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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Mont-de-Marsan in conjunction with the International Colombe Joyeuse race on 24th June 2017

130 members entered 508 pigeons into the British International Championship Club race from Pau in conjunction with the international. Due to poor weather the birds were moved back to Mont-de-Marsan and after a one day holdover they were liberated at 07.35CEST into west north-westerly winds. The following is a report on the UK provisional result.

Chalice Darcey - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

First open and first east section was won by Dean Childs of Basildon with a two year old on 1152mpm over 857km. Dean timed Chalice Darcey, a blue hen flown celibate but allowed in with the cocks on the night prior to basketing. In preparation for Pau, this hen had every inland race plus Falaise, Alençon and Poitiers with the BICC and then Messac with the National Flying Club. She was then rested for three weeks. The sire is Dean's number one stock cock which in turn is a son of Alwyn Hill's Champion Wing Down. The dam is a direct daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme when he was mated to the great L ring hen.

Dean Childs - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

Robbie Harris

Robert Harris of Ramsgate was second open and second east section with a two year old on 1150mpm over 837km. Robbie clocked a chequer cock bred by John Chipperfield of Herne Bay, it being a half-brother to John's first open Perpignan and second open Pau winner. The sire of this cock is John's good stock cock from Raymond Moleveld, whilst the dam is the same hen that bred John's winner.

Catherine Cooper

Third open and first west section was a three year old on 1089mpm over 835km for Geoff and Catherine Cooper from Peasdown St John. This was a son of Georgeson, the son of George, and Gina, the dam of Wollongong. The Coopers timed a second bird, a two year hen old on 1023mpm to also take eighth open. This pigeon is a daughter of Euro Star, the son of Euro Diamond and Dark Cathay. The cooper's third pigeon, a three year old hen on 939mpm was also twelfth open meaning that the Coopers took the top three places in the west section. The third section winner is a grandaughter of Farmer George.

Geoff Cooper

Ken McGowan

Fourth open and third east section went to K McGowan from Chatham with a three year old cock on 1070mpm over 831km. Ken's timer was bred by Kevin Foster and contains Deweerdt bloodlines through George, the King's Cup winner for the Coopers. It was raced on the roundabout system earlier in the season and then re-mated and sent to Pau sitting eggs.

Calum Edmiston

Calum Edmiston from Horley was fifth open and first centre section with a two year old, dark pied hen on 1066mpm over 806km. The section winner contains Volkens bloodlines and was flown on the natural system, being sent to the race sitting twelve day eggs. A sister to this winner was ninth open from Pau with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club.

Fox & Symonds

Fox and Symonds from Clacton on Sea were sixth open and fourth east section with a four year old cock on 1033mpm over a distance of 886km. Terry and Tucker Fox and Michael Symonds clocked a grizzle cock that was bred by Robbie Harris of Ramsgate and containing Robbie's Tusky bloodlines. It was raced on the widowhood system and had two races from Boves and then one from Poitiers in preparation for Pau.

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell of Dover timed a two year old hen on 1032mpm over 816 miles to take seventh open and fifth east section. This hen was bred from two generations of birds from Mike's race team and contains the bloodlines of most of the loft's previous winners. Mike's great racing hen Eve appears on both sides of the pedigree.

Dickie Pearmain & Son

Dickie Pearmain and Son from Wickford were ninth open and sixth east section with a two year old cock on 977mpm over 860km. The sire of this cock has now bred multiple pigeons that have scored in races with the British International Championship Club.

Geoff & Clayton Preece

Completing the top ten and in eventh east section are Geoff and Clayton Preece of Dover with a two year old hen on 977mpm over 860km. This dark, white flight hen is a grandaughter of the late Bill Woodall's 98 cock and a great-grandaughter of the legendary Jack Jones. On the other side it contains Stoffel Ophoff 270 bloodlines crossed with those of Hermes.

Around the sections

Second centre section and eleventh open was a two year old on 1036mpm over 854km for Adi Zepciuc of Edgware.

Martin & Jack Norman

Clare, Martin and Jack Norman of Mannor Lofts of Southampton were third centre section with a four year old on 830mpm over 783km. The Norman family timed a pigeon bred from their own family of birds which contain Venner, Red Barcelona, Delbar and Brian Sheppard bloodlines.

John Black

John Black of Hitchin timed a two yearc old on 598mpm over 896km to take first north-centre section and ninety-third open. The sire of John's widowhood hen was bred by John Chipperfield, it being a son of De brive from Raymond Moleveld. The dam was a gift from Fred Sharman and is a daughter of Mark Bulled's Tarbes winner, Legacy.

John Haverly

J M Haverly of Milton Keynes was second north-centre section with a two year old on 594mpm over 904km. John timed a red Jan Theelan cock that was flown on widowhood earlier in the season and then re-paired ready for Pau.

Clive Brown of Alconbury was third north-centre section with a two year old on 518mpm over 928km.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Mont-de-Marsan, held in conjunction with the international.