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Debusschere Roger - Lokeren

All the arrows will now be directed towards 'Spain' and Barcelona…<br>Roger DEBUSSCHERE, Lokeren<br>
The 1° + 2° Golden Barcelona pigeon of the Netherlands '05-'06-'07<br>
Being the 'Etterbak' and the 'Triple Silver Barcelona'<br>
Will in that perspective reinforce the 'Royal Collection'!


In 2004 Roger Debusschere took his 'first steps' on the slippery 'Grand Distance'-ice, with success by the way… because he immediately won the 1° Nat Zone A from St.Vincent! We are now writing 4 years and a few months later… in 2008 Roger achieved in his favourite races from St.Vincent, Barcelona and Perpignan no less than 6 pigeons in the 'Top-100' National (with 5,29,34,59 Nat St.Vincent 8.393 YL , a 75° Nat Barcelona 11.484 p., a 91° Nat Perpignan 7.603 p.)… already very hopeful, for a 'grand distance'-colony that is still being built up. Still, as the saying goes: standing still means going backwards…

With this slogan at the back of his mind, Roger Debusschere keeps moving in the 'transfer market', to put it in football terms. There where the football clubs buy their 'winter bargains', or where we as 'ordinary mortals' look forward to the 'sales' in January… Roger lies in wait, to obtain reinforcements for his 'Royal Collection'! Those who know Roger, know that he is only satisfied with the absolute 'best of the best', with the very best that is available in pigeon land. That such examples are anything but 'sale bargains', what´s more… there is often an 'expensive price card' attached to these 'classy birds'… doesn´t need any further explanation… due to 'too much demand', the supply was often 'insufficient'! Roger has managed to obtain the 1° + 2° Golden Barcelona pigeon in the Netherlands in the period 2005-2007 (over 3 years Barcelona), which in addition were also the 2 best Barcelona racers at 'International' level in that same period '05-'07… in the form of the 'Etterbak' and the 'Triple Silver Barcelona'! Also this time there had to be dug deep into the pockets, the 'haute couture' of the pigeon sport has its price, and … Whatever the 'scandalmongers' may say or write, at the end of the day the money has to be put on the table…
These purchases fit in with the perspectives that Roger has in mind for the future… and that is shining in a few chosen 'extreme distance races' so as St.Vincent (later Soustons) with the yearlings, and from Barcelona and Perpignan with the old pigeons! Winning Barcelona … it is and remains a yearly bubbling 'wet dream' for every 'grand distance fanatic'! And shining from Barcelona demands real 'Barcelona pigeons', as experienced pigeon fancier Roger Debusschere knows better than anybody! That´s why for the last few seasons he has concentrated on and reinforced his 'Royal Collection'!

Let us introduce these 2 new 'top transfers' to you: The 'Triple Silver Barcelona', was the 'top sale' in the auction of the 'Fondkrant' from the late Hendriks-Debus… his father was an original Theo Ernest-cock, and… they are pigeons of iron and steel! This clapper doesn´t get it from a stranger, he won amongst other things:

The NL01-22900656 'Triple Silver Barcelona'
2° Golden Barcelona pigeon the Netherlands '05-'06-'07
2° Internat Ace pigeon Barcelona '05-'06-'07
2° Best Barcelona pigeon the Netherlands '05-'06-'07
'07 Barcelona Nat 7.520 p. 25 Intnat 25.716 p. 87
'05 Marseille Nat 3.679 p. 33 Intnat 13.936 p. 249
'06 Narbonne Nat 2.563 p. 66
'06 Barcelona Nat 6.777 p. 79 Intnat 22.887 p. 127
'07 Narbonne Nat 3.843 p. 91 Intnat 9.326 p. 220
'05 Barcelona Nat 7.491 p. 189 Intnat 25.815 p. 391

The 'Etterbak' is without doubt one of the best Barcelona racers ever in the Netherlands! Roger was successful at the auction of Vrösch-Meijers (with De Duif) in December 2008… and for the unusual sum of 33.600 € this  'classy piece' made the transfer to Lokeren. Virtually all the sons and daughters of the 'Etterbak' in this auction also came to 'the Royal Collection', so that in addition to the  'Etterbak', there are at this moment 11 direct children of this clapper residing in the breeding lofts in Lokeren! Let´s take a look at the honours list of this 'powerhouse' in more detail:

