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A report on the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey on 22nd August 2015

One hundred and sixty members entered eight hundred and ninety-six pigeons into the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey. They were liberated at 07.30BST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Jeremy Davies with daughters Heather & Jessica (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

T & J Davies from Birtsmorton were first north-west section and first open with a three year old on 1192mpm over 176 miles. Jeremy races as T & J Davies in honour of his late father and the winning pigeon has now been named Timothy's Dream. Since joining the BICC in 2014, Jeremy has won the north-west section six times in only the nine races that he has entered. He won't be sending again this year as he wants to make sure his pigeons have a strong and restful moult, to ensure they are great contenders in years to come. Jeremy clocked seventeen young birds within ninety minutes and his first, second and fourth pigeons were closely related to the father of the loft, a pigeon named Jimmy.

Timothy's Dream (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Geoff Clarke

Geoff Clarke of Cardiff timed a yearling on 1175mpm over 143 miles to take first west section and second open. Geoff clocked a cock which was unraced as a youngster as it was a late bred pigeon. Guernsey was its first ever race. Sent sitting twelve day eggs this cock was bred from Nobby's old family that he has had for fifty years and which is based on the old Welsh Lerwick pigeons that had a strong influence of Percy Cornell Logans in their make-up. Geoff also had birds from his brother, Bobby and from Taffy Coates.                                 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper from Tewkesbury were second north-west section and third open with a six year old on 1161mpm over 176 miles. This consistent hen has many performances to her name in previous years, including third section, twenty-sixth open Falaise and first section, one hundred and fiftieth open Guernsey. She had so far failed to score in this, her last racing season, until this race. She will now be retired to the stock loft.

Zbigniew Nowak

Zbigniew Nowak from Plymouth timed a yearling on 1157mpm over 94 miles to take second west section and fourth open. Zbigniew's hen had one race earlier this season when she returned injured. After she recovered she had one training toss and was then sent to Guernsey sitting seven day eggs. The sire contains Janssen bloodlines via Roger Cutforth and the dam has German bloodlines.

John & David Staddon with Archie

John and David Staddon from Shepton Mallett clocked a two year old on 1130 over 116 miles to take third west section and fifth open. The partners' winner was bred from their Miracle Pair, consistent breeders of winners and both bred by Mark Gilbert from stock he obtained from Syndicate Lofts. This hen raced the full national programme, including Saintes and was sent to Guernsey sitting small squeakers.

Daniel Hocking

Daniel Hocking from Bridgwater was fourth west section and sixth open with a two year old on 1122mpm over 121 miles. Daniel timed a hen bred from his Roland Janssen stock pair, the cock being a direct son of champion Grey Ghost when paired to a granddaughter of Super Kweeker 12. Both this hen and its nestmate were sent sitting eggs and the nestmate was just two minutes behind.

Mr H Franks from Tiverton was fifth west section and seventh open with a yearling flying 107 miles on 1086.6mpm.

Eric Watkins

Eric Watkins from Shrewsbury was third north-west section and eighth open with a three year old on 1086mpm over 218 miles. Eric's hen was bred off two gift birds, the sire being a Stichelbaut from Ray Scriven of Alveley and the dam a Van Wanroy x Jan Aarden from Bill Bresnahan of Liverpool. She was sent to Guernsey sitting a ten day old youngster.

Nigel Matthews

Nigel Matthews from Bridgnorth timed a three year old on 1062mpm over 206 miles to win fourth north-west section and ninth open. A previous winner for Nigel, this hen contains Gaevert van Schoorise bloodlines.

Mike & Christine Lee

Completing the top ten are M & C Lee from Worcester with a two year old on 1050mpm over 187 miles and which was also fifth north-west section. Mike and Christine timed a hen that had previously been used as a widowhood hen, but then was trained up with the youngsters specifically for the Guernsey race. She has Champion Narbonne and Denney's Dark Charm and Dark Dancer in her bloodlines.

Around the sections

George Burgess

G T Burgess of Wraysbury was first centre section and fourteenth open with a three year old on 989mpm over 163 miles. George timed a half-sister to Matilda, one of his best racing hens, which won the section twice and was also first and second open during her racing career. Guernsey was this hen's fifth time across the channel this season.

Leon Hall of Oxford was second centre section and fifteenth open with a five year old on 987mpm after 169 miles.

Mike Armitage of Ash timed a yearling on 936mpm over 147 miles to take third centre section and twenty-third open. Mike timed the same red chequer cock that won first section, fourth open BICC Falaise earlier in the season.

Ted Robinson

First east section and twenty-sixth open was a two year old on 917mpm after 174 miles for Ted Robinson from Orpington. Ted timed the same Van Loon x Van Reet hen that was ninth open in the BICC race from Le Mans.

Mr and Mrs L Prior from Bishops Stortford were second east section and thirty-third open with a yearling on 903mpm over 203 miles. The partners timed a hen bred from stock from Bruce McAllister, it was sent showing up to a new cock.

D Wilton and Son from Chadwell St Mary clocked a yearling on 883mpm over a distance of 189 miles to take third east section and thirty-fifth open.

Mr & Mrs Redfern

S Redfern and Family from Derby were first north-centre section and thirteenth open with a two year old on 994 mpm over 241 miles. The partners timed a blue hen bred, the sire of which came from a Joe Raeburn cock when crossed with a Roy Gregory hen. The dam came from an excellent racer bred by Dave Birch.

Second north-centre section and seventeenth open was a three year old on 976 miles after 217 miles for Mr M Wright and Son from Barton Seagrove. The partners clocked a Vandenabeele x Staf van Reet hen which has been one of their most consistent racers.

Isebaldo Carenza of Evesham was third north-centre section and eighteenth open with a three year old on 973mpm over 183 miles.

J Gannon

J Gannon of Norwich was first north-east section and sixteenth open with a yearling on 983mpm over 273 miles. John timed a blue cock containing Vandenabeele x Staf Van Reet bloodlines and which had been across the channel numerous times earlier in the season. This cock was sent feeding five day old squeakers.

Cook, Son and Grandson from Norfolk were second north-east section and thirty-second open with a four year old on 904mpm over 260 miles. This Busschaert cock was sent feeding a large youngster and driving its hen back to nest.

L Rix and Son from Mildenhall were third north-east section and fiftieth open with a yearling flying 240 miles on 831mpm.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British international Championship Club any age race from Guernsey.