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Auction weekend raises 445,900 euro, Mike Ganus (US) 5,133 euro/bird, Joël Verschoot (BE) 3,444 euro/bird, Batenburg- Van De Merwe (NL) 3,442 euro/bird

The following auctions came to a close on Sunday 10th of May: T&J Elzinga, Joël Verschoot, Wout Spierings, Franz-Josef Irmer, Verweij-De Haan, Mike Ganus & Batenburg-van de Merwe.

T&J Elzinga (NL) - 13 pigeons - 2,104 euro/bird
The auction weekend kicked off with a fantastic collection of T&J Elzinga. Most of you will be familiar with this father and son combination thanks to their Esmee. It was thanks to his hen that they created a solid foundation for years to come. And a joint breeding with Jan Hooymans (Harry x Esmee) proved the finishing touch. One of their descendants played an important role in this auction: Prince Esmee, winner of a prestigious double in the NPO competitions from Sens en Morlincourt. The most expensive pigeon of this auction was in fact a full brother of Prince Esmee; this blue coloured cock moves to Singapore for 6,800 euro. He and the other 12 birds involved in this auction were sold for 27,350 euro overall, to fanciers from Taiwan (5), Germany (2), Kuwait (2), Singapore (2), Italy (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Joël Verschoot (BE) - 18 pigeons - 3,444 euro/bird
We had a fantastic Armando Special on offer on PIPA, including inbred youngsters to Armando, youngsters of Armando crossbred to youngsters of Contador, and other exceptional offerings. Fanciers were jostling to try and obtain a special pigeon in this auction, which had an excellent average sale price of 3,444 euro/bird and an overall revenue of 62,000 euro. Not one but three different pigeons received a highest winning bid of 5,000 euro: two double grandchildren of Armando and a son Armando x daughter Contador. The 18 pigeons were spread across Belgium (5), Poland (4), Germany (2), the United States (2), Austria (1), Canada (1), China (1), Turkey (1) and Taiwan (1).

Wout Spierings (NL) - 82 pigeons - 1,584 euro/bird
Wout Spierings's comeback could not take place so he opted to host a total sale instead. This was the final chance for fanciers to obtain a pigeon from the fancier from Waalwijk. It was an auction packed with pigeons from his renowned Prince bloodline, alongside pigeons of Jan Hooymans. The biggest name in this auction was a son of New Harry paired to Olympic Cape. This cock goes to Kuwait for 9,000 euro, which adds to a total revenue of 129,850 euro. The pigeons will be moving to Taiwan (21), The Netherlands (20), China (7), Belgium (7), Kuwait (5), Great Britain (4), France (4), Egypt (2), the United Arab Emirates (1), the Czech Republic (1) and India (1).

Franz-Josef Irmer (DE) - 11 pigeons - 2,436 euro/bird
Frans-Josef put together some of his best van den Bulck breeders, and these were sold in a top class auction. Many of these pigeons are closely related to such renowned bloodlines as Kittel, Broer Goede Rode, 40000, Olympic Rosita and others. The highlight of this auction, which had an average sale price of 2,436 euro/bird, came this afternoon. The most wanted bird was a red coloured hen inbred to Kittel. She goes to a Polish fancier for 4,000 euro. The 11 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Poland (4), China (2), Taiwan (2), Qatar (1), Romania (1) and the United States (1).

Verweij-De Haan (NL) - 8 pigeons - 2,863 euro/bird
The legendary Milos is now 18 years old. This auction was another opportunity to obtain descendants from the bloodlines that helped Michel and Peter write their success story. And with Red Rose being the dam of this invaluable hen, it goes without saying that this bird was the star of the show. She was sold to a Taiwanese fancier for an impressive 8,200 euro. The other pigeons are moving to Taiwan (3), Belgium (1), France (1), The Netherlands (1) and the Philippines (1).

Mike Ganus (USA) - 9 pigeons - 5,133 euro/bird
Mike Ganus is often associated to Sun City. This superstar was the sire of not one but two Million Dollar Race winners. This is unprecedented, a pigeon with such an incredible legacy! And Mike and PIPA put together a rather spectacular auction. Mike, who is very serious about every aspect of pigeon racing, sold nine fabulous youngsters of Sun City for 5,111 euro/bird on average. And the crossing of Sun City x Mix received particular attention. Their youngsters were sold for 9,200 euro and 6,200 euro to fanciers from the United States and Qatar. The other birds went to Qatar (3), Kuwait (2), Iraq (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Batenburg- Van De Merwe (NL) - 38 pigeons - 3,442 euro/bird
This auction of Hugo and Anita got quite a bit of attention. Sale 1 was a direct son of New Laureaat, a beautiful whitepen cock with white specks around his head, which he probably got from his dam. She is in turn a daughter of Special One x Kleine Jade. This is a fantastic bird, and he was destined to become the most wanted pigeon of the lot. A Dutch fancier had clearly set his mind on this bird; he will be adding him to his collection soon. One of his sisters was a close second; she was sold for 12,000 euro to a fellow Dutchman. And we had several other descendants of national winners, ace pigeons and other birds on offer, resulting in 103,800 euro worth of overall revenue. The buyers come from Taiwan (10), The Netherlands (8), Belgium (7), China (3), Great Britain (2), Japan (2), Slovakia (2), Germany (1), France (1) and Romania (1).