Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx, Antwerp’s Midfond National Cracks

Over the last few years the Geerinckx loft of father Luc, Bart and Jurgen have entered in more and more National races after a super career racing in the Antwerp Union that has spanned over 20 years.

Now the partners have set their sights firmly on the National races and they have done so with devastating effect and their name has gained the upmost respect from their rivals with a string of marvellous results in the National, Provincial and Inter-Provincial races.


In his early days the senior partner Luc spent much of his time at the loft of Jos Soontjens as he lived only a few doors away from Jos in the village of Wommelgem. Soontjens had built an awesome reputation with the feats of his formidable team of widowerhood sprinters and during this time children off many of these Champions of vitesse racing including ’Tom’, ’Late Tom’ and ‘Geschifte’ and before Jos retired from the sport and sold his famed colony of pigeons Luc had collected and gathered an impressive collection of Soontjen birds which are still the backbone of the present Geerinckx stock loft and race team.

   I visited the Geerinckx family’s home a few years ago and Luc explained that he had been bringing in fresh bloodlines to cross with his Soontjen dynasty because as he explain that the original birds were getting very inbred and so the likes of Flor Van Loock from Berlaar and  the Lint lofts of Alfons Slaets from his famous ‘Panther lines’ with these introductions and  other selective acquisitions the present day race team has evolved. I know that the Van Loock birds in particular had a great beneficial effect and the red  plumage factor is from this source.

   From Jef Keirsmaker the partners got a real ‘Golden Breeder’ in the form of ‘Willyke’ and this fabulous hen which herself was a winner of 1st Provincial from Bourges but as a breeder she simply churned provincial winners out and is grandmother to the Geerinckx National winner ‘Nationaal’.

   The partners breeding skills are highlighted in the fact that the Geerinckx birds are now not only excellent sprinters but today also have that injection of ‘steel’ that makes them fantastic Middle to Fond (long) 700kms pigeons as highlighted by their amazing results on these longer distances.
We will take a look at some of the lofts present day ‘stars’  first of all the ‘Nationaal’ the winner of 1st National Limoges 11,869 birds and 1st Nat. Derby Limoges 6,138 birds. On the dams side ‘Nationaal’ is a grandson of ‘Chipo’ of Steveninck.

   ‘Iron Lady’ is a double Provincial winner with 1st Placings from Chateauxroux 2,611 birds and Argenton 622 birds. Even more impressive are her National results of 3rd National Argenton 5,763 birds and 2nd National La Souterraine 4,778 birds plus a stream of other fine results.

   ‘Iron Star’ is a full sister of ‘Iron Lady’ and she has won 1st Provincial Chateauroux 2,412 birds and 43rd National Bourges 22,476 birds.

   ‘National Treasure’ lived up to her name with a string of wonderful results that include 1st  Zone Chateauroux 6,149 birds, 2nd National Chateauroux 17,109 birds. 8th Provincial Argenton 1,064 birds 194th National Bourges 22,476 birds.

   ‘Primera’ is yet another superb performer for the partners and as a yearling rattled up the following results: 1st Provincial Chateauroux 3,147 birds, 185th National Bourges 17,138 birds,  35th Zone Chateauroux 8,353 birds, 120th National 22,718 birds, 52nd Melun 2,265 birds and  205th National Bourges 5,139. Truly a bird of dreams.
   The list goes on and on and most of these superb athletes are related and are bred down from the original Soontjen based birds crossed skilfully with other top performers of other breeding. The coupling of ‘Gladiator’ a predominately Soontjen bird which in 2004 as a Yearling won 3rd National Ace Bird KBDB to the affore mentioned ‘Willyke’ was a real pigeon marriage ‘made in heaven’, with many of the lofts finest birds having this ‘super couple’ in there pedigrees.

   In 2011 the Geerinckx’s have continued on their winning way despite the fact that the senior partner Luc has not been able to carry out much of the work due to illness but Bart and Jurgen have kept the ‘flag flying’ during the ‘old master’s’ absence proving their undoubted abilities with the pigeons.

  The 2011 results are :

   Montrichard Interprovincial Old Birds 3rd,5th, 14th and 23rd 3,047 birds
   Montrichard Interprovincial Yearlings 1st,2nd,3rd,20th and 44th 4,049 birds
   Argenton Provincial  3rd, 6th,22nd,27th,28th,33rd, 37th...1,213 birds
   Argenton Provincial  Yearlings 6th,11th,12th,16th,... 2,153 birds

   In total the loft took 25 prizes out of 37 Nominations an amazing figure at Provincial levels.

   Since 2009 the loft has won no less than 9 times 1st Provincial and 5 times in the first 3 places at National level to afar from favoured location absolutely brilliant flying.
Finally I asked a Belgian friend of mine if  the Geerinckx loft equalled Jos Soontjens?. He said ‘’No I think Luc is even better because Jos only raced locally in sprint races while Luc,Bart and Jurgen are winning at Antwerp Union level’’. Since this time the partners are flying sensationally in the Provincial and National races and surely proving my friend correct.