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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) has 1st Golden Crack marathon pigeon 2019 FZN (Fondclub Zuid-Nederland) in his ranks with NL16-3621473

The 4th and 11th national from Dax (9,057 p.) and Barcelona (4,129 p.) respectively are just a few of the many highlights from 2019. In addition, racing bird 473 made quite an appearance this season, winning three national top results, both in the morning and afternoon releases.

Cor de Heijde has had another very successful season indeed, with some excellent results plus a number of ace pigeon and championship titles. The achievements of racing bird NL16-3621473 were particularly noteworthy. We will talk in more detail about this 473 in a moment but we start with a round-up of their 2019 season:

 4th National Dax         9,057 p.    (NL17-3731019, De Dax Doffer)
 1st Golden Crack Marathon races FZN  (NL16-3621473, Gouden Crack)
 1st Golden Marathon Champion FZN
 1st Ace Pigeon FBZ                   (NL16-3621473, Gouden Crack)
 3rd General FBZ
11th Nationaal Barcelona   4,129 p.   (NL15-3516018, Smaragd)
15th Nationaal St. Vincent 2,696 p.   (NL16-3621473, Gouden Crack)
18th Nationaal Agen        5,214 p.   (NL17-3731097)
Zone prize Barcelona Cureghem Centre Zone 1160-1185 km

NL16-3621473, 1st Golden Crack Marathon 2019

This fantastic racing cock won a title of 1st Golden Crack Marathon 2019 in the 'Zuid Nederland' long distance club (Prov. Zeeland, Brabant 2000 and East Brabant). And he was also 1st Ace Pigeon FBZ (Vriendenclub voor de Fond Flakkee Brabant en Zeeland - a long distance club). We saw some excellent results from this 473 both in the morning and afternoon releases; let's take a look:

28th Nat. Perigieux   2018 4,921 p. (afternoon release)
15th Nat. St. Vincent 2019 2,696 p. (morning release)
75th Nat. St. Vincent 2019 5,451 p. (afternoon release)
84th Nat. Perpignan   2019 4,283 p. (morning release)
 1st Golden Crack Marathon FZN 2019
 1st Ace Pigeon FNZ 2019

And the 473 did not come out of nowhere: he does have some impressive origins. The dam of the 473 is a granddaughter of super class breeder Don Michel through both her parents, which means two of his four grandparents are youngsters of Don Michel. This Don Michel was paired for instance to Lady Future (Jan Hooymans), which is a full sister of his famous Harry. The sire of the 473 on the other hand is a son of Grijsje 500, a renowned marathon bird. Click here for the fantastic pedigree of the 473.

Grijsje 500, grandmother of the 473

All revenue donated to a unique project

A number of Cor's pigeons will soon be sold on PIPA, and the revenue of this auction will be donated entirely to a unique project. It shows that Cor is committed to alleviating different social problems. As a result of his commitment, Cor was awarded as Knight of the order of Orange-Nassau by his Majesty King Willem Alexander in 2016. He was awarded this title for his valued contribution towards a host of social projects.