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Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) takes top spot in the ZLU in 2019 with (grand)children of Romee and Kleine Jade

Jelle Jellema was once again outstanding in 2019. This January, Jelle will take the top spot in both the Pyrenees Cup and the Super Prestige, which are part of the ZLU competition.

Jelle Jellema and his family were once again outstanding in the extreme long distance in 2019.

Top 100 National/NPO

Jelle was able to finish in the top-100 in every single extreme long distance race of 2019 that was hosted by the ZLU or the NPO. And with a 3rd National Barcelona, a 6th National Narbonne and a 6th and 7th NPO Perigueux to his name, Jelle was close to claiming another coveted victory as well. Click here for an impressive overview of his 38 top 100 prizes at national level/NPO level in 2019. Needless to say, his many top results have led to a number of important championship titles as well. Jelle claims the following titles in the 2019 ZLU championships:

1st Pyrenees Cup
1st Super Prestige 
2nd Western European Super Marathon Champion
2nd Long distance champion 
3rd Emperor extreme long distance

(Grand)children of Romee and Kleine Jade make the difference

Jelle has two former champions in his collection with NL10-1221795 Romee (winner of Olympiad gold in the marathon category at the Budapest Olympiad) and NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade (winner of a 1st International Barcelona 2014 over 1258km). And these two racing birds have pushed the breeding team to new heights as well: they developed into two invaluable breeders. The youngsters and grandchildren of both Romee and Kleine Jade have played a fundamental role in Jelle's highly successful 2019 season.

Kleine Jade  

Kleine Jade, 1st international Barcelona 2014

Almost all of Kleine Jade's youngsters are transferred to the breeding loft right away. In 2018, her daughter Joyce, one of the few youngsters that was allowed to race, claimed an 8th National Agen. And she added two more top prizes to her palmares the following season, with an 80th National Pau and a 125th National Perpignan in 2019.

Kleine Jade x New Laureaat

Kleine Jade was involved in a joint breeding project with BE08-2222675 New Laureaat, the international winner of Barcelona 2013 of 25,382 p. (owned by PEC/Batenburg - v.d. Merwe). And the results are phenomenal; several grandchildren of this fantastic pair have been terrific in 2019:

NL17-1732249 Yinthe (MG430 x New Jade 7) - Check her pedigree here

14th National Pau 3785 p. 1125 km.

Yinthe wins a 30th National Agen etc. in 2018

NL17-1732444 Qian (New Jade 1 x daughter Orion\Silvie) - Click here for Qian's pedigree

6th  NPO Perigieux 2644 p. 903 km.
12th NPO Limoges   1418 p. 811 km.

NL17-1732444 Qian, after his arrival from Limoges, where he claimed a 12th NPO of 1418 p.

NL16-1163513 MG 513 (MG430 x New Jade 7) - Pedigree of MG 513

22nd  National Marseille   2735 p. 1009 km.
143rd National Pau         3785 p. 1125 km.

NL17-1732414 Ming Mei (son Orion x New Jade 6) - Pedigree of Ming Mei

48th  National Marseille   2735 p. 1009 km.
210th National Pau         3785 p. 1125 km.

NL15-1320974 Steffie (New Jade 1 x daughter Orion\Silvie) - Pedigree of Steffi

34th  National Perpignan   4283 p. 1114 km.
100th National St. Vincent 2696 p. 1125 km.

NL15-1320974 Steffie, shortly after her arrival from St. Vincent (100th National/2696 p.)


NL10-1221795 Romee, 1st Olympiad cat. Marathon Boedapest

Jelle put some of the best descendants of NL10-1221795 Romee to good use in 2019. One of them was Romee's three year old daughter NL16-1163446 Romy, which proved particularly suited for more demanding races: she claimed a 29th National Perpignan in 2018. And Romy did even better in 2019:

3rd   National      Barcelona        4129 p. 1268 km.
5th   International Barcelona hens   5104 p.
9th   International Barcelona       15981 p.
181st National      Perpignan        4283 p. 1114 km.

NL16-1163446 Romy, 3rd national Barcelona '19 (a daughter of Romee x Special One)

Romy is a daughter of Romee x Special One. And Special One claimed a 1st International Barcelona of 19,083 pigeons in 2015, before being obtained by the PEC/Batenburg-van de Merwe. For an extensive pedigree of Romy, click here.

Rosalie in the dusk

And let's not forget NL17-1732422 Rosalie, with which Jelle claimed another top ten prize (6th National) in the national classic from Narbonne. Rosalie was clocked in the early morning (4:59am), after covering 1055km. For the pedigree of Rosalie (grandchild New Laureaat x Romee), click here.

Marseille special

The achievements of Jelle Jellema in 2019 are nothing short of impressive, as we have come to expect from him. These pigeons tend to arrive home from a race in quick succession. In Marseille, some of Jelle's pigeons were able to cover the 1000km back to Nijverdal on the day of the release, and you can tell from their times of arrival that these Jellema pigeons are quite strong indeed: 9:19, 9:36 and 9:55 in the evening. We congratulate Jelle on another fantastic season with several new championship titles.