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Auctions end at 665,000 EURO - Rudy van Reeth 4,788 EURO / pigeon - Jan Hooymans 5,100 EURO / pigeon

The auction season at PIPA runs from mid-August to the end of June. Week in, week out, exceptional auction results are achieved, 40 weeks in a year. The auction weekends ended on average at more than 500,000 EURO in recent weeks. Last week the total was 667,000 EURO, this weekend 665,400 EURO. Below a report per auction.

Jef & Wim Struyfs - 8 pigeons - 1,088 EURO / pigeon
A small but beautiful collection of Verweij De Haan pigeons came to this auction. The most expensive was a daughter Milos, who goes to Belgium for 2,600 EURO. A son Milos goes to France for 2,200 EURO. The 8 pigeons raised 8,700 EURO and go to the United Kingdom (3), Belgium (1), France (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Spain (1) and Japan (1).

Mark Gilbert - 12 pigeons - 1,692 EURO / pigeon
The most famous fancier in England exclusively sells his pigeons via PIPA. His status has grown enormously in recent years and there was also worldwide interest in this 12 youngsters. The 12 youngsters brought 20,300 EURO with the most expensive youngster, a child of Mark Gilbert his famous Southfield Hugo, double national winner Perpignan / Barcelona, ​​goes to China for 4,600 EURO. The 12 youngsters spread to Taiwan (7), United Kingdom (2), China (1), Trinidad & Tobago (1), the Netherlands (1).

Leo & Gerry Dockx - 13 pigeons - 954 EURO / pigeon
Father & son Dockx are owners of a unique Gaston from the Wouwer collection, along with the 1st national ace pigeon Tarzan, a pure Rik Cools pigeon. The most expensive youngster in this auction was a Tarzan child who goes to Taiwan for 2,300 EURO. The 13 youngsters were sold for 12,400 EURO to China (5), Japan (5), Taiwan (2), Poland (1).

Jan Hooymans - 24 pigeons - 5,129 EURO / pigeon
Jan Hooymans' Harry train keeps going on. More than 10 years after the performance of Harry, the Hooymans pigeon has grown into one of the most coveted breeds in the world. In this auction, a 4-year-old son of Harry as an eye-catcher in addition to the special collection of youngsters. This son Harry became the most expensive and goes to China for 21,500 EURO. The 24 pigeons raised no less than 123,100 EURO and go to China (15), Taiwan (6), Belgium (2), United Arab Emirates (1).

Adrien Mirabelle - 9 pigeons - 1,178 EURO / pigeon
One of the talents of the new generation: Adrien Mirabelle. Winner of no less than 10 different national ace pigeons KBDB over the last 5 years. His 9 pigeons raised 10,600 EURO together with the most expensive going to the USA for 2,300 EURO, a child of top pigeon Divock. The buyers come from Belgium (7), USA (1) and the Czech Republic (1).

Rudy Van Reeth - 68 pigeons - 4,788 EURO / pigeon
In this auction of sprint icon Rudy Van Reeth all his old pigeons were sold. An exceptional average of 4,788 EURO was achieved for 68 pigeons, a total of 325,550 EURO. The most expensive one was a top breeder from Broer Goede Rode X Olympic Rosita, at 25,000 EURO, sold to Belgium. Rudy's pigeons were distributed to the following countries: China (19), Belgium (14), Kuwait (7), United Kingdom (5), Hungary (5), Germany (4), Romania (4), Poland (4) , The Netherlands (2), Thailand (2), Taiwan (1), USA (1).

Hardy Kruger - 11 pigeons - 2,436 EURO / pigeon
One of the real toppers at One Loft Races and also in Germany is Hardy Kruger. For many years he has been offering his pigeons exclusively through PIPA, with a great result of 26,800 EURO for 11 young pigeons in this auction. The most expensive was sale 1, a daughter of Black Pearl, who goes to the Netherlands for 5,000 EURO. Second most expensive was a grandson Black Power who goes to China for 4,200 EURO. Buyers are from China (3), USA (2), United Arab Emirates (1), Belgium (1), Czech Republic (1), Germany (1), Iraq (1), the Netherlands (1).

Tom Van Gaver - 12 pigeons - 2,025 EURO / pigeon
Tom Van Gaver is another young talent in the Belgian pigeon sport. He brought a very special group of youngsters, specially bred for PIPA, from the very best. He achieved a beautiful average of more than 2,000 EURO for 12 young pigeons, a total of 24,300 EURO. The most expensive youngster was lot 1, a son Ricky who stays in Belgium for 3,600 EURO. Second and third most expensive are 2 youngsters from 2,900 EURO each, who both go to China, one is a child Ricky, the other a full brother of top pigeon Finn. The 12 youngsters go to Belgium (7), China (2), Canada (1), the Netherlands (1), USA (1).

Joel Verschoot - 16 pigeons - 2,931 EURO / pigeon
The very first time that Joël again organized a young bird auction after his record auction in March. In this auction, a few children from the toppers that were previously sold in March, and some grandchildren Armando. The most expensive was a Contador child who goes to Taiwan for 6,800 EURO. Second most expensive was a grandchild Armando, who goes to China for 4,600 EURO. Another grandchild Armando also goes to China for 4,400 EURO. The 16 youngsters brought together 46,900 EURO and spread to Taiwan (6), China (3), Romania (2), Pakistan (2), Belgium (2), Japan (1).

Mike Ganus - 16 pigeons - 3,606 EURO / pigeon
A loyal face at the PIPA auctions for several years. Also this time he brought the very best from his loft. In addition, the 2 most expensive pigeons go to Germany, a son Wolverine was sold for 8,400 EURO, a child Sun City was auctioned for 7,000 EURO. The 16 pigeons raised 57,700 EURO and go to Germany (5), Kuwait (3), USA (3), Morocco (2), China (1), Ireland (1), United Kingdom (1).

Ken Easley - 9 pigeons - 1,006 EURO / pigeon
The last auction of the day was the 9 youngsters from One Loft Race topper Ken Easley. Most expensive youngster goes Kuwait for 1,400 EURO, this was a half-sister of BB8, 1st Knockout winner SAMDPR and 5th in the 2019 final. The 9 youngsters raised 9,050 EURO and the buyers are from Kuwait (2), Belgium (1), Germany ( 1), the Netherlands (1), Romania (1), Turkey (1) and USA (1).