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De Heijde Cor, "Klamper-Dynasty: Inimitable Hereditary Qualities"

A bandnumber that is etched on the memories of many fanciers the world over is NL84-1870149, now better known as ‘Inteelt Klamper’.
At the moment the owner put the band on the leg of this small bird, he could not possibly realize that 20 years later the whole of the pigeon world would know this band number.
It is now almost two decades that the spotlight has shone on the immortal ‘Inteelt Klamper’ he has passed on his tremendous hereditary qualities to generations of his descendants. Hereditary qualities which have made his descendants so desirable to fanciers the world over, looking for pigeons to race the extreme long distance races.
The ‘Inteelt Klamper’ is the world famous producer of long distance racers from Cor de Heijde at Made, in the Netherlands

The ‘Inteelt Klamper’ is a product of pure inbreeding to the glories ‘Steenbergse Fondras’ (‘Steenberg extreme long distance bred’). The mother of the ‘Inteelt Klamper’ is a daughter of the 2nd national Barcelona from Sprenkels.

It’s impossible to place all of the tremendous racers and breeders that have passed down the generations from the famous ‘Inteelt Klamper’ that has put this pigeon into the world spotlight in the pigeon sport. But some of them we have to mention. So there is among them the ‘Perpignan-doffer’, ‘St. Vincent-duif’, ‘Broer Perpignan’, ‘Barcelona-duif’, etc.

In his active career the famous ‘Perpignan-doffer’ won 7th and 59th national Perpignan, 63rd international Tarbes etc.
The ‘St. Vincent-duif’ won for instance 26th and 44th national St. Vincent. While the ‘Barcelona-duif’ (daughter ‘Inteelt Klamper’ x ‘de Weerd-duivin’) made a superior triumphant march to win 1st (and also 1st int.nat. hens), 7th and 15th national Perpignan and 21st national Barcelona.

Cor de Heijde’s line of the famous ‘Inteelt Klamper’ conquered in a short time the world of extreme long distance racing with fantastic results in the races. Not only when the speed is around 1300 mpm, but also when the pigeons have to work in the tough weather the Klamper descendants are at the fore front of the results. They do not shrink from the strong north winds, or when there is extreme heat and the speed is near 900 mpm. They are always present in such tough weather conditions like the ‘Barcelona-duif’ 1st national Perpignan and 1st international Perpignan hens.

In the year 2004 the Hens of the de Heijde ‘Inteelt Klamper’ line caught all the attention in the world famous international classic Barcelona race, winning 8 prizes from 10 hens sent to this famous race point.
The results were: 51-301-331-365-478-601-692-958. With this result they won the Trophy of Wallonie. The winner of the 51st International hens is a descendant of a son of ‘Natasja’ from Piet and Henk de Weerd x a daughter of ‘St. Vincent-duif’ x brother of ‘Barcelona-duif’.

Not only on the Barcelona races were the de Heijde pigeons on form: de Heijde also won the NPO-race Bergerac in Brabant 2000, and at the same weekend he also won 3rd national Marseille. Once more the descendants of the ‘Klamper Dynasty’ were on the basis of these pigeons.

Countless national and international lofts are at the top since the mid nineties with the long distance blood of the ‘Klamper Dynasty’ hundreds of top results within the top 250 in the national races against thousands of competitors have been won with the descendants of the world famous ‘Inteelt Klamper’.

The ‘Klamper Dynasty’ inimitable in scoring exceptional results in the world of international long distance pigeon racing. Who would not want to have such birds in their loft?