Chris Debacker (Beveren Leie, BE) is omnipresent in the KBDB ace pigeon championships

Middle distance specialist Chris Debacker had a fantastic season of racing again in 2019, claiming several ace pigeon titles in the national ace pigeon championships KBDB along the way.

Chris Debacker and his wife Ingrid in the afterglow of a fantastic racing season

When the names of the championship and ace pigeon titles are revealed at the end of the season, there is no going around Chris Debacker. He is of course very successful in his own loft but we have seen many other fanciers perform great thanks to his bloodlines as well. 2019 was no different, as you can tell from the championship titles KBDB, where the racing birds of Chris Debacker stand out both at provincial and national level. Chris owes a lot to his fantastic stock breeder Nick (BE04-3238525). This exceptionally gifted breeding bird is responsible for quite a few descendants that have excelled in several lofts. Having such a talented breeding bird in your collection is something which this ambitious fancier is very pleased about of course.

References set the benchmark

Beides his own titles in the prestigious KBDB championships, we saw many other fanciers claim a title with the help of the Chris Debacker pigeon breed. It was remarkble to see fellow fancier Rik Cools from Ruiselede claim a title of 1st Provincial Champion this season, with a fantastic racing bird straight from the loft of Debacker from Beveren-Leie. That same pigeon was also 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance young birds. This bird, Elodie Ace (BE19-3029408), claimed the following prizes for Team Cools:

Chateaudun : 2 /   933 p.
Chateaudun : 1 /   987 p.
Fontenay   : 7 / 1,059 p.
Chateaudun : 8 / 2,843 p.

The pedigree of Elodie Ace can be found here.

And the loft of Vermeersch-Depraetere from Zwevegem bred another national prize winner from this breed, with a 14th national ace pigeon KBDB in the longer middle distance young birds. Racing bird Tikkel (BE19-3071277) claimed this title based on the following results in important races:

Chateauroux :   4 /  4,978 p. provincial   
Argenton    : 438 / 23,258 p. national
Chateauroux :  46 /  3,608 p. provincial

Both the sire and dam of Tikkel stem from Chris Debacker, and he is of course related to number one stock breeder Nick as well.

Click here for the pedigree of Tikkel

Tikkel: a 100 % Debacker

The achievements of the incredible 'Bonte Crack' are of course still fresh in our memories; he became the 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance for Anthony Maes from Waregem. This pigeon too is related to stock breeder Nick. (you can tell from his pedigree). It goes without saying that stock breeder Nick has bred quite a number of very gifted birds over the years. Meanwhile, neighbouring fanciers Roger & Jurgen Vervaeke from Deerlijk won a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance last year, with a breed partly based on the Debacker breed. Chris's pigeon loft is packed with gifted birds, which have claimed a long series of provincial victories, national first prizes, provincial championship titles and national awards in the championships KBDB over the years. What makes this pigeon family even more impressive, is the fact that they have been very successful in other lofts as well. (For an overview of their latest references, click here).

And Chris does not hesitate to invest in new blood, or to get involved in a joint breeding with other champions either. He is always looking for new ways to further strengthen his team. Such bloodlines as VandenabeeleVerschootDeprezCoolsVanhoutte and others have been introduced and put to the test by Chris Debacker. And many other fanciers are now benefitting from the many talented bloodlines from Beveren-Leie.

Getting even better results at home than in 2018? A difficult task

Like many of our sport's great stars, Chris not only claimed several provicincial victories but also a coveted national win: a 1st National Gueret with Cilleke (BE17-3048323).

Cilleke : 1st National Gueret

In the wake of this prestigious win, we saw Dynamite Dana (BE18-3035227) become almost unbeatable. This fantastic hen claimed five consecutive first prizes, resulting in a title of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon with a record coefficient of just 0.85% over 5 races. This was yet another ace pigeon title that team Debacker got to add to their palmares.

Dynamite Dana: 0.85% for 5 races

And then came the 2019 season

With so many highlights in 2018, many were curious to see what the 2019 season could bring. But Chris was very confident in his team, and his pigeon did not disappoint. He finishes in second place in the provincial championships KBDB middle distance, right behind Elody Ace of Rik Cools (in other words, he was beaten by a pigeon that he bred himself!). He did take the win in the All-round category young birds with a gold and silver medal, besides many other honorable mentions, making 2019 another truly exceptional season. Among the team's best performing birds are Super Nicky (BE19-3029573) and Nicky Boy (BE19-3029422), which became 5th and 6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB in the shorter middle distance. And you can tell from their names that they both stem from a highly talented stock breeder. Super Nicky became 5th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB, as well as 1st Ace Pigeon KBDB All-round, based on the following palmares:

Chateaudun :  2 /  1,923 p.  prov.
Chateaudun : 17 /  2,843 p.  prov.
Pontoise   : 11 / 17,443 p.  prov.
Blois      : 36 /  3,898 p.  prov.
Chateaudun : 12 /  7,622 p.  prov.
Fontenay   :  1 /    155 p.  club. 
Click here for all the results of Super Nicky.

Super Nicky: 5th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance and 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon All-Round 2019

Nicky Boy did almost just as well; he was 6th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB and 2nd provincial in the following ace pigeon championships KBDB:

Chateaudun :  15 /  1,923 p.  prov.
Chateaudun :  10 /  2,843 p.  prov.
Pontoise   : 189 / 17,443 p.  prov.
Blois      :  57 /  3,501 p.  prov.
Chateaudun :  11 /  7,170 p.  prov.
Fontenay   :  28 /  7,114 p.  prov.
Click here for the full list of achievements of Nicky Boy.

Nicky Boy: 6th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance and 2nd provincial ace pigeon All-Round 2019

This champion was only beaten by his own teammate in the provincial championships West Flanders. This means Chris has both the best hen and the best all-round cock of the province in his collection. And let's not forget that these two pigeons are just a few of the many talented birds that have helped Chris Debacker become one of the leading names at national level. The pedigrees of Nicky Boy (click here) and Super Nicky (click here) clearly show that the bloodline of stock breeder Nick is a constant factor when it comes to racing at he highest level.

Over the years, Chris has shaped his pigeon breed in such a way that he ended up with what is a truly versatile pigeon family. He does only keep his best pigeons on board, using the best he can find in the sprint, the shorter and the longer middle distance. As a result, he is now one of the leading names in pigeon racing.

Take a look at this nice overview of the stock structure of the loft of Chris Debacker.