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De Lijser Rinus, Cadzand (NL)

At last!!
After just missing so many times, it has finally happened…..the 52 year-old Rinus de Lijser, together with his wife Joke, still can't believe it. Rinus has been involved with the pigeons since 1964 when he was just 10 years-old. He has achieved many fantastic results and won numerous championships, but the 1st, not to mention the 2nd prize, in a race that is always talked about in the sport of pigeon racing, although it doesn't have the prestige from bygone years, has always eluded Rinus. Up until last Saturday. After his ´´own´´ pigeon club ‘de Getrouwe duif ‘ from Cadzand where he lives, merged in 2000 with ‘de Snelvliegers' from Oostburg, Rinus took over some of the duties of the board. It is always pleasant when someone who is so involved with the association (and Rinus does a lot of things for his club), and is busy with his work, also has time, or should we say makes time, to take care of his colony of pigeons with such a passion, wins something... Enough about the fancier, now the pigeon or should we say pigeons, because 1st and 2nd is really 2 times 1st.
First the 2nd prize winner, NL-07-3714629. The previous weeks this pigeon achieved 14/1426 district 1 from Arras, from Chantilly 12/1584 district 1 and 37/8928 provincially. And now the 2nd prize from all levels from Orleans! He was actually the first pigeon home, but was clocked second… and nominated 3rd for this race. Rinus bred this pigeon himself, with on the mother's side the old breeding couple cock Wittouck-Cocquit and hen Cor Riemens (sister of the car winner), and from father's side a Houben cock borrowed from Eddie Coppens.
The 1st prize winner was entered as 24th from the 29 nominated, not really a favourite, but….he did it! This pigeon wasn't nominated because he had never won any top prizes, just 5 average prizes. The father of this pigeon is the 05 0510 659, a pigeon from father's side Marien Pieterse x Comb Bakker and mother's side Cor Riemens x Wittoeck Cocquit. Rinus thought earlier this summer that his pigeons had not flown enough top prizes, but financially (in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen they like to bet on the pigeons) it was top! Now he has no more complaints about top prizes.

The pigeons are paired around Christmas time. This year, for the first time, widowhood was applied with both cocks and hens, 20 couples. This suited Rinus and he has a hen that has flown 15 prizes this year. Until this year Rinus raced the programmed races with 18 cocks in widowhood and the overnight races with 12 nesting couples, but although he achieved good results he had to stop this style of racing due to lack of time. 50 youngsters are bred but are reduced to 40 for the races. After a few races they are separated and for the rest of the year only come together before the races. The pigeons are fed Stanley feed, the own brand from Adel, and Versele sport. In addition the necessary well-known by-products. For the last few years they are given animal protein products, as is the new recommendation.

Medical matters
In addition to the normal cure for trichomoniasis, which is followed to the letter, the pigeons receive mainly the products from Belgica de Weerd. Occasionally a product from the firm DAC is given. Something that Rinus attaches great value to are the recently placed open runs in front of the youngster's racing loft.

Dutch Open, the future
Rinus has entered the Dutch Open since it began, together with his pigeon mate Eddie Coppens. Together they achieved 4 prizes in the finals with 6 pigeons entered in the 2 Dutch Opens. They have done well again this year, with great results from the first races, namely the 17th and 39th. They are waiting with anticipation for the 5th of September; they will most certainly be there!! Photos NL-07-3714629 NL-07-3714642