The NL02-2049323 The 'Etterbak'
1° Golden Barcelona pigeon the Netherlands '05-'06-'07
1° Internat Ace pigeon Barcelona '05-'06-'07
'08 Narbonne Nat 3.816 p. 10
'06 Barcelona Nat 6.777 p. 20 Intnat 22.887 p. 33
'05 Barcelona Nat 7.491 p. 22 Intnat 25.815 p. 50
'05 Bordeaux Nat 8.952 p. 81
'07 Barcelona Nat 7.520 p. 105 Intnat 25.716 p. 305
'05 Perpignan Nat 6.299 p. 153 etc…
And what´s more, he has also proved that as a breeder he possesses 'dominant breeding capabilities', he is already grandfather of the 5° Nat St.Vincent '08 and the 6° Nat Irun '07. He is now, together with his 11 direct children, the 'showpiece', the 'notice board' of the colony Roger Debusschere… a pigeon that opens perspectives! Roger also has enormous faith in these pigeons from Vrösch-Meijers, rightly so as it turns out! Because… In total during the last 2 seasons no less than 63 Vrösch-Meijers pigeons moved from Heerlen to Lokeren!
Clearly too many to all be put directly to breed. That´s why Roger decided that the youngsters from 2007 + 2008 from Heerlen would first be tested in the races… (with the exception of the grandchildren of the 'Etterbak' + 2 children of the '1° Intnat Barcelona 24.914 p)!
First show what they are capable of, what they have up their sleeves…  Roger thought! Because all these direct pigeons from Heerlen (NL) had a Dutch ring on their legs they firstly had to be mutated by the KBDB in Zele to the name of Roger Debusschere, before they could take part in these races…
The KBDB-rules are there to be kept to, according to Roger!
The race from St.Vincent 2008 gave confirmation to the high expectations that were made of these Vrösch-Meijers pigeons, and the enormous potential of 'Grand Distance qualities' that these pigeons possess.
The first 2 pigeons that reported back to Lokeren were, yes… 2 direct Vrösch-Meijers pigeons. The first hen that was clocked in Lokeren was the 'JANA' ring NL07-1035256, a granddaughter of the Etterbak… because she comes out the 'Son Etterbak' NL06-1419986 (which was sale 10 in the Vrösch-Meijers auction) x 'Lady Barca' NL06-1419973, who won 233° Intnat Barcelona 23.708 p. in '08 (Sale 15 in this auction).

This 'JANA' was directly good for 'Provincial victory', and also achieved the following:
St.Vincent Prov 1.581 p. 1 (917 Km)
Nat Zone A 3.233 p. 2
Nat 8.393 p. 5
Is it any wonder that Roger Debusschere brought both parents of his 'JANA' + her 4 grandparents out the auction of Vrösch-Meijers… together with the 'Etterbak' + his hen, and 8 direct children from this couple to Lokeren?


1° Prov St.Vincent 1.581 p.
5° Nat St.Vincent 8.393 p.


The parents of the 1° Provincial St.Vincent 2008
NL06-1419986 x NL06-1419973
Son Etterbak - Lady Barca


The 2° pigeon to return from St.Vincent was once again a hen from Vrösch-Meijers, named 'LUNA', ring NL07-1035201 (She comes out a cock from Klip-Verhagen 'Son Krotenkoker' NL02-1612487, and grandson 1° Nat Barcelona… x NL04-1200108).
This 'LUNA' won:
St.Vincent Prov 1.581 p. 9
Nat Zone A 3.233 p. 16
Nat 8.393 p. 29


