Vandewalle Marc & Franky, "2nd General Champion of Belgium 2004 and so much more"

Marc, Lucienne and Franky  Van De Walle, Zwalm

The foundations of the current loft were based on the work of Marcel Van De Walle. Through the years Marcel built up a loft that could compete with the best lofts in
Belgium. Thanks to his knowledge and many years of hard work, their loft has grown into a trustful pigeon strain. After he passed away in 2002 his sons believed their father's work was not finished yet and together with their mother Lucienne they continued with everything their father had build up.

2nd General Champion of Belgium 2004 with following results

Marseille 362nd Nat. 6,3088 (4016102/99)
Beziers 462nd Nat. 7,7856 (4016128/99)
Brive I 98th Nat 0,5032 (4016128/99)
Orange 13th Zone 0,9909 (4016102/99)
Brive II 19th Nat. 0,2552 (4112704/02)
St Vincent 254th Nat. 6,8445 (4152002/03)
Argenton 78th Zone 0,9712 (4034001/04)
La Souterraine 121st Zone 2,136 (4034001/04)

Enkele Toppers
The "Worldchampion" 4471341/96 -

- Raced 4 national flights as youngster
- 14th Semi-National Argenton 2.509th in 1997
- 22nd Nat. Dax 4.240p in 2000 and 28th Intern. 11.807d
- 32nd Nat. Dax 4.359p in 2001 and 43rd Intern. 12.176d
- 37th Nat. Dax 4.170p in 1998 and 176th Intern. 10.511d
- 57th Nat. Perpignan 6.246p in 2000 and 139th Intern. 18.426p
- 91th Nat. Cahors 11.838p in 2000
- 111th Nat. Cahors 11.090p in 1998
- 144th Nat. Dax 4.772p in 2002 and 330th Intern. 14.507d
- 147th Nat. Cahors 13.093p in 1999
- 173rd Nat. Perpignan 8.041p in 2001 and 736th Intern. 20.859p
- 326th Nat. Perpignan 5.855p in 1998 and 863rd Intern. 16.025p
- 833rd Nat. Dax 4.066p in 1999 and 1.816th Intern. 12.880p
- 990th Nat. Perpignan 7.198p in 2002 and 2.861st Intern. 18.264p
- 1.315th Nat. Cahors 9.989p in 2001
- 2.928th Nat. Bourges 21.170p in 1998
- 3.379th Nat. Bourges 24.612p in 1999

Became 9th World Champion Very Long Distance V.L.
5th Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB
4th Nationale Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2000
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2000
2nd Very long distance prize KBDB East-Flanders 2000
1st Ace Pigeon FDVV Long Distance 2000
Golden Oscar Very Long Distance 2000

"den 128" – Olympic pigeon Portugal)
His most important results:

- 10th Nat. Beziers EB 2.333p in 2003
- 18th Nat. Montauban EB 3.032p in 2003
- 21st Nat. Montauban FCW 6.901p in 2003
- 21st Nat. Beziers FCW 6.901p in 2003
- 65th Nat. Narbonne EB 3.561p in 2000
- 87th Nat. Zonaal Limoges 6.245p in 2001
- 97th Nat. Beziers EB 2.938p in 2001
- 98th Nat. Brive 19.477p in 2004
- 107th Nat. Narbonne FCW 6.929p in 2000
- 192nd Nat. Beziers FCW 6.522p in 2001
- 219th Nat. Beziers EB 2.150p in 2004
- 231st Nat. Bordeaux 7.519p in 2004
- 243rd Nat. Brive 25.352p in 2002
- 274th Nat. Limoges 8.882p in 2001
- 381st Nat. Zonal Limoges 6.076p in 2004
- 460th Nat. Beziers 5.934p in 2004
- 546th Nat. Limoges 15.940p in 2001
- 1.235th Nat. Limoges 13.502p in 2004
- 1.280th Nat. Montauban 6.711p in 2002


