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Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons have immediate success in the UK

The Stefaan Lambrechts story is just beginning and yet his pigeons are already making a big impression on the continent and in the UK. Les Green of Manchester was one of the first fanciers in the UK to invest in the Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons and he is already reaping the rewards with devastating effect.

Les Green

Les Green of Manchester was one of the first UK fanciers to invest in the Stefaan Lambrechts family of pigeons and he is already reaping the rewards with amazing effects. Les first race Stefaans' pigeons last season and they won no less than five x first prizes and first open in the Central Lancashire Combine against 2,412 birds. In that race Les managed to win the first four positions and three out of the four clocked were bred from one hundred percent direct Stefaan Lambrechts. One young cock rung GB15D20027 turned out to be a very good pigeon, winning first club, third federation in a westerly wind. The following week, the same cock was second club, second federation and second combine from Yeovil against 2,412 pigeons, only being beaten by a loftmate. The next week it managed third club (again beaten by loftmates), sixth federation and sixth combine against 1,096 pigeons. Three super performances on three successive weeks. This cock is bred from a Stefaan Lambrechts hen bred from a half-brother to Kittel. The sire to this pigeon is a son of Rossi, NL10/1272201.

  • GB15D20027 blue cock
  • 1st                               147b.
  • 2nd to loftmate             187b.
  • 2nd to loftmate             697b.
  • 2nd to loftmate          2,412b.
  • 3rd to loftmates            120b.
  • 6th                              346b.
  • 6th                              843b.
  • 6th                           1,096b.
  • 14th                            906b.
  • Sire NL10/1272201 Revanchi - Son of Rossi Take a look at this cock's pedigree here.
  • Dam Belg14/6117569 Take a look at this hen's pedigree here.

Belg14/6117569 Kittel Hen

Son of Rossi - Revanchi

At the start of this season Les has once again proved that he is the fancier to beat at club, federation and combine level. Racing from Worcester in mid-April, eighty-four miles to Les' loft, his team of forty-four pigeons won first to fourth at club level and tenth to thirteenth in the federation. This turned out to be thirty-eighth to fortieth in the combine. On a day with a north-westerly wind this is no mean feat as Les has one of the most westerly lofts in the federation. The winning pigeon was a blue hen (GB15D19847), bred in 2015 from two direct Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons, in fact the sire is a son of Donker Bart.


The following week Les entered the same forty-four pigeons into a 100 mile race from Tewkesbury which was liberated into a light north wind. The team performed remarkably with eight birds dropping together to take the first four positions in the club and federation against 1,168 birds. These first eight birds also took the first four positions in the combine against 4,009 pigeons. Both federation and combine have a ruling which means only the first four pigeons are eligible for positions. If this rule hadn't been in place, Les would have taken the first seven places, as one of the pigeons was not recorded on the electronic clocking system, this being the winning hen from the previous week. The winner from Tewkesbury was once again one hundred percent Stefaan Lambrechts.

  • GB15D20020 blue cock
  • 1st                        2,412b.
  • 1st                        3,887b.
  • 1st                        1,234b.
  • 1st                           220b.
  • 1st                           160b.
  • 1st                           697b.
  • 1st                           984b.
  • Sire Belg14/6116453 Take a look at the pedigree of this cock here.
  • Dam Belg14/6116439 Take a look at the pedigree of this hen here.


Belg14/6116439 Stefaanie

The following week the team went one better in a second race from Tewkesbury. The same forty-four birds were liberated into a north-west wind and this time no less than fourteen birds arrived back at Les' loft within one minute. All the more remarkable when you consider the loft location and the north-west wind. Once again Les took the first four places in both the club and federation against 1,234 birds. In the combine they again took the first four, but would have taken the first fourteen had they been allowed. The winning bird this time was the same cock that won the combine from Yeovil as a youngster in 2015, GB15D20027. This cock is bred from a half-brother to the brilliant Lincia.

So an excellent start to the season for Les Green and Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons - I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of both in the future.