Poland launches new small-scale invitation-only Poker one loft race

Poland has a new one loft race called WG Poker. It is a small-scale project with only around 200 pigeons housing the lofts in the town of Nowe Miasto. "Therefore, only those invited can participate", says race organiser Przemek Wiktorowicz, who will also organise family events around the lofts to turn pigeon racing into a family affair.

Not just another one loft race

WG Poker, with 'WG' being the short for 'Wspólny Gołębnik' (common loft, or one loft), is a project led by Przemek Wiktorowicz. It is not just another one loft race event. By carefully analysing many similar races all over the world, Mr. Wiktorowicz decided to organise his one loft race in a completely different manner. The most important difference is a restriction of the number of participating pigeons to around 200. That allows his loft manager, who will be there about 24/7, to carefully examine each bird and take best care of all of them. Another difference: Only the people who have received a personal invitation will be allowed to enter birds. This makes the event more prestigious.

Apart from the guaranteed rush of adrenaline, several family events will also be organised on the premises of the race. "I would also like to let people who are not pigeon fanciers themselves enter the pigeon racing circle so they can learn more about our magnificent hobby. That is the race's main goal", Mr. Wiktorowicz says. The family role that Przemek Wiktorowicz wants pigeon racing to play is not a surprise when hearing him talk about his hobby: "Pigeons have become more than just my passion. They are my lifestyle."

Mr. Wiktorowicz is a responsible young man who sets ambitious goals and works hard to achieve them. Next to being successful in pigeon racing, he also aims at writing many high-quality pigeon-related articles for media all around the world such as PIPA. As Mr. Wiktorowicz always pursues quality, he will be assisted with an excellent, young loft manager and a specialist in veterinary medicine in organising his one loft race.

Race organiser Przemek and loft manager Marek

Race information and prize money

Races will be held in two categories:

  • short distance: four races of 80 to 160 km
  • middle distance: three races of 200 to 350 km

Birds entering the final on 3 September 2016 will have to cover a distance of at least 450 km, the aim being the organisation of a final race of over 500 km.

Because of the small number of participating birds, the chances of winning great prizes increase. The prize money will be split as follows:

  • Category winners: 2,500 EUR for the best bird in each of the two categories (short and middle distance). The birds will be ranked according to the sum of their velocities on all races.
  • Top 10 final race winners: The birds finishing in the top 10 of the final race will win the follow amount of money:
    1st: 8,750 EUR
    2nd: 3,750 EUR
    3rd: 2,500 EUR
    4th: 2,000 EUR
    5th: 1,875 EUR
    6th: 580 EUR
    7th-10th: 500 EUR
  • The best bird on all races: This ace will win a holiday coupon from a tour operator worth 2,000 EUR.

In addition, the race sponsors will provide entrants with additional rewards.

The spanking new loft where the birds will be housed

Entertaining fanciers' families

As mentioned above, the event’s main goal is to promote pigeon fancying in society. That is why this initiatve will appear in local newspapers and why the head of the Płońsk district, in which the town of Nowe Miasto is located, has promised his support to the project. Several attractions will entertain the families of the fanciers participating. Children for example will have a fun park at their disposal whereas adults will have the possibility of kayaking or horseback riding. On the day of the final race, a family picnic with many attractions will be held.

Participation is still possible

The organiser has already sent out all of his invitations. Some of the best Polish fanciers have already confirmed their participation in the race. Competing in such good company is just pure pleasure and above all a great opportunity to test your own breeding material.

Several free spots remain, however. Should you be interested in entering birds for the race, do not hesitate to contact the organiser by email at mwgpoker@gmail.com or by phone at +48 570 936 456. Race organiser Przemek Wiktorowicz will gladly answer all your questions and send you an invitation. For more information on the WG Poker race, please visit their website here.