Won in 2003 :
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Very Long Distance Recht and Plicht Zottegem
4th Ace Pigeon Very Long Distance De Reisduif National
5th Ace Pigeon Long Distance BDS National
12th Ace Pigeon Belgium BDS National
1st Prize Francis Scafs in Beziers (les amis du grand Fond National)
Won in 2004 :
2nd Olympic Pigeon Porto - Portugal
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Very Long Distance Recht and Plicht Zottegem

The 4034001/2004
27/06/2004 Chantilly Zottegem (young p) 926 p. – 92nd
3/07/2004 Dourdan Zottegem (young p) 1.098 p. – 284th
10/07/2004 Dourdan Zottegem (young p) 1.096 p. – 248th
17/07/2004 Bourges Zottegem (young p) 626 p. – 49th
Provincial (young p) 7.275 p. – 568th
24/07/2004 Dourdan Zottegem (young p) 749 p. – 96th
31/07/2004 Bourges Zottegem (young p) 2.161p. – 66th
Provincial (young p) 12.331 p. – 516th - National (young p) 48.553 p. - 2.387th
8/08/2004 Noyon Michelbeke (young p) 607 p. – 42nd
14/08/2004 Argenton Zottegem (young p) 1.174 p. – 28th
Provincial (young p) 6.269 p. – 171st - Zone (young p) 8.031 p. – 78th
National (young p) 23.078p. - 1.442nd
29/08/2004 La Souterraine Zottegem (young p) 692 p. – 13th
Provincial (young p) 3.938 p. – 201st - Zone (young p) 5.663 p. – 121st
National (young p) 16.297 p. – 877th

4016102/99 won a.o. :
01/05/04 Dourdan Zottegem (old p) 601 p. – 126th
12/06/04 Montélimar Zottegem (old p) 151 p. – 5th
Provincial (old p) 975 p. – 30th -Zone FCW (old p) 1.440 p. – 28th
National EB (old p) 2.647 p. – 101st - National FCW (old p) 8.538 p. – 294th
03/07/04 Orange Zottegem (old p) 141 p. – 1st
Provincial (old p) 859 p. – 16th -Zone FCW (old p) 1.312 p. – 13th
National EB (old p) 2.257 p. – 54th - National FCW (old p) 7.568 p. – 191th
24/07/04 Marseille Zottegem (old) 97 p. – 10th
Provincial (old p) 513 p. – 34th -National EB (old p) 1.641 p. – 137th
National FCW (old p) 5.738 p. – 362nd -International (old p) 19.627 p. - 1.047th

4112704/02 won ao :
25/04/2004 Chantilly Zottegem (old p) 382 p. – 56th
1/05/2004 Dourdan Zottegem (old p) 601 p. – 110th
15/05/2004 Dourdan Zottegem (old p) 703 p. – 13th
22/05/2004 Vierzon Zottegem (old p) 110 p. – 153rd
Provincial (old p) 7.610 p. – 926th -Interprov. (old p) 16.724 p. - 1.289th
5/06/2004 Chateauroux Zottegem (old p) 649 p. – 5th
Provincial (old p) 4.550 p. – 24th
19/06/2004 Chateauroux Zottegem (old p) 419 p. – 19th
Provincial (old p) 3.162 p. – 139th
24/07/2004 Brive Zottegem (old p) 342 p. – 3rd
Provincial (old p) 1.875 p. – 7th -National (old p) 7.446 p. – 19th

6/09/2003 Vichy Zottegem (young p) 413 p. – 16th
Zone (young p) 4.140 p. – 121st
National (yearlings) 11.510 p. – 419th
25/04/2004 Chantilly Zottegem (yearlings) 327 p. – 83rd
2/05/2004 Chantilly Zottegem (yearlings) 244 p. – 32nd
15/05/2004 Dourdan Zottegem (yearlings) 705 p. – 202nd
26/06/2004 St-Vincent Zottegem (yearlings) 360 p. – 24th
Zottegem (hens) 47 p. – 2nd
Provinciaal (yearlings) 2.072 p. – 170th -Provincial (dv) 627 p. – 50th
Zonaal (yearlings) 3.711 p. – 254th -National (yearlings) 10.624 p. – 856th
National (hens) 3.313 p. – 274th
7/08/2004 Perpignan Zottegem (yearlings) 126 p. – 40th

