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Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem-Deinze, BE) win 1st Nat. Argenton and 1st Prov. Orleans in one week

They had already won a 2nd Nat. Bourges, a 3rd Nat. La Souterraine, a 4th Nat. Gueret, as well as 3 x 1st Nat. Zone, 5 x 2nd Zone and 13 x 1st Provincial. And team Gevaert-Lannoo has now claimed a long-awaited and well-deserved national victory as well.

Written in the stars

It was bound to happen one day, that well deserved national victory for the Gevaert-Lannoo combination. Paul and Carlos had been very close on a number of occasions, with a few narrow misses. Keep in mind this is a team that consists of several first prize winners at provincial and zonal level, so a national win was clearly a reasonable goal.
This small team of pigeons has had an excellent track record over the past 11 years. They are racing for victory in the club every single week, which led to about 16 to 20 first prizes at club level (no doubles). This in turn has resulted in 13 provincial victories, 3 zonal first prizes, and a long series of top placings, including a  2-3-4-6-6-6-8-8-8-8-9-9 National. And let's not forget his ace pigeon titles at provincial (3 x 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB) and national level (2-5-6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB), or his 1st Olympiad Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2019 in Poznan. They had every right to hope for more.

They eventually took the win in a demanding and sun-drenched national race from Argenton on 24th of August, in 32 degrees and an easterly wind. It was the one year old hen Enable (a summer youngster from 2018) that unleashed her potential, claiming victory in the national old birds' race. She was clocked at 14:42'01" after 512.195 km, which made her the old bird with the highest speed overall: 1274.0166 m/min.

The team of 16 old birds/yearlings did a great job overall: in addition to this national first prize, they also had 4 pigeons in the national top 60. They won 12 out of 16 prizes at national level:

Argenton Prov.  742 olds: 1-4-9-24-96-110-146-168-171…
Argenton Nat.  5,158 olds: 1-13-21-59-389-430-584-716-729-937-1103-1259 (12/16)

Thoroughbred mare Enable, which the national winner from Argenton is named after

Paul Gevaert is not only a passionate pigeon fancier but a horse racing enthousiast. That explains the name of his national winner Enable, which is also the name of the thoroughbred mare that won the "Arc de Triomphe" trophy.
Racing bird Enable on the other hand has an excellent palmares as well, with many great results.

-Enable BE18-4091036

In 2019:
24/8 Argenton    Nat   5,159 p. 1
25/5 Chateaudun  OVOU    996 p. 19
     Chateaudun  OVOU    672 YL 12
15/6 Argenton    Prov  4,986 p. 22
22/6 Argenton    Nat  22,826 p. 836
29/6 Chateauroux Prov  2,355 p. 63
13/7 Argenton    Prov  1,947 p. 41
21/7 Issoudun    Zone  2,780 p. 40
In 2018:
29/7 Toury       Club    391 p. 1
21/7 Blois       Prov  1,635 p. 3
15/7 Orleans     Prov  2,445 p. 30
15/9 Chateauroux Zone  4,035 p. 51

Sire: New Baron BE17-4176043
A talented new breeder in the lofts of Gevaert-Lannoo. He is a son of top breeder Baron BE10-4275541, a grandson of Bliksem (bred from Bliksem CEO BE04-3230979 x golden stock dam Chateauke BE05-3202164) x Renate BE15-3095344. Renate is the winner of a 1st Nat. Argenton 11,215 young birds in 2015 (for D. & B. Delodder).
Dam: Twiggy BE16-4070106
Winner of a 1st Nat. Zone Argenton and a 32nd Nat. 3,966 p., as well as a 1st Bourges club and 4th Nat. Zone 1,002 p. She is a daughter of Ensor BE14-4032050 (a grandson of super class breeders Bliksem CEO and Dikke Antoon, and of stock dam Chateauke - the parents of Kaafje) x Amber BE12-4175014. Amber has won a 1st Prov. and 6th Nat. Argenton 25,949 p., a 1st Angerville 382 p., a 1st Arras 119 p., and a 49th Nat. Zone Poitiers 3,342 p. (she is also a granddaughter of stock breeder Dikke Antoon).
Click here for Enable's pedigree

Twiggy: winner of a 1st Nat. Zone Argenton, and now the dam of Enable: 1st Nat. Argenton 5,158 old birds in 2019

The fanciers from Deinze were clearly hungry for more; they went on to claim another first prize about a week later!

1st Prov. Orleans with full sister Olympiad Ivanka

Hardly a week after celebrating his national win from Argenton, Paul went on to crack another bottle of champagne to celebrate another prestigious victory: a provincial win in Orléans old birds.

Last year Paul and Carlos also claimed a 1st Olympiad Pigeon middle distance KBDB - Poznan 2019 with Olympiad Ivanka. And it was a full sister of this amazing racing bird - a summer youngster of 2018 that was only properly trained as a youngster - that went on to claim a provincial first prize from Orleans old birds in the weekend of 31st of August:

-Sister 28 Olympiad Ivanka BE18-4091128

 1. Prov Orleans     333 p.
 2. Chateauroux II   209 p. – 22nd N.Zone 1,104 p.
11. Chateaudun       290 p.
24. Issoudun         303 p.
34. Chateaudun       356 p.
39. N.Zone Bourges 2,093 p.
64. Argenton         912 p.
A full sister of Olympiad Ivanka: 1st Olympiad PIgeon middle distance Poznan 2019

Sire:  Master King BE12-4175097
Winner of a 33rd Nat. La Souterraine  7,176 p. ’14 and a 39th Nat. La Souterraine 4,144 p. ’13. He is a son of stock breeder King Gaby BE07-3034700 (a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, and half brother of Gloria) x Chateaufideelke BE08-4280369 (daughter of golden stock dam Chateauke for Gevaert-Lannoo).
Dam: Sister Caraat BE14-4032116
A daughter of Bliksem Rik BE11-3123594, a direct Rik Cools (son of Marieke: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB, 1st Nat. Zone Gueret 5,166 p. - grandson of Gaby Vandenabeele's Bliksem) x Red National BE05-4126313, a direct Marc De Cock and the dam of 5 first prize winners.
Click here for the pedigree of Sister 28 Olympiad Ivanka

Top class breeding pair Master King x Sister Caraat: the parents of Olympiad Ivanka and of the winner of a 1st Prov. Orleans

It had already become apparent over the last few weeks that the old birds were in excellent form, and the young birds are increasingly showing to be in good fitness as well. It has led to the following overall results in Orleans:

Orleans Prov  333 olds: 1-8-9-13-14-18-20-25-37 (9/10)
Orleans Prov  3,341 young birds: 33-47-54-146-296-298-451-658-673 (9/15)

We have the closing race of 2019 coming up next weekend: the national classic from Chateauroux. It will be the last full-on race before the 2019 season comes to an end. Whatever the outcome, this has already been a terrific season for Gevaert-Lannoo, with an impressive 13 prizes (no doubles) to their name, besides a provincial and national victory. And who knows what the last race of the season holds in store for them.