Roger also had pigeons at position 34 and 59 National.
The 'ST.VINCENT 037/07' won 34° National and comes out the 'Theelen 929/00' x 'Daughter Blue Brouwers 218/04' (a direct H & R.Wijnands)… the 'ST.VINCENT 079/07' won 59° National and comes out the '307/03 Noël Lippens' x 'Daughter of brother 1° Nat Ace pigeon 147/05' (an Andre Vaernewijck), the line where out the 10° Nat Irun 2007 also originates! Moreover, the collective result from 'St.Vincent 1' from 2008 is something to be proud of, and gives promise for the future (read: Barcelona 2009), especially when you know that the majority of this St.Vincent-team had only seen 1 x Quiévrain as a youngster in 2007:
St-Vincent club Lokeren 286 p. 1,3,5,8,26,38,43,51,53,55,56,60,71,75,76,82,84,85,86,90 (54)
Prov 1.581 p. 1,8,10,15...
Nat Zone A 3.233 p. 2,16,19,35…
Nat. 8.383 p. 5,29,34,59,...
This St.Vincent is gradually becoming a race with a rich tradition in the lofts of Roger Debusschere, the results speak for themselves:
'04 St.Vincent: Nat Zone A 3.711 p. 1, Nat 10.624 p. 4
'07 Irun-St.Vincent: reg 335 p. 1, Both Fl. 924 p. 1,
Prov 1.118 p. 3,
Nat Zone A 3.180 p. 3,
National 8.967 p. 10
'08 St.Vincent: Prov 1.581 p. 1,
Nat Zone A 3.233 p. 2,
Nat 8.393 p. 5

Hopefully for Roger this St.Vincent-tradition will also carry on in the future in the race from Soustons (starting in 2009 the successor to the national St.Vincent). A race (with delayed liberation) that Roger doesn´t only see as a first selection of the youthful Long Distance platoon, but also as an ideal preparation for the serious work that is on the agenda as soon as they are 2 years old, namely the 'international top classic' from Barcelona! In the week of Barcelona the lofts in Lokeren are as good as empty, because nearly all the yearlings have gone to St.Vincent (Soustons) and the old pigeons to Barcelona. Above you have read about the performances of the yearlings, but also the old pigeons did very well from Barcelona and Perpignan, with the following result:
Barcelona Club 301 p. 3,6,14,16,25,26,34,38,40,44,45,47,48,56,64,65,73,74,83,92,99 (45)
Prov 2.036 p. 19,43… etc
Nat 11.484 p. 75,180,422,426… etc.
Perpignan Nat 7.603 p. 91,160,232,369 (here already the 2 first nominated in the clock)… and 11/26

The 'golden Arets hen'!
In particular the descendants of the 'breeding jewel' the 'Arets hen 691/99' seem to possess an enormous potential of racing and breeding capacities, and form an enviable change for the future! This 'super breeding hen' originates from Huub Arets from the Netherlands, and a full sister of the super crack 'Golden Boy 149/95', achieved the following honours list:
6th Nat. Dax 17.121 p in 1998
25th Nat Dax 20.349 p in 1997
30th Bergerac 1.010 p in 1997
33rd Nat St.Vincent 21.210 p in 1999
74th  Prov St.Vincent 6.640 p in 1998…
This 'Golden Boy' is amongst other things 'Grandfather' of the 1st NATIONAL ST.VINCENT 17.889 p. in 2002 and fastest of 35.756 p. by Gebr Tummers !! He also performed extremely well by Roger Debusschere. So is the 'Arets hen' amongst other things mother of the 'St.Vincent 034/03', winner 1° Nat St.Vincent Zone A 3.711 p. One of the best pigeons of the sport season 2008 was without doubt the 'Red Barcelona 071/05', which was bred from 'Brother Arets hen 324/98' x 'Sister Laudrup 542/00' (a direct Desmet-Matthijs).
As a yearling he did quite well from St.Vincent (645° Nat against 7.525 YL), and in 2007 as a 2-year old he had already won a prize per 10 from Barcelona.
In 2008 he performed as follows:
Barcelona Nat 11.484 p. 75
Perpignan Nat 7.603 p. 234
Just to give you an idea, this would have made him 19° Ace pigeon of Belgium 'Grand Distance' 2008, and 20° Ace pigeon International from Barcelona-Perpignan 2008… and is then one of the best long distance racers in 2008 from West-Europe! By the way, you can find these 'rankings' on Pipa under the sport season '08! And what about the marvellous collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons we hear you ask? The honours list of the 'Red Super Ludo 806/04' (a 100% Claessens pigeon out 'Son Red Venus 845/02' x 'Daughter Blue Moon 861/02') is sufficiently known, he won 11 x 'Top-100' Provincial or National in the 'Grand Middle Distance'… while the 'Ace pigeon' Superke Ludo 048/05' (coming out a son 'Super Ludo hen Waerniers', namely the 'Ludo 090/02' x 'Half-sister Lothar 458/01 Desmet-Matthijs) won the 'Golden Ring Long Distance Youngsters 2005' and was 2° Ace pigeon Mariman-Cerafin '05!
She won a.o:
37° Nat Vichy Zone A 3.412 p. '05
41° Nat Bourges Zone A 2.408 p. '06
43° Nat Bourges Zone A 9.042 p. '05
45° Nat St.Vincent Zone A 2.677 p. '06
54° Nat Argenton Zone A 6.570 p. '05
With this she delivered the proof of the 'all round' capacities of the Ludo Claessens-pigeons.
Roger Debusschere also noticed this and he crossed his Ludo Claessens pigeons with his 'extreme long distance pigeons' in the hope of enjoying their 'surplus' of cleverness and speed to the full… with overwhelming success, because the first 2 pigeons from Perpignan 2008 were both 'half Ludo-pigeons' in crossing with that miraculous line of the 'Arets hen', take a look:

