Earlier this week almost 100.000 visitors on PiPa on 1 day!

New website PiPa is an immediate success. The launch of the new website is an immediate success, the site was visited by more than 100.000 visitors yesterday 8th of June. The highest number of visitors is over 110,000 on the day when the first prognoses of Barcelona international were published.

On a regular sunday the total number of the visitors is between 20.000 en 30.000. So it is an impressive increase since the launch of the new site.

This new site is, as we have said before, just the begining, now we can start the real fine-tuning work. Dozens of bugs, extra features, structural changes should be programmed during the next months. There are 2 full time programmers working on it, and soon after the third one should join, and all we did is to provide better services for you!