Simeon Monev (Dobrich, BG) kept his promise and built a family of racing pigeons that can beat all competition

In 2017 Simeon Monev would have represented Bulgaria at the Olympiad in Brussels but an outbreak of avian influenza meant that the Bulgarian team couldn't travel to the event. A twist of fate that denied his pigeons their chance to shine on the world stage.

Simeon Monev

Simeon Monev started keeping pigeons with his brother Valerie when both were young boys. Initally it was fancy pigeons that caught their eye but Simeon's attention gradually turned to racing pigeons. After some teasing from his many friends who were racing fanciers, Simeon made a promise to them and to himself. He would build a family of racing pigeons that would be capable of beating all competition. The time scale he envisaged was a mere two years and yet he has achieved his ambition and more besides.

Simeon's racing lofts

In order to realise his dream, Simeon knew that he needed pigeons from the best European lofts, so he set about acquiring pigeons from Desmet-Matthys' family of pigeons. The first purchases were obtained via fanciers from Romania and proved to be very successful breeders with their offspring achieving remarkable results. One hen in particular, a daughter of Ilic or the Crazy 204, was especially good. Sadly that hen was lost last season but her genes run throughout Simeon's family of birds and each subsequent generation has been an improvement on the last. Many of the sons and daughters, grandsons and grandaughters have gone on to beat the competition and direct children have smashed the performances of the fanciers they have competed against. It is these performances that led to three of Simeon's pigeons being selected to represent Bulgaria at the Olympiad, Good Girl and two of her brothers, Lucky Strike and Maximus. All three contain the genes of Crazy 204, with Lucky Strike being an inbred son of Maximus when paired back to Crazy 204. Crazy 204, along with her nest brother Red Alert 203, are the parents and grandparents of twenty national ace pigeons in A, B, C and D categories, three Olympiad pigeons and fifteen first-prize winners at club and national level. Red Alert is still breeding winners today. Simeon races in Bulgaria's biggest and one of its eldest clubs, Polet Varna, presided by Valentin Velikov.

Good Girl

Good Girl BG12-16954 (photo courtesy of Pigeon Photography)

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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike BG15-12040 (photo courtesy of Pigeon Photography)

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Maximus BG12-16961 (photo courtesy of Pigeon Photography)

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Congratulations on your performances, Simeon, and commiserations that your pigeons were unable to be exhibited at the Olympiad in Brussels. We wish you all the best for the coming season.

Trayan Minchev (l), Simeon Monev (c) and Milen Minchev (r)