The titles, that Marc and Franky are most proud of is difficult to name but the 4th National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB with his world champion in 2000 and the Olympic Pigeon 2004 with ‘den 128/99' and the 2nd General Champion Belgium 2004 are without a doubt the most important ones in the last 4 years. The winning of the Olympic Pigeon is probably the most important because this is a 2-year ranking. With the old pigeons they raced the national program and with the young pigeons of the first round the national races.

Strains and method:
The strain is mainly built with pigeons from Germain Imbrecht (Bornival), André De Vos (Zwalm), Caelen Maria (Kelmis), Van Hee G & M. (Wervik), Eric Ebo (Torhout), Louella's Pigeon World and also  pigeons from Stefaan Meremans (a Brother en Daughter of Barcelona I, together with the Narbonne) and a cock from Gyselbrecht R.& A.& C (a son of “King") and a hen from Emiel Denys.
The loft consists of 35 old pigeons, ± 30 yearlings and about 10 hens.
The widowers are raced on the classic widowhood and the hens on the nest. The yearling hens race usually up to St Vincent and Perpignan.
Because the 2nd and 3rd rounds are only being trained, the young pigeons are never judged just on their performances, next to this the pigeons have to be beautiful off course and also origin is very important. About the eyes of the pigeons they have their own opinion, they think good pigeons can have less nice eyes and that bad pigeons can have good eyes…
To introduce new pigeons in their lofts, the Vande Walle brothers will mainly look to the performances of the pigeons. Their own best racers always move to their breeding loft.
After the racing season they let the widowers breed one round of pigeons and they are coupled again around March, beginning of April and they let them breed for about 8 days. On this way they go on widowhood.
They couple the breeders earlier, at the end of November and they can raise about three rounds.
Every year they breed about 150 youngsters, they almost never do any inbreed in their loft. The breeders are all together on one loft with general breeding baskets and roosters. The other lofts are cleaned twice a day.
To feed their pigeons the brothers use simply the most known brands. They feed the old pigeons daily, this is just because in full season they have to basket pigeons almost every day. Typically, they race twice a day one hour.
The yearlings and young pigeons eat together in the same loft. All pigeons receive their water at the same time. The young pigeons get usually enough food, but they can't waist it.
The young pigeons are kept in darkness. In 2004 and they were very pleased by the result so they will probably do it again next year. They use the electronic clocking since the first day it was legal in

Before the breeding period they do a full examination of all the breeders. They do the examination of the racers before the racing season. They only use medication when it is adviced by the vet. Most of the time the pigeons do get some natural product (Kaucabam etc…)


2nd General Champion Belgium 2004
7th National champion Long Distance KBDB

Olympic Pigeon long distance with 128/99
Provincial Championships
2nd Provincial Champion Long Distance young pigeons

Local championships "Recht en Plicht" Zottegem
1st Champion Long Distance old p. 1&2
1st General King Long Distance old p. 1&2
1st Acepigeon long distance old p.(with the ‘den 128/99' was also 1st in 2003)
1st Champions Long Distance old p. & yearlings 1& 2 AJD
1st Champion Long Distance young p. 1 & 2 & 3 AJD
1st General Champion old p. & yearlings & young p. AJD
1st Memoriam Mr. De Cuyper O.
Grand slam of Belgium
2nd Ster der Juniors young p.
4th Champions League young p.
6th Champions League old p.
9th Nationale Decatlon
9th Millenium Championschip
16th Superprestige
Entente Belge
1st ‘zesdagen per lottrekking'
2nd Champion very long distance
6th ‘Criterium der Azen'
winner Tiercé Very long distance & Quarté
1st champion young p. 1&2
9th champion Very long distance old 1st nominated
14th champion long distance 1&2 old p.

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