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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) excels and lets others excel in international extreme long distance races

Cor de Heijde was again a main contender in the 2019 extreme long distance competition. And you can tell from the many references that the Klamper family is still one of the dominant breeds in the international long distance.

Cor de Heijde (Made, NL)

Achievements at home

Cor de Heijde was once again very successful in the 2019 marathon season. We already discussed his semi-national first prize from Dax in an earlier PIPA report, which you can find here. And that was not the only major result for Cor in 2019; we take you through his best achievements this year:

1st   National Dax Sector 1 Rayon A of 1819 p. (4th National of 9057 p.)
1st   Golden Crack Marathon races Long Distance club South Holland
1st   Golden Marathon Champion Long Distance club South Holland
1st   Ace Pigeon FBZ (NL16-3621473 Gouden Crack 473)
3rd   General FBZ
11th  National ZLU Barcelona of 4129 p. (NL15-3516018 Smaragd)
15th  National ZLU St. Vincent of 2696 p. (NL16-3621473 Gouden Crack 473)
18th  National ZLU Agen (old birds) of 5214 p. (NL17-3731097)
Zonal prize Barcelona Cureghem Centre Zone 4 1160-1185 km.

Jonge Don Michel is invaluable to this team

NL08-3818593 Jonge Don Michel

A notable descendant of the Klamper breed is NL08-3818593 Jonge Don Michel, who clearly left his mark on the marathon competition. This cock excelled as a racing bird, winning a 17th National Perpignan of 4978 p. and a 1st Ace Pigeon title Barcelona ZLU for 2011-2013. And his breeding potential is truly something else. He is the sire of:

Blue Dream;   1st International Barcelona hens
              2nd National Barcelona
Diamantje;    4th National Barcelona
Smaragd;     10th National  Perigueux (sector I) (click here for the pedigree)
             11th National Barcelona
Agen hen;   18th National Agen Olds

NL15-3516018 Smaragd (daughter of Jonge Don Michel) wins an 11th National Barcelona 2019 of 4129 p.

In Don Michel's slipstream

This Jonge Don Michel has followed in the footsteps of his sire and namesake NL96-9659671 Don Michel. This is a grandson of Klamper, and he has a 17th and 21st National Perpignan to his name. As a breeder, he proved particularly important in the further development of cor de Heijde's pigeon family. In fact, the best results of 2019 were all won by pigeons that were bred from Don Michel's youngsters and grandchildren.

NL16-3621473 Gouden Crack 473, 1st Golden Crack Marathon races long distance club South Holland

Gouden Crack 473

And it was racing bird NL16-3621473 Gouden Crack 473 that claimed the title of 1st Golden Crack Marathon races in Fondclub Zuid-Nederland (long distance club South Holland). He won this title based on the following results:

9th   Province 2   St. Vincent     of 1560 p.
15th  National     St. Vincent ZLU of 2696 p.
84th  National     Perpignan ZLU   of 4283 p.

The dam of Gouden Crack 473 is a granddaughter of Don Michel through both her parents. For the pedigree of Gouden Crack 473, click here.

NL17-3731019 Dax doffer (Grandson Don Michel), a 4th National Dax 9057 p.

Dax doffer wins a 4th national Dax

NL17-3731019 Dax doffer won a first prize in the national race from Dax (Sector I Rayon A) of 1819 pigeons in 2019, and he had no more than three birds ahead of him in the national results, hence his 4th National of 9057 p. This Dax Doffer is a grandson and a great-grandson of Don Michel. Click here for an extensive pedigree.

Long list of references including (inter)national ace pigeons Barcelona

Cor has a long list of impressive references for 2019, as we have come to expect from him. We were particularly surprised by the high number of top prize winners and ace pigeons from Barcelona with Klamper origins. We have picked a few:

S & A Deckers     (Meers Elsloo,NL)  2nd National Golden Barcelona pigeon 2019 – 3 years
                                    10th National Barcelona 2019 of 4129 p. 
Raf Stijnen       (Geel,BE)          1st International Barcelona hens of 5090 p.
                                     2nd International Barcelona 2019 of 15981 p.
Gerard Schalkwijk (Lopik,NL)         1st National Golden Barcelona pigeon ZLU 2019 – 3 years
                                     1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2017-2019
Frans Bungeneers  (Ranst,BE)         1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2016 – 2017
                                     1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015 – 2017
H & P & G de Lau  (Eersel, NL)       1st Barcelona province 3 East-Brabant

And the Cor de Heijde pigeons have been great in other races as well. They had several references from rising star Frank Zwiers (Terheijden, NL), whose best hen NL17-3723185 Aurora (5th NPO St. Vincent Prov. 2 of 1560 p. and 11th National St. Vincent ZLU of 2696 p.) is a 50% Cor de Heijde. For an overview of his best references from 2019, click here.

Reference BE11-6047958 Elena of Frans Bungeneers, Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 3 years (2015 - 2017) speaks to the imagionation.

Generation after generation

Pigeons that are blessed with Klamper origins of Cor de Heijde have shown their potential generation after generation. Cor has nothing to worry about thanks to his Don Michel and Jonge Don Michel descendants, among others.