The talented 2-year old 'The 048/06' won 91° Nat Perpignan 7.603 p. and 132° Intnat 17.624 p… and comes out 2 super breeders, namely 'Son Red Venus 845/02' (a direct L.Claessens) x 'Arets hen 691/99'! The 2° pigeon from Perpignan 'The 001/04' who won 160° Nat Perpignan 7.603 p., 2° Chateauroux and 18° Brive, comes out the 'St.Vincent 034/03' (1° Nat Zone A and 4° Nat 10.624 p… and son 'Arets hen') x 'Sister Yeti 904/03' (a direct Ludo Claessens out the 'Supercrack 69')!
His half-brother 'The 168/05' won the 5° club and 239° Nat Brive 16.007 p, and the 16° club and 442° Nat Cahors 5.894 p., and comes out the 'St.Vincent 034/03' x 'Daughter Blue Moon 861/02' (a direct L.Claessens). The youngsters 2008 of the 1° + 2° rounds were raced up to Bourges National and 60 basketted pigeons achieved 27 prizes beginning with 153, 154° National against 41.783 p… these last coming out 'Son Superke Ludo 048' x 'Arets hen 691/99', the 'golden breeding mother'! Which once again demonstrates the enormous worth of this breeding line!

All the arrows directed towards the 'Grand Distance'
Shining in the 'Grand Distance', a new vocation… a new passion… that Roger Debusschere has brought on himself, and for this he employs the following 'ideas':
The 'basic factor', say the key that allows entrance to top successes in the pigeon sport, is without doubt… a loft based on 'good pigeons', on pigeons of 'top origin'. Very simple, because in the pigeon sport there is in fact only one unwritten rule that says:
'Crack pigeons' descend from 'Crack pigeons' and '1° Prize winners' out '1° Prize winners'…
It is anchored in the genes as it were, and is passed on to the offspring! Still, not all 'long distance pigeons' are capable of shining from Barcelona… Barcelona demands 'Barcelona-blood'! The new input of the 'Diddl-line' (Diddl was 3° Nat Ace pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2004) via Gaby Demeulemeester-Zulte and Andre Vaernewijck-Waregem was a first 'direct hit' (10° Nat Irun 2007), the pigeons from Vrösch-Meijers are a real 'hit in the bull’s eye'… also the input out virtually all the toppers from Harrie & Roger Wijnands-Maastricht give good hope for the future… while the Desmet-Matthijs pigeons have repeatedly proved their class (a.o. with the 'Rood Diamantje 034/04' : 1° Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2005)!
Later the first descendants of the Florizoone-pigeons from 1° Nat Champion of Belgium 'Grand Distance' KBDB 2008: André Colbrandt… will be given their first test case!
Superior 'Extreme Long Distance-blood' with which Roger Debusschere hopes to shine in the future in the 'grand distance firmament'! If it is true that one can reap what one sows, then the future looks very hopeful for Roger, with such 'classy' Barcelona-blood under his roof! Wait and see: first appointment, Friday the 3rd of July 2009!


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