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A report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona, in conjunction with the international

On hundred and sixteen members sent three hundred and fifty-nine birds with the British International Championship Club to the Barcelona race, held in conjunction with the international. They were liberated at 11.15CEST on Saturday 2nd July. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Ron Dove

The 2016 Barcelona race turned out to be a hard one for the UK and credit must go to all those who managed to get a bird on the result. First open and first east section was Ron Dove from Kingsnorth with a five year old hen on 494mpm over 674 miles. This hen had flown Barcelona once before and was then retired to stock. Having a surfeit of pigeons this season, Ron decided to reintroduce her to the racing team. Ron's hen is a grandaughter of his first section, sixth open Pau winner.

Bill Stribling

Bill Stribling of Weston Super Mare timed a four year old cock on 477mpm over 730 miles to take second open and first west section. Bill timed the same cock that was first section, sixth open from Palamos in 2015 and containing Venner bloodlines that he obtained from Dave Vowles of Street. Raced on the natural system, this cock was sent sitting twelve day eggs.

Bill Knox's pigeon

SR & WH Knox of Tyler Hill were third open and second east section with a four year old hen on 469mpm over 686 miles. Flyng the thirteenth channel race of its racing career, this hen was tenth section, eighteenth open from Barcelona last season. The sire has flown Barcelona three times, whilst the dam has raced from Pau three times.

The Pearmain Family (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

R Pearmain and Son of Wickford were fourth open and third east section with a six year old, larebred hen on 493mpm over 710 miles. This hen was bred from a direct Nico Volken when paired to a Geoff Hunt hen obtained via Alan Parker. It has many channel positions to its credit and this was its first attempt at Barcelona.

Geoff & Clayton Preece

G M Preece and Son of Dover were fifth open and fourth east section with a four year old hen on 449mpm over 675 miles. Geoff and Clayton timed Das Glas, raced on the natural system and sent feeding a twelve day squeaker. This hen is a daughter of the late Bill Woodall's 98 cock, which was second open Barcelona in 2007, when paired to a direct hen from S G Wilk of Oberhausen, Germany.

Fred Cornwell's pigeon

F J Cornwell of Southend on Sea timed a four year old cock on 378mpm over 705 miles to take sixth open and fifth east section. Fred timed a widowhood cock, the sire of which was purchased as a squeaker from Jim Biss and was a grandson of Lama, twice first open Marseilles. The dam was bought from Jimmy Shepherd and was a direct daughter of Noble Lad x True Grit.

Vince & Dave Padfield

The Padfield Family from Abertillery timed a six year old hen on 336mpm over 758 miles to take seventh open and second west section. The partners timed Padfield's Baroness, which was twenty-ninth open Barcelona in 2014 and ninth open Barcelona last season. As a two and three year old, Padfield's Baroness flew Tarbes and was in the top ten each time. The sire was bred by Brian Leadbetter from his Super Crack bloodlines, whilst the dam is one of the Padfield's Wim Muller Jan Aarden x Morgan and Cook old Atwell Brothers bloodlines.

Siva Brothers

Siva Brothers from Dover were eighth open and sixth east section with a four year old cock on 238mpm over 674 miles. Named Barca Bill after the late Bill Woodhall of Dover, this cock was raced on the widowhood system. Barca Bill contains Stoffel Ophoff 270 and Lady 100 bloodlines which the partners obtained on a trip to Germany with Bill.

Tony Cowan

Ninth open and first centre section was a six year old cock on 222mpm over 675 miles for Tony Cowan of Southampton. Tony timed Shepherd's Delight which contains the best of Brian Sheppard's bloodlines. This is the third time in the result from Barcelona for Sheppard's Delight and Tony is in two minds as to whether to send him again next year.

Bill Aherne

W P Aherne of Neasden clocked a three year old cock on 206mpm over 711 miles to take tenth open and second centre section. The sire of this cock is a Frank Sheader Kipp pigeon, whilst the dam is a Jan Aarden, related to Bill's second open from Barcelona in 2000. Raced on the natural system this cock was sent due to hatch.

Nick Harvey

Nicholas Harvey of Somerset was eleventh open and third west section with a five year old on 204mpm over 711 miles. Nick clocked Musgrove Persistant, his great long distance racing hen that was on its fourth trip back from Spain. Musgrove Persistant was sitting several eggs and enjoying an open loft in preparation for Barcelona.

Paul Delea

P C Delea of Rainham timed a four year old on 200mpm over 705 miles to take twenlth open and seventh east section.

Alan Turner

A J Turner of Dover was thirteenth open and eighth east section with a five year old on 198mpm over 679 miles. A consistent fancier at the long distance, Wally clocked a cock raced on the natural system and sent feeding two ten day old squeakers. The bloodlines of this cock are Brian Denny x Jimmy Roy.

Alan Annis

Fourteenth open and ninth east section was a five year old on 189mpm over 684 miles for A Annis and Son of Wingham. Father and son clocked a pigeon flown on the natural system and containing Jos Thoné x Cyril Wells bloodlines.

Dorin Melinte

Dorin Melinte of Stanmore was fifteenth open and third centre section with a three year old on 176mpm over 714 miles. Dorin clocked Unique Junior, a son of Balici Pavel's Unique, the Romanian record holder, having scored five times in the marathon race from Berlin. Unique Junior's bloodlines contain a mix of Rijckaerd, Bricoux, Stichelbaout and Van Braune. At the same timed as he acquired Unique, Dorin also bought the dam of Junior, a one hundred percent Van Der Wegen and the sister of an international winner from Berlin.

Mr & Mrs Guy's pigeon

Mr and Mrs Stewart Guy of Tadley timed a two year old cock on 173mpm over 703 miles to take sixteenth open and fourth centre section. Stewart's pigeon was bred down from birds purchards at the British Barcelona Club young bird sale, the sire and dam both being bred by the BBC Stud from previous winners.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona, held in conjunction with the international.