Investments in PIPA Elite Center birds allow Simeon Monev (Dobrich, BG) to take pigeon racing to the next level

Last year, Bulgarian pigeon fancier Simeon Monev introduced several PIPA Elite Center birds in his breeding loft. Despite the hard weather conditions with strong head winds and rainfall, Simeon's investments have already started to pay off in the first weeks of the racing season with nearly perfect prize percentages.

Investing in the best

A while back, Simeon Monev made a promise to himself and to his friends that he would build a family of birds which could not just compete with but beat all other pigeon fanciers. For that reason, Simeon started investing in the best the market has to offer. Last year, he purchased some of PIPA Elite Center's finest such as:

  • BE15-4268865: daughter Porsche 911, 5th National Ace Bird in 2015 and great-grandson of 1st National Ace Bird 2010 New Freddy, the first first child of Porsche 911 ever to be sold
  • NL14-1040738: son New Laureaat, 1st International Barcelona 2013
  • BE16-4129245 Ludo’s Favorite: 4th Ace Bird Algarve One Loft Race 2016

Three new breeding birds which would far from disappoint him.

Return on investment

This year's racing season is proving to be a very hard one for alle members in Simeon Monev's pigeon association Polet in Varna, Bulgaria. It is in those weather conditions that offspring from some of Simeon's newly acquired PIPA Elite Center birds have proven their worth.

BG16-70090 Carisma

Carisma is a daughter of BE15-4268865 (daughter Porsche 911) x NL14-1040738 (son New Laureaat). She has won the following prizes in the current season:

Club:     1st 2,132 b. (372km)
Regional: 1st 2,380 b. (372km)
Club:     2nd 2,896 b. (349km)
Regional: 2nd 3,159 b. (349km)

BG16-70099 Super Star

Super Star is a full sister to Carisma and therefore also a daughter of BE15-4268865 (daughter Porsche 911) x NL14-1040738 (son New Laureaat). The prizes she has won this season are as follows:

Club:      5th 2,896 b. (349km)
Regional:  5th 3,159 b. (349km)
Club:     43rd 3,157 b. (267km)
Regional: 43rd 3,632 b. (267km)

BG16-70019  Porsche 019

Porsche 019 is a daughter of BE15-4268865 (daughter Porsche 911) x BG12-16946 (son Red Alert 203, 100% D. Matthijs). Her results of 2017:

Club:      9th 2,896 b. (349km)
Regional:  9th 3,159 b. (349km)
Club:     12th 2,132 b. (372km)
Regional: 12th 2,380 b. (372km)

Best performances in 2016

These are the best results Simeon has achieved in his club so far:

15/04/2017 Popovo (132 km) Club 2,308 birds
87-90-131-171-177-208-347-385-412 – 9/10 p.
3/04/2017  Byala  (172 km) Club 2,918 birds
2-7-11-12-14-20-34-64-65-76-93-111-123-126-129-216-244-437-554-578 - 20/20 p.
01/05/2017 Pleven (267 km) Club 3,157 birds
39-43-47-51-54-61-73-205-248-288-333-376-401-433-457-558-568-596-608 – 19/20 0p.
1/05/2017  Pleven (267 km) Reg. 3,632 birds
39-43-47-51-54-61-73-206-250-293-339-390-415-451-477-589-600-631-643 - 19/20 p.
07/05/2017 Ignatovo (349 km) Club 2,896 birds
2-3-4-5-9-13-14-16-18-22-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-33-34-36-37-39-40-41-43-44-45-57-82 – 29/30 p.
07/05/2017 Ignatovo (349 km) Reg. 3,159 birds
2-3-4-5-9-13-14-16-18-22-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-33-34-36-37-39-40-41-43-44-45-57-83 – 29/30 p.
13/05/2017 Lom 1 (373 km) Club 2,426 birds
1-2-3-4-5-16-19-20-23-30-36-39-44-45-46-63-64-75-76-85-90-188 – 22/25 p.
13/05/2017 Lom 1 (373 km) Nat. 2,661 birds
1-2-3-4-5-16-19-20-23-30-36-39-44-45-46-63-64-76-77-94-100-210 – 22/25 p.
13/05/2017 Lom 2 (373 km) Club 2,132 birds
1-2-3-4-5-12-13-14-15-16-18-48-49-56-57-66-74-94-132 – 19/20 p.
13/05/2017 Lom 2 (373 km) Reg. 2,132 birds
1-2-3-4-5-12-13-14-15-16-18-48-49-56-57-68-76-99-138 – 19/20 p.