Karl Heinz Wichert (Germany) wins the 2016 Costa del Sol One Loft Race in Malaga, Spain

The Costa del Sol One Loft Race in Malaga, Spain was held on Saturday 1 October. 465 birds were liberated at 9AM in Hervas (Extremadura) for a tough race of 425 km in hot and humid weather conditions with almost no wind blowing. A bird of Mr. Karl Heinz Wichert (Germany) won the race with a 53-minute lead on his closest opponent.


Over 300 fanciers from Spain, both the main land and the islands, Belgium, Holland and Germany sent birds to the race. Only 23 birds arrived home the same day because of the extreme harsh conditions and the many hills surrounding Malaga that make it difficult for birds to orientate. In the end, German fancier Karl Heinz Wichert's hen '966' won the race with a 53-minute lead on the second bird. A fantastic result achieved by a direct descendant of the 20th prize winner (and 18th ace bird) in the final race of the 2015 Corabia One Loft Race. Check out the winning bird's pedigree here. While the birds were making their way home, all fanciers present had a good time in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying the food and drinks provided to them by the race organisation.


Next year the one loft race will undergo a few changes. Not only will the loft be much bigger - it will be able to house no less than 2,500 birds - the organisation will also see to some very interesting prizes. Check it out now on the Costa del Sol One Loft Race website.