palace – Mare Nostrum
Departure from the HOTEL CENTRAL CENTER at 19:30
(30 euro Ticket with Transportation to the Restaurant Included)

Friday 29th and relying on a good weather forecast on the day the pigeons will be away for the final race from the distant island of Fuerteventura some 300+klm of open waters between them and prospect of being crowned the 2019 Derby ARONA champion.

A free courtesy bus is available from the central hotel at 09.30 arriving at the lofts in plenty of time for the first arrivals and to take on board the customary food and drinks provided.

Addional prizes for final race

Saturday evening and the curtain goes down on yet another year for the Derby ARONA team as fanciers friends and guests are welcome to attend the prestigious gala evening at the mare nostrum resort playa las Americas , when all this years winners and achievers will be rewarded and presented with their trophies and certificates ,the evening is accompanied by a buffet style meal laid out and served in true canarian style providing cuisine for every nationality and taste ,along with the entertainment this will bring the evening and 2018/19 Derby ARONA to a close and welcome a new challenge in 2019/20

Awards/Party Dinner at Mare Nostrum Hotel. 60-euro pp. Tickets can be reserved on basketing/final race day or via email to prior to arrival in Tenerife.

Watch basketing and the race live throughout via the livestream via the website at