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A report on the British Barcelona Club old hens race from Coutances on 9th September 2017

Thirty-nine members entered one hundred and sixty-two pigeons into the British Barcelona Club old hens race from Coutances. They were liberated at 10.05CEST into clear skies and a north-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Flipping Magic (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Jaimie & Oliver Clarke

Jaimie Clarke and Daughter from Selling timed a two year old on 1275ypm to take first section G and first open. Jaime clocked Flipping Magic, a blue hen bred from a direct Ronnie Williamson cock with numerous prizes to its name. The dam also came from Ronnie Williamson. Flipping Magic was raced on the roundabout system for most of the season before being re-paired and sitting a round of eggs.

Gosling & Jarvis

Gosling and Jarvis from Moutnnessing were first section J and second open with a four year old on 1234ypm. The partner's timed Black Eyes, a mealy hen on its fifth race of the season. The sire was a stock cock responsible for many winners. The dam was bred by Peter Van De Mere, being a grand-daughter of Gwen.

Mick Worsfold

Mr and Mrs M Worsfold of Bisley took second section G and third open with a yearling on 1207ypm. Mick's winner was bred from his Van Loon family of pigeons which originated from Mr and Mrs Romani of West Yorkshire. He had six out of eight sent home on the day in a very testing race.

Dennis Rusted

Rusted and Hayward of Baldock were first section D and fourth open with a four year old on 1193ypm. Dennis and John timed a hen sent sitting a fourteen day squeaker.

J & J Brady

J and J Brady of Benfleet timed a six year old on 1177ypm to take second section J and fifth open. The two Johns clocked an old hen the same way bred as their young bird winner, being from their direct Jos Thoné pigeons.

D Smith

D J Smith of Bethnal Green was second section D and sixth open with a yearling hen on 1164ypm. Dennis clocked a hen bred down from his own family of Lerwick pigeon crossed with the bloodlines of Jimmy Shepherd and Dave Downing.

A J Turner of Dover timed two pigeons, the first a three year old on 1157ypm, which took second section G and seventh open. The second was a three year old on 998ypm and which took fourth section G and tenth open.

Mick and Lyn Chaplin of Woking were fouth section G and eighth open with a yearling on 1130ypm.

P and M Pateman of Stevenage were second section D and ninth open with a three year old on 1095ypm.

Around the sections

Derek Human

Derek Human of Petersfield was first section A with a yearling on 830ypm. The section winner was bred by his son Adian, from Derek's old Cattrysse family of pigeons. Adrian is well known for Ramsdean Reliance, which was clocked five times from Palamos/Barcelona in six seasons.

Kenny & Martin Attrill

Johnny Attrill and Sons of Southampton clocked a yearling on 735ypm to take second section A. Martin and Kenny timed a hen bred from their sprint family of pigeons and the grandsire won over six timed first prizes.

Mr and Mrs Strickland of Southampton were third section A.

Lin Travers

Mr and Mrs Travers of Poole timed two pigeons to take first and second section B. Both yearlings, their velocities were 830 and 735ypm respectively. Both yearlings, they were bred out of the race team and sent sitting twelve day squeakers.

John Halstead

Next up in section B was John Halstead with a three year old daughter of Big Bucks when it was paired to a Southwell hen.

Melvyn Bird

Melvyn Bird of Andover clocked a four year old on 816ypm to take first section C.Melvyn's winner is a dark pied hen containing Van de Velde bloodlines.

Bruce Miller & Chris Coles

Bruce Miller of Wanstrow was second section C on 624ypm. Bruce timed Marley, a pigeon containing Brockamp bloodlines being a grand-daughter of Euro Diamond.

Alan Shore

Mr and Mrs A Shore of Crewe were first section E with a two year old on 981ypm. Alan and Cynthia's timed is a Vandenabeele corss that was a widowhood hen earlier in the season and then trained with the young birds.

P Millward of Stone was second section E on 925ypm. The sire of Paul's winner was bred by J and T Barnett of Telford, being a son of The Palamos Cock. The dam is a Louella Pigeon World Jan aarden, a son of Incredible and an inbred grand-daughter of True Grit.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club old hens race from Coutances.