Kingdom of Saudi Arabia organises new Al Safa One Loft Race

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the host to a new pigeon race in the eastern city of Safwa in February 2017, the Al Safa One Loft Race organised by Taqy Al Yousif. The first 25 birds to arrive home after a 350 km final race can split the total prize money of 111,000 Saudi Arabian Riyal (around 25,000 euros or 30,000 USD).

Fanciers who wish to participate in the race must hurry. The deadline for registering birds ends 1 August 2016. The registration fee for a single pigeon is 170 euros, shipping cost included. For further questions, please contact Mr. Shady Mohammed at or Sjaak Buwalda at

One loft race organiser Taqy Al Youssif (l) and Saudi champion Abdelhady Khrida (r)