Patrick Lenaerts (Rummen): 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance with Queen of Prime

Patrick Lenaerts gained prominence as a pigeon fancier for the first time in 2017, when he won a 1st National Tulle of 8020 pigeons. And he continued to win great results in the wake of his national victory; the next highlight in Patrick's career was a coveted title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2019 with top class hen Queen of Prime.


Patrick specialises in the cladding of concrete stairs, and he knows you have to work with good quality materials if you strive for the perfect end result. Lower quality materials will never give the same result, no matter how much effort you put into it. And Patrick adopts a similar approach in pigeon racing: the first step is to try and find top quality bloodlines. The next step is to aim for victories and top results. He obtained good quality bloodlines of fellow fancier Davy Tournelle's world famous Tiësto bloodline, the Vanoppen-Luyten combination (Herk-de-Stad), Jozef Claeskens (Hasselt), Georges Hayen (St. Truiden) and Roger Berckmans (Kortenberg). A crossing of a cock of Roger Berckmans (Rocky Primo - see pedigree) and a hen of Vanoppen - Luyten (Daughter Nevina - see pedigree) quickly led to a first stellar result: a 1st National Tulle with Primo (BE15-2040698).

No fussing about

"Our team consists of 35 breeding pairs that breed 150 youngsters. I start the season with 40 widowers and 35 hens", Patrick explains. The hens are raced in widowhood, and that goes quite well. "A basic pigeon loft with sections and rollers on the floor prevents a lot of problems", Patrick says, laughing. "They also have plenty of time to spend with their partner after a race, which helps maintain a strong connection. I have a fairly straightforward approach, he says. "I have a demanding job, so things have to go fast. We have a few shorter training flights, followed by 2 x Momignies, 2 x Soissons, and then we proceed to the middle distance." Only raced three hens were racing in the shorter middle distance, including superstar Queen of Prime, which did really well indeed. Queen of Prime (BE17-2057743) was in fact highly successful, winning a 1st Chevrainvilliers of 2087 pigeons, a 2nd Etampes of 4168 pigeons, a 3rd Fay-aux-Loges of 2604 pigeons, a 1st of Chevrainvilliers of 657 pigeons and a 5th Etampes of 615 pigeons. This racing hen has won 22 first prizes, 12 second prizes and an impressive 49 prizes per ten across her racing career, resulting in a title of 2nd All Round Flemish Brabant, 1st All Round Flemish Brabant, 12th Olympiad Pigeon category C All Round and 1st national ace pigeon KBDB middle distance.

A proud Queen of Prime with an extensive palmares (see palmares)

Prime Time...

As is often the case in renowned pigeon lofts, the greatest stars tend to originate from one specific breeding pair: a cock and hen that are seemingly meant for each other, and whose unique match gives them an edge over other breeding pairs. Patrick Lenaerts too can rely on a highly successful breeding pair, with Mister Prime (BE12-5157477) and Miss Prime (BE12-2069750). Mister Prime is a son of Young Diamond and Beauty Kannibaal of the Vanoppen - Luyten combination (see pedigree), whereas Miss Prime originates from As Junior x daughter Tiësto of Davy Tournelle (click here for the pedigree). These top class bloodlines have found each other, and their influence has been tremendous!

Miss and Mister Prime...

These two breeding birds are not only the grandparents of Queen of Prime; they are also the parents of:

Prime Princess (BE16-2115356):

15th nat. Argenton of 22712 pigeons
6th Soissons of 960 pigeons
15th Momignies of 322 pigeons
9th Melun of 315 pigeons
64th prov Blois of 2953 pigeons
7th Laon of 504 pigeons
94th prov. Bourges of 1012 pigeons
106th nat. Argenton of 5782 pigeons
27th Soissons of 490 pigeons
208th Chateauroux zone B2 of 6276 pigeons

Gusti Prime (BE16-2115302):

3th Melun of 235 pigeons
7th Melun of 601 pigeons
9th Momignies of 322 pigeons
10th Chevrainvilliers tegen 379 pigeons
23rd Soissons of 944 pigeons
31st Chevrainvilliers of 1017 pigeons
33rd Soissons of 597 pigeons

Top Prime (BE14-2188345), 

3rd Sourdun of 347 pigeons
27th Soissons of 868 pigeons
42nd nat. Bourges of 21522 pigeons
47th nat. Chateauroux of 18658 pigeons
130th nat. Montlucon of 16982 pigeons
441st nat. Chateauroux of 25710 pigeons

As such, Top Prime was 3rd in the PIPA ranking (3 races) in 2015, as well as 17th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance.

70 but preferably 75 percent

"We cannot ignore the fact that you always breed more untalented than talented pigeons", Patrick admits. "You always have to set a high bar when selecting your pigeons. I adopt a 70% principle, and preferably a 75% principle. This means that of our 40 widowers and 35 hens, around 12 pigeons will earn their spot in the team. If you combine a high prize percentage with high expectations, you will inevitably end up with your very best birds", Patrick says with a wink.